Spiritual Spira

When Sin comes to destroy all life we live,
Give hope to the few Humans of Yevon.
Summoners to send our souls and forgive,
And to purify what we thought foregone;
Summoners that brings Aeons and contrive,
Give prayer of defeat of Sin and its spawn.
Sacrificing all for the world, Spira,
Long awaited Calm of a new era.

Time long passed before the Great War and Sin,
When Machina's knowledge has reigned supreme,
Where the people lived easier within,
Constructs of technology and regime.
Though shun by current blind belief begin,
Use of device to awaken the dream.
Time has come to use machines for the good,
A better future for Al Bhed they should.

When the great terror first was ever seen,
Poison, destruction, and death crossed the land.
But gave rise to the spirits of serene.
Proud, magical creatures take their last stand.
Holds fast their faith that magic—not machine,
Will bring the peace if all could understand.
Governors of the Farplane, wise they be,
For the Guados hope that all will stay free.

Before hamlets and routine ways of life,
The land of the wilds tore at one's heart.
Cold winds, little food, and surviving great strife,
The noble Ronso shall always impart,
Their strength is given with distinguished rife,
And so Spira may again have a start.
Gagazet is the path to paradise,
And no comfort or easy life shall suffice.

Not much can be said about the next race,
They care little of battles and power,
The Hypellos of tranquility grace,
Pacifism in the darkest hour.
Such confidence we all should now embrace,
For isn't fighting just one who cowers?
Sin is always reborn from war …enough!
Follow these creatures and ride the shoopuf.