It was a cloudless night and the sky shone with numerous stars; the moon, full and high, bathed the land in a soft glow. A nearby lake illuminated by the moonlight drew the attention of a wanderer; her bow dragged across the surface of the water causing ripples which slightly disrupted the shimmering lake. Suddenly the miko paused, looking out across the water as soul collectors floated about her. This was a rare pause for the woman, for her journey required most of her attention; but since she gazed upon a few wisps of silvery thread—hair was what it appeared to be—Kikyo's thoughts had been elsewhere.

They sat by a lake, a cool autumn breeze causing the young miko to shiver slightly. InuYasha picked up on this and moved closer, tentatively sneaking an arm around Kikyo. At the possessive pressure of the Han'yo's arm Kikyo started: he rarely, if ever, acted this forward around her. But the arm was welcome for the evening was cool and InuYasha was warm. She allowed him to move in a little closer.

It's only been a few short months since the miko and half-demon stumbled upon each other in the woods: Kikyo searching for plants to be used in herbal potions; InuYasha doing whatever he pleased. Kikyo's first instinct upon seeing the Han'yo was to destroy the wandering demon, but something in InuYasha's eyes stilled her bow. She never regretted the decision to let him live.

As they sat cuddled together by the lake a thought came to Kikyo. "InuYasha, once the realization of my morality becomes apparent to you, will you leave to seek your Han'yo brethren?"

The silver-haired dog-demon gazed at her with a look of confusion. "Couldn't the Shikon Jewel make you immortal?"

"It could, but that isn't the point, InuYasha," she sighed and turned to look into his eyes. "I need to know if this is real, InuYasha, or just a game you are weaving so you can steal the Shikon Jewel from my possession."

InuYasha's look of confusion was replaced by that of shock. "I do want that jewel," a greedy, almost feral look passed across his face, but quickly faded, "but not at the risk of losing you, Kikyo."

While Kikyo was certain he was sincere, one could never be too careful when dealing with demons. "How do I really know, InuYasha? How do I know you are not getting close to me with the sole purpose of stealing the jewel?"

The accusation caused the Han'yo to slightly back away from the miko, but he wasn't giving up that easily. "I promise you that I care more for you than the silly jewel." In a motion that was faster than Kikyo could react to, InuYasha had swept her into his arms and kissed her in a way that ended all doubt. "I promise that I'll never leave you, in life or death."

The sudden breeze brought Kikyo back to the present, blowing away her reminisces of times long past. She continued to stare at the sparkling water as the night slowly crept away; stared until what felt like a tear was running down her cheek. Tentatively, the miko raised a hand to prove the existence of this water upon her skin. Then, despite the lack of clouds, she felt more drops of water landing upon her form, proving it was only rain and dashing any vain hopes she may have had.

With a sigh Kikyo at last turned away from the lake and continued her wandering journey into the night.

My love shall reach beyond life and death

It shall continue long after my last breath

Just think of me and I shall be there

To cast away your tears and despair

If ever I should leave you, do not fret

For in time I shall return to you yet