Shinigami Academy

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"…I'm so nervous, but I'm also excited!"

"Oh no! I think I left my book back in my dorm!"

"….Everyone I've talked to says our instructor is a pretty eccentric guy…"

"I was NOT primping! Guys don't primp! Girls do!"

"… So I had gotten up and told him, "I don't kiss guys with dragon's breath." Hehe."

The murmuring voices and laughter of his newest batch students could easily be heard from just outside the doorway. Some of the things he was hearing caused the Shinigami standing just to the side of the threshold to give a snort of amusement or raise a questioning eyebrow. He had been standing there leaning on the doorframe almost unbothered in the now empty halls of the Shinigami Academy for several minutes now. Of course he had gotten a few questioning looks from some of the newer members of the staff who didn't know him as they walked by. That was most likely because of his young, teenage appearance and short stature.

The young looking teacher sighed to himself. For the life, or afterlife rather, of him he still couldn't figure out to this day how Yamamoto-sensei managed to talk into taking on a class of Shinigami hopefuls. 'It's been nearly four hundred years, since I was the only one suckered into doing this?! Jyuushiro and Shunsui were just as capable-' the boyish instructor cut the thought off, groaning in annoyance after the answer crossed his mind. 'That's right; Jyuu-chan's health wouldn't be able to handle all the stress from a bunch of disobedient gaki and he can barely hold his division together by himself. Shun-kun simply can't be trusted to come in without being hung-over or actually teach something besides how to gamble and drink sake. He can't even wake up on time without Nanao-chan kicking out of his futon first. Hell, he'd probably hit on some of the older female students. How he made captain I'll never know.'

'Still, they made me take almost fifty rug-rats this year and that's pushing it', he thought none too happily. Taking out a small silver pocket watch from the folds of his robes he gave it a quick glance and nodded to himself before putting it back up. 'Well, time to go introduce myself and get class started.' The shinigami adjusted his cloths as he turned and opened the sliding door to the classroom just as the first bell rang.

The overly chatty class's volume began to dwindle a little after the bell rang and looked towards the class doorway expectantly. The door opened and a fifteen year old looking kid walked in. He had long, spiky blond hair pulled into a ponytail at the base of his skull and sharp blue eyes behind a pair of small, round, frameless glasses. Set of whisker-like scars marked the tanned skin of his cheeks, giving his a foxy look. He didn't look all that special; at least if you didn't count the customary black shinigami uniform he wore. He also wore a sleeveless dark red haori over it that was mostly plain save for the bright orange spiral on the back and around his neck was a headband with a spiral leaf engraved metal plate on it.

The boy went up to the large chalkboard, picked a stick of chalk, and wrote out in big bold kanji UZUMAKI NARUTO. He turned and gave the class a wide grin, showing off larger than normal canines. "Ohayo, mina!" He greeted in a loud voice. "As you can see, my name is Uzumaki Naruto." He jerked his thumb at his name. "But you can call me Naruto-sensei." He said brightly. Looking around the semi large room, the short shinigami could see several incredulous faces staring at him. Naruto's sensitive ears could easily hear several students laughing and having unbelieving conversations between each other, especially the tall red head with the pineapple ponytail and a shy looking noble blond boy near the back. They had been whispering about him being an immature kid joking around pretending to be a teacher.

The once ninja-turned-shinigami scowled as nobody gave him proper attention when they went back to talking and ignored him as if he wasn't there. 'It's a good thing Iruka-sensei loves teaching so much and became a shinigami after he died. Otherwise I wouldn't know how to handle a rowdy classroom.' The blond mentally sighed. 'It's the same every year I get a new class.'

With those thoughts in mind Naruto calmly leaked a sudden, albeit small, burst of heavy reiatsu. The class quieted instantly, mostly because his spirit pressure made it hard for most of them to breathe and scared the rest into silence. Naruto smirked and greeted the class again, "Much better. Now that I have your undivided attention, welcome to Advance Kidou. As I've said, I'm your instructor, Naruto-sensei." He spoke with a light air about him as if he hadn't just bombarded the room with reiatsu.

"Now before we get started, there are some things I'd like to clear up since some of you obviously didn't believe me when I said I'm your teacher." He went around his desk in front of the class and sat on its edge. Naruto picked up a small booklet that listed the names of all his students with their assigned seats and gave it a once over before looking back up to his class. "First off, these are obviously shinigami robes, and they are real because you can only be issued one once you've graduate the academy." He said, giving his kimono's collar a small tug. "Secondly, you should all know by now the people in Soul Society don't have to look old to be old." He glanced at his attendance again. "I may appear to be a kid, but I'm definitely old enough to be someone's ancestor, ne, Abarai Renji-kun and Izuru Kira-kun?" He threw the comment pointly over to the red head and his friend who sank in their seats a little.

Flanking both Abarai and Izuru sat a pair of petite dark haired girls, Kuchiki Rukia and Hinamori Momo if he wasn't mistaken, was snickering at both the taller boys' misfortune. Renji grumbled obscenities under his breath, not that it escaped Naruto, while Kira had the decency to look guilty.

Naruto scanned the class once more before beginning roll call. After the last name was called the blond began his beginning of the year statements. "Since this is your last year in the academy and we'll be spending it together I'm gonna tell you this now so I won't have to later. Your future as a shinigami is riding on how you perform and what kind of grades you pull this year. This means what happens here determines your future rank as a Sekikon (Seated Officer) in the Gotei 13 or whether or not you become a member of the Kidou Corps or Special Forces. That also means I'm gonna make you work your asses off until you drop, so whatever you get by graduation day is what you earned. Don't come to me if you get something you don't like." Naruto said in all seriousness. "Also a word to the not so wise, I don't particularly like slackers who don't pull their weight, I don't appreciate bullies, and I hate arrogant brats from noble clans who look down on others and talk big but can't back it up. If I catch anyone pulling any kind of crap in my class… well, let's just say Hallows will seem like cute, cuddly puppies and kittens by the time I'm done with you. Alright?" he asked in a deceptively peaceful manner.

Naruto looked at the slightly stricken faces of his student and inwardly laughed. It went without saying throughout all of Seireitei that in some ways Uzumaki Naruto was like a mini, blond haired version of Zaraki Kenpachi when he wanted to scare the piss out of his students. But you couldn't really blame him for being that way. The students tended to get cocky and full of themselves during their last year in the academy then get themselves killed carrying it out in the field against Hallows. He just made sure that when they left had a proper head on their shoulders. He had found new respect for Iruka-sensei what it was like every time he had to let go of a group of newly minted Genin back when they were alive.

"Alright people, enough pleasantries for now. I want you to take out your text books and turn to page 524, chapter 16. We're going to do some light reviewing of what you learned last year and then we're going to learn about and memorize the incantations to a multi-binding spell and a level three destruction spell before we go outside to try their practical usage." Naruto instructed. 'Hopefully this year's shinigami will be different compared to the last few'

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