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Chapter 1

After work, House went to his car and drove to his place to shower and dress up differently, more comfortable. He had to be at Cameron's at six so he had less than an hour. After showering, he went back to his car and drove to her. During the drive, he thought about what would be waiting for him there. He didn't know much about Cameron's niece. Why hadn't he asked? What is if she's a teenager? No, then she wouldn't need a baby-sitter. What about a baby? Babies cry and need a lot of attention, which House wanted from Cameron. Frowning he pulled into Cameron's driveway. Relax House, it's not like you're about to meet her family. He told himself. Taking a few deep breaths, he got out and made his way to Cameron's apartment.


Cameron was currently playing with her 6-year-old niece Beth when she heard a familiar knock on the door.

"I'll be right back sweetie." Cameron stood up and went to the door.

"Hi" she smiled at him before stepping back and letting him in. House entered and looked around. Spotting a little child on the floor playing with dolls he asked. "That's her?"

"Yes." Cameron grinned. "That's Elisabeth. But we call her Beth."

House nodded awkwardly and limped to the couch where he sat down. Beth noticed him and followed his moves, her eyes fixed on the cane with the flames. House saw her starring and got uncomfortable. Seeing House's discomfort, Cameron introduced them.

"Beth, this is Greg…" Before Cameron had a chance to finish her sentence, the girl asked.

"Is he Ally's prince?" she asked innocently. House chuckled and looked at Cameron with puppy dog eyes. "Yeah. Am I your prince?"

Cameron giggled and sat down where she previously was with Beth on the floor. She looked at both of them. They seemed eager to hear her answer so she gave it to them. "I guess he is yes." Looking at House, she saw him smiling.

"You are his princess." She beamed at Cameron. "I'm a princess too. You want to be my prince?" she asked House.

"I don't think you want me to be your prince. Shrek is a better prince than I am."

Beth giggled. "You're silly. Shrek is an ogre. And his green. Yuck."

House chuckled.

Cameron was happy. Seeing her niece and House get along so well, made her smile. She already knew that House was good with children, but she actually never saw him interact with one. Maybe one day he would be so wonderful if they'd have children of their owe. They had just started dating and here she was already thinking of children.


"Sponge Bob"


"Sponge Bob"


"Children enough." Cameron yelled over both their argument. "Why don't we just say that both Sponge Bob and Barbie are the best cartoons?" She laughed.

"Mom." House whined.

Beth and Cameron giggled at his childish behaviour. Suddenly there was a beeping noise.

Cameron recognized it as her pager and went to look at it leaving House and Beth alone in the kitchen. There was an uncomfortable silence between them before House spoke.

"So, how old are ya?" he asked before taking a big bite from his Reuben.

Beth mumbled a 'six' between bites without looking up at him. House nodded and went back to eating his Reuben.

"Greg, I need to talk to you for a second." Cameron said from the doorway. "Sweetie, finish your meal. Afterwards you'll get some ice." She smiled at the girl. Beth beamed while House stood up and followed Cameron into the living room.

"So, what's up?" he asked seeing her slightly nervous.

"I need you to watch Beth for a couple of hours. There was a big accident and they need me in the ER."

"What? You can't leave me with a child. That's dangerous, for her and for me."

Cameron rolled her eyes and walked to him laying her hands on his chest and looking in his eyes. "I know that the evening isn't quit going the way you imagined it but I really need to go." She said placing a tiny kiss on the corner of his mouth.

He sighed deeply. "Why can't I go and you stay?"

"No. Look, Beth already likes you, it's not like she will make any problems."

"That's what I thought about you too." He smirked.

"Do it for me. Please?" she asked while her lips were inches away from his. "I promise I'll make it up to you."

House considered it fro a moment. It would only be for a couple of hours and Cameron certainly would have her mobile phone with her in case he needed her. Sighing one more time, he nodded. Cameron grinned and captured his lips in a hot kiss telling him just what he would get after this favour.


Cameron had been gone for an hour and House was going already insane. After dinner, he gave Beth some ice, which she ate in front of the TV with House sitting next to her while they watched cartoons.

"When is Ally coming back?" she asked.

"I dunno." He replied not looking away from the TV. Taking his Vicodin bottle out of his pocket, he popped three in his mouth not noticing Beth watching his every move.

"What is that you're taking?" she asked innocently. House froze. What would he tell a six-year-old about drugs? Should he lie? Should he tell her the truth? He decided for the last alternative. He just hoped that wouldn't ruin his night with Cameron, or what was left of it.

"They take the pain away that I have in my leg." He answered.

"Why does your leg hurt?"

House didn't like this interrogation. Kids were so dmn curious. How would he explain what happened to him to a child?

"A few years back I got a problem with my leg. It aches a lot I nobody knew why. At the end, they had to operate me and that's where they took a part of my thigh." He tried to explain as easily as possible.

Beth furrowed her brow but nodded nonetheless. She yawned loudly and House looked at the clock.

"Come on. Time to go to bed." He said getting up and extending his hand to her, glad that the conversation was over. Beth took his hand in hers, placing the now empty bowl on the coffee table.


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