Harry Potter novels are a cover story, turning fact into fiction to the put the muggles at ease

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Everything Changes.

Chapter One.

Getting the suspect into the interrogation room was easy, his voice was still gone thanks to Tony so there was no screaming or shouting, just struggling. It was a nice change actually. Silence. They cuffed him to the chair and then left him alone, going into the observation room. The silence continued in there as everyone looked at Tony who looked slightly nervously back.

"Explain DiNozzo."

"Magic's real," Tony said quietly.

"We got that part," Ziva said sarcastically.

"Ok, well…who here has read the Harry Potter novels?"

"Be serious DiNozzo."

"I am Boss. Who here has read the Harry Potter novels? Come on, somebody has to have read them," Tony looked around at them and finally McGee nodded. "McGee, knew it would be you. Well the easiest way to explain this whole thing is that the books aren't fiction, they're fact."

"Not possible," McGee shook his head in his most determined way.

"Recognise these McGee?" Tony asked as he drew his wand once more. Thankfully there was no tech in the room yet so he was only spilling the beans to his team, "Lumos." The tip of his wand began to glow brightly. "Lumos Maxima." The whole room was filled with light. "Nox." The light disappeared. "Wingarium Leviosa." Gibbs coffee cup floated up into the air, did a lap of the room at Tony's command and then returned to it's place.

"Oh…Oh My God…" McGee gasped.

"The books are true stories not fiction. They're being published by a group of people who have been trying for years to get people to admit that Lord Vo-that the Dark Lord has returned. Of course the identities of the Order can't be seen by those who would wish them harm," Tony explained quickly.

"How?" Ziva asked.


"Oh right, sorry. Continue," the woman nodded and gestured with her hand.

"The Dark Lord has followers known as Death Eaters. They were black clothes, skull like masks and follower their Lords every disgusting order. They torture and kill people for fun, mainly muggles," Tony sighed, "That's you lot by the way, non-magic folk. Now the Dark Lord's reign of terror was at its height fifteen years ago. Everyone, in the Wizarding World at least, was terrified for their lives. And then he took on little Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived. The rest is all in the books."

"Oh My God…" McGee repeated.

"Yeah," Tony looked nervously at his friends faces. "So now what?"

"We continue the investigation," Gibbs said calmly.

"I meant with me. Am I fired or under arrest or…" Tony winced as Gibbs raised his hand, ready to smack Tony's head. "Shutting up, continuing with the investigation. Oh but I'm going to have inform the American Ministry Of Magic about my blown cover and about the Death Eater. They like to know those things."

"Fine. But first take you're spell off him. I want to interrogate him," Gibbs ordered. Tony bit his lip worriedly, "What DiNozzo?"

"I wouldn't go in there without me Boss," he finally said slowly. Ziva and McGee stared at him wide eyed, "There are spells that don't require a wand. Only a handful of Witches and Wizards can do them but…well you can't tell just from looking at people who can do them. So you should have someone with magic with you and that's me."

There was a tense silence for a few moments before Gibbs finally nodded.

"Make your calls DiNozzo. You've got ten minutes."

"Yes Boss."

"American Ministry Of Magic, this is Paula speaking, how may I help you?"

"My names Tony DiNozzo. I need to report that my cover has been blown to my muggle co-workers. They aren't a threat. We've also caught a Death-Eater."

"How have you caught a Death Eater?"

"I work for NCIS and the Death Eater has been killing Navy Officers."

"Hold one moment please."

Tony grimaced as that awful hold music came on.

"Mr DiNozzo?"

"Yep, still here."

"A ministry official will be coming to speak to you and take over custody of the Death Eater. He will need to take your statement and will assess if you're co-workers need obliviating or can be trusted."

"Ah, well we might have to negotiate transferring the Death Eater but I'm sure we'll sort it out. When and how will they be arriving, I'm in the middle of a Muggle office at the moment."

"He will arrive in one hour by appropriate means."

"Thank you."

"Have a nice day sir."


Hanging up his phone Tony turned and headed back towards the interrogation rooms, not looking forward to this interrogation at all.

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