Cold Hearted

Chapter 4

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. Well, here it is! Chapter 4!

"Um...sushi, I guess..and wasabi!"replied Tenten.

Sasuke stared at her for a long period of time. Is it just or was Tenten planning this all along?

"Um, why not just ramen?"suggested Sasuke.

"Okay..."moaned Tenten. So they headed to Naruto's favourite place for ramen. No surprise. Naruto was there, but apparently Sakura too! Tenten glared at Sakura with her puffy, red eyes. The bitchy slut that stole Neji!

"Hi Sasuke!"greeted Naruto, then noticied Tenten holding onto his arm,"Oh, here with your girlfriend?"(now picture Sakura devestated after hearing that)

"Uh, girlfriend?"stuttered Sasuke. His face started turing red,"I'm just treating her some ramen because she was a really good training partner..." (what a lame excuse)

They all knew that was a lie, well all except for Naruto,"Really? I thought Tenten was Neji's partner. Oh wait, you two broke up, man I feel REAL sorry!" (what a genius)

"No, don't be,"sighed Tenten.

"Right, Neji wouldn't want to date a whore,"mumbled Sakura.

"Hm? Funny, considering he is right now!"

"What?"screamed Sakura, as she picked her bowl of ramen and threw it. Luckily, Tenten dodged it. Bad thing was, it Sasuke. That burning hot ramen burned his face.(no duh)

"Ahh!"screamed Sasuke, as Sakura ran towards him. He was hoping Tenten would also come to comfort him, but she didn't, instead she started walking away. Sasuke pushed Sakura out of his way, "Tenten! Where are you going?"

Tenten didn't turn back. She started to run and whispered, "I wouldn't have fit in anyway."

Outta ideas...-sigh- oh well. Poor Tenten. Will Sasuke go after her? probably!