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Everything Changes.


The four had split up, McGee and Gibbs taking the front, Ziva and Tony the back as they searched the building for the suspect. They'd been chasing the guy for an hour already, on foot but he seemed to be one step ahead. Until he had run into this building that is. This building they could cut him off in, trap him in. All had their weapons drawn and were in communication via earpieces. This guy had killed eight marines in the last two weeks, he was dangerous.

Tony and Ziva found themselves in a large room and were checking it when the ceiling seemed to explode, a bright white light preceding the falling of debris. Both of them automatically crouched, covering their heads until the debris had stopped raining on them. It wasn't like any explosion that the Mossad Officer had ever seen. Tony however was quite familiar with this particular type of explosion only no one on his team knew that he knew. Nice and complicated.

"Crucio!" The shout confirmed Tony's new suspicions about this guy and also warned him to dodge the red flash of light aimed at him.

"What was that?!?" Ziva screamed her question. Tony didn't answer; he was too busy. He'd dropped his pistol as he dodged the curse but he wasn't worried about picking it up again, he was worried about drawing his wand from its hidden pocket in his jacket. He hadn't used this in two months. He hoped he wasn't too out of practise.

"Expelliarmus!!!" Tony screamed, hoping that he wasn't too rusty for the spell not to work. The yelp from the shadows and the sound of a wand hitting the concrete told him it still worked, he still had the magic gift. "Petrificus Totalus!" There was a louder thud as the now rock solid man hit the ground.

"Tony?!?" Ziva was understandably shocked.

Gibbs and McGee arriving saved Tony explaining…for now. Ignoring their questions Tony walked up to the frozen figure on the ground, his wand pointed at the guys throat. He was dressed all in black and had a mask on his face; so similar to how death eaters dressed Tony was worried. He'd have to contact the American Ministry if the guy did turn out to be one.

"DiNozzo. Something you'd like to tell us?" Gibbs asked, his voice that fake calm that made Tony so nervous he almost shook on the spot.

"Um, yeah Boss. Quick version…Magic's real and I have it and so does this guy. It er explains a lot," Tony mumbled nervously, "Don't worry, he can't move. I cast a um I cast a spell on him. He's temporarily paralysed." He looked down at his hand which held his wand, his grip as easy and as natural as it had been the day he graduated from the 'United States Academy Of Magic'.

"Cuff him McGee." Gibbs ordered, not looking away from Tony. The younger Agent tried to comply, getting the cuffs on one arm but he couldn't pull the other over to do the same.

"I can't Boss," he said finally. Tony bit his lip and mumbled the counter curse, flicking his wand at the guy who immediately began to shout and thrash, promising death for all of them. McGee had to use rather a lot of force to get the cuffs on him in the end. He could have done with a hand but Ziva still seemed to be in shock and Gibbs and Tony were having a bit of a staring match.

"Probie. Does the guy have a tattoo on his forearm?" Tony asked.

"Yeah…it's a weird one too," McGee answered.

"Skull with a snake coming out of it's mouth?" Tony asked. The man was shouting angrily, utter nonsense most of the time but very annoying, "Silencio !" The mans voice stopped but he still continued to try and shout, almost as creepy as the fact that it was Tony who had silenced the man.


"Is it light or dark?" Please say light please say light please say light please…


"Shit!" Tony finally turned away from Gibbs, throwing his arms out in anger, "Shit! This is bad." The man was laughing silently now. "He's back, he's back. Oh shit oh shit he's back!"

"Who?" Gibbs finally asked. Tony spun around to face his Boss.

"The worst person you could ever imagine."

"Who Tony?" McGee asked.

"The Dark Lord."

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