You know when you get plot bunnies?



I know that you probably get loads of letters just like this with people proclaiming that they are your number one fan. But let me tell you this, I'M YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN. I know all about you and watch all the TV programmes that you appeared on over and over.

I have the advert that you did playing on the TV at the bottom of my bed continuously so that the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see at night is your face.

My ambition in life is to meet you and tell you how much you have made my life that much bearable.


The only one that truly cares.

The hand holding the letter clenched and the paper crumpled beneath it before the fingers opened and it fell onto the desk.

A sigh graced the silent room as said fingers pinched the bridge of a nose.

…It was getting worse.


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