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Twist of Fate

Chapter 1

They were in the Tower of Salvation, a soulless Chosen with pink and purple wings floating above them. Lloyd and his friends looked at the purple-clad mercenary who was standing near Colette.

"We will take the Chosen as the new body for Martel." Kratos said emotionlessly.

"Kratos what are you talking about?! Answer me!" Lloyd yelled, desperate.

"Lord Kratos," Remiel gasped from his position on the ground, "have pity on me. Please, lend me your aid." Everyone looked at Remiel in surprise that he would address a human, a race he believed was beneath him, as his superior.

Kratos glared at the fallen angel and answered, "Have you forgotten that I was once one of the inferior human race? Do you really seek help from what you despise the most?"

Remiel took one last gasping breath and fell to the ground limply.

The group once again directed their attention to the 'mercenary', while Lloyd ran to the foot of the platform, glaring.

Kratos glared back, "Get out of the way!"

"Kratos," Lloyd was shaking with anger and fear, "who are you?!"

Everyone was horrified at his reply.

As white feathers began to surround him and his back began to glow, he revealed the truth that he had kept hidden through the entire journey, "I am an angel of Cruxis, the organization that guides this world." Light filled the room, and when it faded, wings were protruding from his back. They weren't like normal wings, since they were light blue, glowed slightly, and were segmented as though made from pure mana." I am one of the Four Seraphim," Kratos continued, "sent forth to keep close watch over the Chosen."

"What?!" Genis shouted. "You're an angel, too?!"

"I can't believe this…" Raine spoke barely above a whisper.

"You deceived us!" Sheena hissed venomously.

"You're not going to get Colette unless you kill us first!" Lloyd shouted with absolute hatred. He then, jumped up to the platform with Sheena, but Kratos had anticipated this act from them and easily countered their attacks.

"You earnestly believe that you can defeat me?" he asked them, though he already knew the answer.

"No," Lloyd replied, "but we're not going to just let you take her while we can still fight!"

As they fought Lloyd realized that Kratos was holding back. He was certainly more powerful than he had revealed he was before now, but Lloyd could tell that wasn't all his strength. What was worse was that he dodged, blocked, and countered their attacks with ease.

Just how powerful is he? Lloyd thought angrily, as Sheena began her long chant to summon Undine.

Kratos was attacking with speed they had never expected, even from a swordsman of his caliber. Even his spells were charging up twice as fast as Raine and Genis's were.

Eventually, Raine was severely injured by a Grave spell. "No! Sis!" Genis screamed as Raine fell, blood falling down her arms and the side of her head. Without another thought, he rushed up the platform toward Kratos, seeking revenge.

Kratos easily parried the young mage's kendama and delivered a kick sending Genis flying back off the platform to where Sheena was summoning Undine. He began to cast an Air Thrust spell, but was stopped by a fiery pain in his leg, and he fell to the ground. He turned a saw Lloyd.

Lloyd was about to speak, but he heard Sheena finish her chant, "I call upon the Maiden of the Mist!" This hesitation was all Kratos needed to heal himself. "I summon thee, come Undine!" A blue seal shone at her feet as the water spirit appeared and used multiple Spread attacks.

Kratos, amazingly, dodged each attack, and continued to fight Lloyd while Genis and Raine tried to recover from their injuries, and Sheena tried to regain the mana she lost by summoning.

Raine finally regained enough strength to get up and was about to charge up Nurse when she saw twin swords fall from the upper platform. Everyone looked up and gasped. Lloyd was standing in front of Kratos, unarmed, and Kratos had his sword pointed at his neck.

"No! Lloyd!" Raine screamed.

"Damn!" Lloyd eyed the sword that was inches from ending his life.

Kratos seemed to be thinking over whether or not to kill Lloyd. He then did something unexpected: he dropped his sword to the floor. Lloyd looked at the weapon and saw Kratos back away from him with a pained expression on his face. "I can't do it," he whispered, more to himself than anyone else.

"W-what?" Lloyd stared at him in disbelief. After all that, Kratos couldn't kill him? He was about to question the enigmatic angel, when he saw a sphere of light descend to the platform. There was a blinding flash, and a very feminine-looking man (hahah), with blue eyes, blond hair that almost reached his waist, and segmented, rainbow-colored wings on his back and smaller ones on his wrists, appeared.

He smirked at Kratos, who eyed him in what could almost be described as fear. The newcomer spoke to him in an amused tone, "So not even you can bring yourself to finish them. I'm surprised."

"Lord Yggdrasil," Kratos replied, "you can't expect me to kill my… him…" he narrowed his eyes toward Lloyd as he spoke.

"Another...angel?" Sheena looked like she wanted nothing more than to die right there, rather than fight another angel.

"Ah, so you're Lloyd?" Yggdrasil smirked at Lloyd.

Lloyd glared. "Give me your name and I'll give you mine."

"I don't need to introduce myself to a dog!" Yggdrasil countered. "But," he continued when Kratos sent him a death glare at the 'dog' comment, "considering who your father is I suppose I will tell you my name. I am Yggdrasil, leader of Cruxis and the Desians."

"Cruxis and Desians?" Genis echoed, confused.

"What do you mean 'considering who my father is'?" Lloyd stared at Yggdrasil, completely lost. "Are you saying that you know my father?"

Yggdrasil turned to Kratos. "Well, Kratos, will you tell him? Or do I have to tell him for you?"

"…If I may, I could take him to Derris-Kharlan and tell him everything there?"

"That is fine with me," Yggdrasil glided to where the rest of the group stood. "Take him and tell him everything he needs to know. I will take care of his friends."

"Oh no you won't" Lloyd shouted. As he was about to jump from the platform, he felt something slam into the back of his head.

The last thing he heard before he blacked out was Kratos's voice. "I'm sorry, Lloyd."

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