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Chapter 9


Zelos quietly exited the inn, wondering why Yuan was contacting him at this ungodly hour. The sun had not even begun to make its appearance in the eastern sky. He pulled the communicator Yuan had given him months back.

"What is it, Yuan?" Zelos asked irritably.

"We have a serious problem on our hands," Yuan replied.

"Since when is a problem not serious with you?"

"Stop asking questions and listen, Wilder!" Yuan's voice was close to shout.

Zelos sighed, "Fine, I'm listening."

Yggdrasill has ordered me to kill Lloyd's friends and bring both you and Sylvarant's Chosen to him," Yuan sounded extremely distressed over this development; this was a first for Zelos.

"Why are you telling me this? Why not obey your 'master'? It'll make things a hell of a lot easier for me."

"That little brat is not my master," the half-elf's voice held a very dangerous edge to it, telling Zelos to back off immediately.

Zelos took the hint. "Whatever you say, boss."

"Anyway," Yuan pushed on quickly, "we need to accelerate our plans. Here is what I need you to do…" Zelos listened silently and intently…


"Again!" Sephiran ordered emotionlessly. "Why don't you actually hit me this time!"

"I've never tried to hit a moving target with magic! Give me a break, sheesh!" Lloyd panted, completely exhausted.

Sephiran's gaze softened as he took in Lloyd's mana level. It would seem I pushed him a little too hard. He approached as Kratos knelt next to Lloyd

"I'm sorry for pushing you so hard. I have never trained a human in using magic, so I simply used the same techniques I used when training elves," Sephiran said, not meeting their eyes. "Forgive me."

"It's alright," Lloyd said in relief as he rested on his knees.

"That's enough for today," Kratos said firmly. "Get some rest, for tomorrow."

"Ugh," Lloyd could only groan as Kratos and Sephiran led him back to his room to rest.


"You want us to WHAT?" Sheena screamed the last word as the red-haired Chosen finished his suggestion. Without waiting for a response, the Kunoichi continued, "I'm not doing it, Zelos! Besides, the only way to reach the Lightning Temple is by boat or air. We don't have a boat and the Rheairds are out of fuel."

"Which is why we should go to the Elemental Research Lab in Meltokio and see if we can use the Elemental Cargo they've been working on, my dear ninja chick," Zelos replied smiling charmingly. That earned him a shriek and several slaps, punches, and kicks.

Genis watched the exchange with a mixture of interest, amusement, and confusion. "I like where this is going!" He piped in. "It's nice to see someone teaching him a lesson!" Genis winced slightly at Zelos' shouts of "Not the face!" cutting through the formerly peaceful atmosphere.

Raine just hummed distractedly, glancing at her soulless student. Colette, if only you were actually here now. We could all use your ever cheerful attitude, now more than ever…

"Raine?" Genis asked worriedly, placing his hand on her lower arm.

Raine looked at her little brother and smiled reassuringly. She opened her mouth to speak, but was stopped by Sheena. "Fine! We'll go see if we can borrow the Elemental Cargo from the Elemental Research Lab."

"…You could have done that without attacking me…" Zelos whimpered from a corner in a bloody heap.

"I want to go home…" Presea suddenly spoke up from Genis blushed as he spoke. "D-don't worry, P-P-Presea! We-we'll take you h-home s-soon!"

Raine walked over to Zelos and began to heal his injuries, inflicted by Sheena. "Yes, Presea, just wait a little longer. We'll get you home, I promise." She looked at her lovesick brother. "Genis, close your mouth and stop staring at Presea. It's rude."

Genis quickly shut his mouth and looked away, blushing even more.

Unfortunately, no one noticed the slight flinch Colette's lifeless form made and the way her eyes regained a small fraction of their former light…


Yuan approached Kratos' room slowly and cautiously. He knew this wasn't a smart choice on his part, but he had to make sure that Lloyd didn't remember him from Triet a few months back, or Hima around a month give or take a few days, ago. He stopped as Sephiran exited Kratos' room. Yuan watched as the smile Sephiran wore faded as the door closed. The elf glanced in Yuan's direction but didn't give any indication that he noticed him as he walked by. Yuan waited until Sephiran was out of sight before proceeding to his destination. He knocked on the door quietly. The door slid open and Kratos stood there, he eyes widened a fraction before returning to their normal emotionless state.

"Yuan," Kratos stated simply. "What are you doing here? Should you not be in Sylvarant or Tethe'alla trying to track down where the Renegades have taken the Chosen?"

"Actually, Kratos," Yuan replied, smirking slightly, "I came to see if it's true that Lloyd has joined us. And to ask a favor of you."

Kratos closed his eyes and sighed quietly. Nevertheless, he stepped to the side allowing Yuan to come in. Yuan saw a figure clothed in red and dark gray lying on the bed. That could only be one person…

"Lloyd," Kratos spoke to his son.

The young half-angel sat up wearily, his brown-red eyes opening to look at the two Seraphim. As he looked at Yuan, he tilted his head slightly and spoke quietly, "Hey, haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

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