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Kagome sat at her desk sighing in boredom class was dragging on and on and on seemingly to never end. What was worse it was only the second day of her sophomore year in high school and she still had 238 days to go. There was a plus side to this year however; she had enough credits that by the end of the first semester she would be moving on to her junior year. She didn't take the nine classes this year like she did last year being she covered those over the summer and she also decided that at the halfway mark through the year she would add on the three extra classes. She just wanted a break for a time and she was going to do that for the first two semesters of the year. The goal; graduate by mid year junior year.

Another sigh tore from her lips as she watched the second hand on the clock tick away as slow as it possibly could and what was more annoying than a slow clock keeping time? It was her first class of the day and she was only fifteen minutes in. She dropped her head to her desk, banging her forehead, and moaned in exasperation. It wasn't so much that she hated school or anything like that. No it was Friday and for the life of her she couldn't figure out why they started school at the end of the week instead of on Monday. The beginning of the year didn't start on the second or third day; no it started on the first.

"Psst. Kagome."

Kagome turned her head to the side to look at the boy sitting next to her. Inuyasha was a fairly new friend that she met during summer school; though he seemed to skip classes a lot which made her constantly wonder why he was even in summer school in the first place. Then again she wasn't all the familiar with him they had only talked a few times over the summer during class when he would deem it necessary to show up.

Inuyasha was a hanyou which didn't bother her, no what bothered her about her hanyou friend, was that he had a mouth that would make a sailor blush. "What?" She whispered back.

"Ya wanna hang out at my place after school and watch some movies?" He asked golden eyes full of hope.

Kagome shrugged her shoulder. "Sure why not. I'll even bring that girl you were making eyes at this morning." She whispered back.

Inuyasha's eyes went insanely wide. You know her?" He said far too loudly.

"Mr. Taishou." The teacher said with a hard stare at the boy and an edge to his voice. "Since you seem to have enough time to talk in class perhaps you could explain the math problem on the board."

Kagome snickered as the hanyou sighed in defeat and slowly stood up.

"Um…" Inuyasha sighed with a nervous scratch to his head. "You divide the six?"

The teacher narrowed his eyes. "Mr. Taishou do you see a six in this problem?"

Inuyasha shook his head lightly and blushed slightly in embarrassment when his class mates began to giggle.

"Well then perhaps you should take your seat and pay attention rather then talking to Miss. Higurashi. Yes you young lady." The teacher stared hard at the girl when she looked at him innocently.

"Sorry sensei." She whispered as a small blush stained her own cheeks. "Thanks a lot Inuyasha." She hissed.

"Keh." He whispered back with a shrug of his shoulder.


"So Kagome you said you knew that girl. Who is she? How do you know her? Would she really come over with you?"

Kagome leaned up against her locker and raised an eyebrow at her friend. "Her name is Kikyo. I have known her for two years since she moved in across the street from me and yes she would come over if I asked her to."

"Awesome." Inuyasha said with an overly large grin on his face. "So I'll meet you out front after school? With Kikyo?" He asked and nodded excitedly.

Kagome crossed her arms over her chest and giggled. "Of course. She's in my next class and I will talk to her then."

Inuyasha curled his fist, raised it in the air, and jerked it back down. "Yes!"

Kagome rolled her eyes but found his behavior to be rather endearing. "Well I gotta get to my next class. See ya after school." She began walking away with a wave over her shoulder then took off running down the hall when he waved back.


Inuyasha exited the school grinning excitedly when he spotted Kagome and Kikyo waiting for him. "Hey guys!" He called as he came walking up to them.

"Hey Inuyasha." Kagome responded. Kikyo nodded with a huge though somewhat seductive smile on her lips.

"Kikyo this is Inuyasha; Inuyasha, Kikyo." Kagome introduced.

"I know who she is." Inuyasha nodded as he stared at the girl.

"Oh..." Kikyo giggled sheepishly.

Kagome shook her head and rolled her eyes dramatically. "Oh brother." She sighed quietly to herself though still found it to be kinda cute that they were so attracted to each other.

"So ya ready?" He watched as both girls nodded and smiled. "Cool." He grinned hugely.

They all walked the five blocks to his house with Kikyo and Inuyasha walking in front of Kagome chatting away and her lagging behind them. "Oh this is fun." She whispered to herself cynically and in a low enough voice to keep her hanyou friend's ears from hearing what she said.

She was pretty sure that this was what it was going to be like all afternoon. Kikyo and him talking and giving each other shy glances and simple hinting touches while she sat off quietly to the side as a third wheel. Why didn't he just ask Kikyo over himself so that she didn't have to come with them? "This sucks." She sighed hoping that the afternoon would be over in the next five minutes but knew she would be thoroughly disappointed. Time did not seem to want to be her friend today.

It wasn't long until they reached the large house and both girls gasped upon first site of the house that could only be described as a mansion that looked like a castle. "You live here?" Kikyo asked in awe.

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulder like it was no big deal. "It's just a house." He stated as he punched in the code to open the gates to the driveway.

"Just a house?" Kagome asked in wide eyed shock. "Inuyasha it's a palace."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes as he began the long walk up the driveway with the two females in tow. Once they made it to the doors he threw them open. "Dad! I'm home!" He yelled as he closed the door behind Kagome.

"Inuyasha there is no need to yell through the house like a heathen." A large male with long silver hair pulled up into a high pony tail and a single magenta stripe on each cheek stated in a calm deep voice.

The two girls stared at the large male in wide lusty eyed shock.

Toga looked down at the two girls and chuckled lightly. "And who might you two lovely ladies be?"

Kikyo giggled behind her hand in a girlish manner blushing lightly. "I'm Kikyo and this is Kagome." Kikyo said with a small wave towards her friend.

"Well Kikyo and Kagome it's a pleasure to meet you both." He said with a nod. "I'm Toga the pup's father." He said with a small nod towards Inuyasha.

"Aww... dad don't call me that!" Inuyasha bit out. "Especially in front of the girls." He whispered just loud enough for only his dog demon father to hear.

Toga chuckled lightly. "Very well son. So what do you plan on doing this afternoon?"

"We're gonna hang out and watch some movies downstairs." Inuyasha said in a manner that reminded Kikyo and Kagome that they were there with him not there to stare wide eyed and drooling at his father.

"Well have fun." Toga said as he gave the girls a wink and headed down the hall the way he came.

"Wow Inuyasha your father is handsome." Kagome whispered.

Inuyasha huffed. "Keh." He grabbed Kikyo's hand and pulled her along with him towards the stairs leaving Kagome to her own devices. He had who he wanted there and so long as he had her with him at the moment and for the afternoon then that was all that mattered.

Kagome realized rather quickly that she was being left behind and cursed to herself before she ran to catch up to her two friends.


About forty-five minutes later they were settled in the basement watching a horror movie consisting of far to much death, torture, and blood in her opinion when Inuyasha turned to her.

"Hey Kagome, why don't you run up to the kitchen and get us some more drinks and chips and stuff."

Kagome glared over at the hanyou. "Inuyasha this is your house and we are your guests. Get em' yourself."

"Please Kagome." Kikyo almost whined as she looked at her friend with big begging brown eyes letting her know that she wanted some alone time with Inuyasha.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Fine." She bit out as she got off the couch and left the room. "Stupid jerks." She hissed as she climbed the stairs. Once at the top she opened the door and looked down the hallway. "Now where is the kitchen?" She questioned and turned right walking down the hall looking in each entryway to see if she could see the kitchen or a dining room or anything that looked like a kitchen was close by.

"Are you lost?"

Kagome gasped in fear, grabbed her chest, and spun on the being behind her. Watching movies where someone sneaks up on you and runs a sharp object through your chest didn't help either. "Oh it's you Taishou-sama."

"Please call me Toga." He gave a small nod as he smiled at her.

She smiled in return at him. "Sorry."

"No need to apologize." He nodded again. "Why are you wandering around the halls of my home? Are you looking for something?"

Kagome sighed in disgust. "Inuyasha sent me to get some drinks and such so that he could have some alone time with Kikyo."

Toga arched a brow highly. "Hmm… well that's rather resourceful of him though disrespectful."

"Yea rather." Kagome responded with a glare down the hall towards the door that led to the basement. "I mean if he just wanted Kikyo here he should have just said so in the first place instead of dragging me along with them. I could think of a hundred other things I'd rather be doing than watching them eat each other's faces off."

Toga chuckled at her ire. "Well then let's let them have their alone time then. Come I will show you to the kitchen."

Kagome followed off after the dog demon and stared at his long silvery hair gently gliding across broad back with every step he took. Those strands of hair were just begging her to reach out and touch but she squelched that desire as soon as it made itself known. He was an older man for Kami sakes.

"So how old are you Kagome?" Toga asked as he pushed open the swinging door to the kitchen.

"Sixteen, but I'll be turning seventeen in four months." She answered as she walked through the door he held open for her.

Toga walked up behind her and leaned down next to her ear. "So does that make you a girl or a woman?"

A tingly shiver ran down her spine when his hot breath fanned across her ear and cheek causing her voice to shake a little. "Um…. A woman?"

He rose up to his full height and walked over to the fridge. "A woman huh." He smiled to himself as he plucked the cans of soda from the fridge then turned to face her. "It's very rare to find a woman at such a young age nowadays." He stated with a small smirk on his lips.

Kagome laughed nervously. "I suppose."

Toga set the drinks on the counter and waved a hand towards the barstools sitting at the counter. "Please have a seat and tell me about yourself."

Her vivid blues looked around the room nervously then locked with his deep gold.

He saw her hesitation and smiled. "Do not worry Kagome I'm not going to bite you or anything."

Kagome berated herself for being so silly. He was Inuyasha's father and seemed very nice and he was after all extremely handsome. She pulled out the stool and climb upon it. "Well you already know how old I am." She started as she reached for one of the drinks and opened the can. "I'm a sophomore in high school but I'll be a junior at the end of this semester and then I'll graduate at some point during the first part of my senior year or by the end of my junior year depending on how motivated I feel in the next two semesters."

Toga leaned against the counter behind him and crossed his arms over his chest. "That is very ambitious of you."

She took a drink and smiled at him then shrugged her shoulder. "I don't like school and I want out of it as soon as possible. So instead of being a dropout with no more brain cells than an amoeba I decided it would be best to overload on classes, do summer school, and graduate early. I might even take summer school this year and graduate about mid year next year."

"With that kind of ambition you should zip through college in two years." He responded with a smile. He found the girl's thought about school so strange and that she pushed so hard to get out for no other reason than the fact that she didn't like it. Even his eldest son who was the most ambitious being he knew didn't try to get through his schooling this quick. Sure he didn't do the same kind of schooling they do these days but when he went through his training to become a Lord he just went with the flow of things as they came.

"Oh, I'm not going to go to college." She answered with a nod. "Nope, I hate school too much to continue on willingly."

His brows shot up under his bangs as he stared slightly wide eyed at her. "Then what will you do once you are done with school?"

Kagome smirked at him. "I already have that taken care of. As a matter of fact I'm already known around the world and I have enough money to retire on for the next ten, fifteen, twenty years depending on how wisely I handle my money; if I decide to retire that is."

This was the second time that this young girl… no young woman had shocked him. "Explain." He ordered with a smile in his voice as he moved to lean on the counter so that he could get a better view of her strangely colored eyes. He had never seen a girl with eyes so blue.

"Well it's simple really. I'm a writer and I've had three books in a series of six teenage romance fictions published. I didn't know they were going to do so well or do so well around the world." She kicked herself mentally for sounding so cocky but hey she was damn proud of her achievements in her short life thus far.

"That's very impressive." He nodded with a sense of awe in his voice. He looked at the clock on the wall behind her indicating that it was just after four. "So…" He started as he rose up off the counter. "will you and your friend be joining us for dinner? It should be ready in about an hour."

"I'm sure that staying here longer would make them both happy…" She shrugged. "so why not. I'll just have to call our moms and let them know."

"Very good." Toga smiled at her. "There's a phone in the hall."

She got off the barstool and gave him a small bow. "Thank you."

He place his hand on her shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. "No need to be so formal with me. I have more than enough people to bow to me; I do not need another."

Kagome smiled shyly at him as a small blush stained her nose. "Thank you." She said again and started to bow once again but caught herself.

"You will come to the study so that we can continue our conversation after you make your calls?" He stated but gave it enough of a question feel to give her the chance to refuse him.

"Sure." Kagome nodded happily.

She liked talking to him, he was nice, and considerate not to mention he was very easy on the eyes. "But um… Where is the study exactly? I mean this place is like a palace." She blushed slightly with a wave of her hands through the air.

Toga chuckled. "Not quite a palace. It's more like two houses built next to one another but made to look like one large house. The west wing of the house is actually my eldest son's home. It looks just like this one but decorated to suit his finicky tastes."

Kagome's eyes went wide. "You have another son?"

He nodded at her. "First you make your calls then you can ask me anything you want."

"Oh!" Kagome stated as she remembered that she was going to call her mother and Kikyo's mom."


Just as Kagome got comfortable on the white couch her attention was snapped towards the door.

"Oi wench you came up here thirty minutes ago to get the soda and chips!" Inuyasha huffed indignantly.

Kagome rolled her eyes at him and was about to speak out in her defense but Toga beat her to it.

"Pup, this is your house and you do not have your guests run your errands for you." Toga growled with narrowed eyes upon his youngest.

"But..." Inuyasha bit out.

"If that is the best defense you can come up with I suggest you sit down and take some time to think about what we consider courtesy in this house or perhaps you would rather move in with your brother?"

"I would never live with that…" He trailed off at the look his father was giving him. "Keh." He huffed, turned around, and made for the kitchen.

Kagome turned towards the inuyoukai sitting on the sofa across from her. "So I take it there is a lot of brotherly rivalry around here."

Toga snorted tiredly. "Yes you are correct. My two sons are like day and night. If you were to take them and mesh them together you would have me." He saw her furrowed brows over her deep blue eyes and elaborated. "You see Inuyasha is the easy going, fun loving, full of humor side of me. Sesshoumaru on the other hand is the arrogant, by the book, serious, everything has to be my way or no way side of me."

"So what did they get from their mother?"

Toga smiled lightly. "My sons do no share the same mother. Sesshoumaru's mother was a full demon who died giving birth to him and Inuyasha's mother was a human who was killed when her village was attacked by the southern lord's army. I was away with Sesshoumaru fighting in the war and when I returned several months later I found Inuyasha hiding in the forests surrounding the village. Just barely surviving."

Kagome's eyes went wide as she tried to sort all of this information out and ended up with nothing but a lot of questions. So she started with the first one. "So how old is Inuyasha? I mean in demon years."

Toga rubbed his chin in thought. "Well he's approximately six maybe seven hundred years old?"

"Wow." Kagome gasped. "What about your other son and you?"

He smiled at her. "Well Sesshoumaru is I believe a thousand or a little over…." He drew his furrowed his brows in thought for a moment. "Maybe he's eight hundred. So many years it's hard to keep track but he's roughly nineteen in human years. As for myself I'm not entirely sure how many years I am in demon years but I'm considered to be about thirty one or two in human years."

Her blue eyes went wide. "That's amazing." She stated with awe in her voice. "So does Sesshoumaru look like Inuyasha?"

Toga shook his head. "No, Sesshoumaru is looks just like myself but carries some of his mother's traits like most children do. I mated his mother when she was about eleven years old… in human years." He added on so that she could understand the age differences. "I was thirteen and Sesshoumaru was born almost a year later and she died during the birth. It was a couple hundred years later before I was over my grief enough to move on and find a new mate. Inuyasha's mother was a human and when I met her I was about your age and she was thirteen. She gave birth to Inuyasha just before her fifteenth birthday right before the wars began."

He leaned forward placing his elbows on his knees and rested his chin on the back of his hands. "I was called away and took Sesshoumaru with me so that he could train and fight at my side but during the wars a lot of the human villages were attacked including the village Inuyasha and Izayoi were living in and I already told you what happened after that."

"That's so sad." She whispered then furrowed her brows as a thought struck her. "So if Inuyasha is so old why is he in school with me?"

Toga chuckled. "That would be because of Sesshoumaru. He felt that his sibling was an uncouth simpleton and needed to be put into school so that he wasn't the waste Sesshoumaru considered him to be. Over the summer we discussed it and I could easily see Sesshoumaru's point. So we tested Inuyasha to see which grade level he would be in and much to my disappointment he had no more smarts than an intelligent preteen." He shook his head. "My eldest son was correct as he knew he would be so we enrolled Inuyasha into your school and we only hope that he learns something that will help him as he continues to grow."

"Sir." A voice sounded from the door. "Dinner will be served."

Toga gave a nod to the being in the doorway. "Shall we then?"

Kagome gave a nod, rose to her feet when he did, took the elbow he offered to her, and walked with him to the dining room. She felt almost regal walking through the house with him like this and lifted her chin a little higher without realizing that she did.


Kagome sat at the long table across from Inuyasha and Kikyo with Toga sitting to her right. She watched as the servants placed the food on the table and smiled her thanks to them. "It smells so good." She said as she picked up her chopsticks and plucked a piece of meat from her bowl and popped it into her mouth.

"I am glad you like it." Toga nodded to her with a smile.

"So Kagome did you call my mom?" Kikyo asked as she picked up her own chopsticks.

Kagome nodded. "Yes. She said for you or I to call her when we're ready and she will come pick us up."

"Thanks." Kikyo nodded with a smile. "What would I do without you?"

Kagome snorted. "Make your own phone calls maybe?" She responded with a small giggle but that giggle stopped short when she felt something on her knee. She looked down and noticed that it was a pale clawed hand with fingers gently caressing her soft skin on the inside of her knee and it wasn't just any clawed hand either. She followed the line of the arm on up until she was looking at his profile. He was just sitting there eating nonchalantly like nothing was going on. Then just as she opened her mouth to question him her voice was lost somewhere between her lips and throat as he lightly ran the tips of his claws up and down her inner thigh.

Slowly she turned her head and looked down at her bowl of food as that strange tingly sensation began running up and down her spine again. She wanted to say something but didn't want to bring attention to what he was doing to her in front of Inuyasha, Kikyo, and the servants standing silently against the far wall. That would be just too embarrassing for her if not both of them.

She gasped when the tips of his finger caressed her covered core lightly causing a flow of pleasure to wet her underwear instantly.

"So Kagome what time are we leaving?" Kikyo asked so that she could determine how much time she had left to spend with Inuyasha before she had to leave.

"Um…" Kagome started trying to keep her voice sounding normal and knew if she said anything more that it would give everything away.

"You may stay for as long as you like." Toga stated then took a sip of his sake at the same moment he pressed his finger hard against the girl's covered button of pleasure. He wasn't a child molester my any meaning of the word. No, he was just still caught up in the old way of things where a female was considered a woman by the age of thirteen. Which put this girl well past the age of having her first rut and by his standards of things she should already have at least two pups hanging onto her apron strings with a third on the way. Besides he was centuries old as were both his sons so what difference did it make if he were to indulge in this girl?

He liked her she was intelligent, determined, had the most oddly colored beautiful eyes he had ever seen, and legs that went on forever. The scent of her arousal was driving him mad and he wanted nothing more then to lay her out on the table and feast upon her sweetness for the rest of the night.

Kagome suddenly dropped her chopsticks on the table when she felt his finger slip beneath her underwear and run along her wet swollen flesh. She struggled to pick them up and get a grip on herself only to fail miserably when that finger teased her little nub, rolling it around until she was fighting to keep from jerking her hips towards that finger.

Finally she got the chopsticks under her finger's control and she attempted to behave as if nothing was going on only to get a white knuckle grip on the two sticks when his finger slipped down between her lips and entered her tight wet core. She took a sharp intake of breath when that finger buried itself into her and wiggled around inside her wetness. Her bottom lip found its way between her teeth to keep herself from moaning out when the wonderful finger began pumping in a slow deliberate manner in and out of her.

What he was doing to her was so so wrong but it felt WAY to good to stop him and the fact that it was her friend's father touching her in such a manner and in front of so many eyes made it all the more pleasurable. That was when her mind went to war with itself arguing over whether or not she should allow this to continue. Then all thoughts were shut down as one hand gripped the edge of the table tightly, her other hand locked around her chopsticks like they were a lifeline, and her bottom lip caught between her teeth sharply as the tightness in her belly exploded all over the finger buried in her core.

Toga groaned inwardly when he felt her inner muscles clench tightly around his finger and couldn't wait to feel his tongue or his hard length buried in her tightness. He smiled as he removed his finger from her center and moved it to his lips so that he could taste her and the second her essence exploded upon his tongue he knew he was going to have more of her… a lot more.

Kagome maintained her tight grip upon the table and her chopsticks as she attempted to calm her erratic breathing.

Inuyasha sniffed the air none to discretely then locked stares with his father. "Uh… Pops? Can we be excused?" He questioned wanting to get out of the room as soon as possible. When he first picked up the scent he didn't want to believe what he thought he smelled was what was actually invading his senses but the scent continued to become increasingly stronger as the dinner progressed until he was practically thrown against the wall with it. He knew what his father was doing and quite frankly didn't want to have front row seats for the event.

It did bother him somewhat that his father was behaving this way with his young friend but he had already seen his father indulge in pleasures of the body with other females that were even younger than Kagome. Yet that was well before the laws of under age sex came into play. Besides if Kagome allowed him to do it then who was he to say anything against it?

"Yes son you may go." Toga nodded with a knowing grin at his boy.

"Thanks." Inuyasha quickly spit out as he grabbed up Kikyo, ignoring her protests, and exited the room like it was on fire.

Kagome attempted to rise and go with them but a large hand on her shoulder held her in place. She looked over into his golden depths and she realized that she wasn't going to be leaving his company any time soon.

"We haven't finished our dinner yet." He stated as he turned and waved the servants over to clear the table. Once the last dish was picked up and the room was completely empty, Toga used his jaki to seal the room from any interruptions. "I find I'm still hungry." He said as he stared at the girl sitting next to him his eyes burning hotly for her.

"Then you shouldn't have had the servants take the food away." Kagome giggled nervously.

Toga leaned down next to her ear. "I do not desire that kind of food." He whispered then ran his tongue along the rim of her ear.

Kagome took in a sharp breath when the hot wet appendage trailed along the rim of her ear and down to her neck where lips and fangs assaulted her pulse point. "Oh…" She gasped then she was suddenly plucked out of her chair and laid out on the table.

His lips moved from her neck, across her jaw until they found her own lips, where he pressed them together, dragging his tongue across her lips wanting her to open them to which after a moments hesitation she did.

His hands stroked down her sides and back up again, while his tongue swirled around in her mouth tasting every inch of her and caressing her own tongue gently. While he had her distracted with his tongue, his nimble fingers quickly undid the buttons to her shirt opening it to his wandering hands so that he could feel the smooth expanse of her taut stomach under his deadly claws.

He scraped them lightly upwards until he came to the silk bra that blocked him from his goal and with only a minute amount of hesitation he used those claws to cut the thing open giving him access to those small mounds of pleasure.

Kagome gasped when she felt her bra fall apart, exposing herself to any who could see and attempted to cover herself when he released her to work at the buttons of his own shirt. Before long her vision was filled with nothing but tight alabaster skin stretched across a rock hard, perfectly chiseled chest. "I..." She gasped when he leaned into her and pressed their lips together.

"Iie." Toga whispered against her lips. "I want to feel you." He leaned over her, kissing her and groaning into her mouth as her hard nipples rubbed against his bared chest. He then began kissing his way down over her chin, down the curve of her neck and on down until he came to a perfect little mound that was just begging him to give some oral attention to which he quickly did.

Kagome stared up at the ceiling as his mouth worked its magic over her breasts and she knew deep down that she should stop him. Yet her body wanted more and took her voice hostage when a fang scraped across her sensitive nipple.

She parted her lips and moaned at these sensations being placed upon her body. His hot tongue along with his deadly teeth gently nipping and sucking upon her hard nipple while his fingers assaulted the other mercilessly. She locked her fingers into his hair as she arched her back pushing more of herself into his hot mouth letting her instincts guide her.

As much as he enjoyed sucking upon her pert little nipple he wanted something more wet and flavorful. It was calling to him and he couldn't prolong it any longer. With a quick nip to her soon to be abandoned nipple he slid his tongue down her belly until he came to the waistband of her far too short green skirt. He stood up, grabbed her foot, made quick work of her shoe and sock then followed that up with ridding her other foot of its coverings.

Once done he slid his hands up the length of her long long legs to her hips where he hooked her little white cotton underwear with his claws and slowly slid them off. He flung them to the floor where her shoes and socks lay as he eyed her exposed sex. He placed her feet on the edge of the table and pushed her knees apart spreading her wide open revealing her wet desire that was calling to him.

Kagome lay on the table staring straight ahead with glazed over unseeing eyes while her hands gripped the edge of the table tightly. Her mind the logical side was screaming that what he was doing to her was immorally wrong and that she should stop this immediately. However, the other side of her mind that was finding so much pleasure in what he was doing to her made quick work of her logical self by bitch slapping it around and locking it into the darkest closet in the deepest recesses of her mind.

She wasn't going to lie she desired the dog demon the second she laid eyes upon him. She found it strange that it was only now... now that they were doing something many would disapprove of that the age thing bothered her. Well it obviously didn't bother her all that much since she had yet to make any protests against it.

Suddenly all thoughts were gone when something hot and wet ran up the length of her slit. If what she thought she felt pleasure before with his finger there were no known words to describe what she felt when he plunged his tongue into her. A cry that could only be described as pure ecstasy tore from her lips as she bucked her hips up towards his questing tongue.

Toga placed his hands on her hips to keep her from moving as he swirled his tongue in her deep wet depths. He caressed every inch of her quivering with need inner walls that he could reach as her liquid heat flowed over his tongue. This was better than he imagined it would be so sweet, innocent, and so pure. He didn't doubt for one single second that he was going to take this girl and take her as often as he could. If she was this tight around his tongue he could only imagine how tight she would be wrapped around his hard length.

Perhaps if all went right and she fulfilled him he would make her his for the rest of his long long life. He could easily see her walking through his house, belly swollen with his pup, and those deep ocean blue eyes staring at him with absolute adoration and lust.

He groaned against her core at the vision as his own hard need twitched in anticipation of being buried deep into her tight wet passage. He increased the assault of her core with his tongue until she was tossing her head and moaning deeply in preparation of her coming release. He placed a finger upon her swollen bud and began rubbing it mercilessly until her inner walls clamped down tightly over his tongue as she cried out her release. He continued to lap at her liquid heat until he felt she was completely free of any traces of her sweet nectar.

Glazed over blues watched as he rose up and removed his pants, releasing his long, hard, thick length. He was so huge and somewhere deep in her cloudy mind she wondered how he planned on fitting that huge thing inside her. The fact that she was a virgin never once made itself known and quite frankly at the moment she couldn't think anyway. No, all she knew was that he was Inuyasha's father and he had taken her to heaven twice now and she was pretty certain that he was going to take her on that trip over and over again before the night was through.

Toga leaned over her, one hand massaging a breast, and the other stroking himself as he rubbed the tip of his length against her wet core. His lips pressed against hers seeking entrance to which she parted easily allowing him the entrance he sought. He wanted her to taste herself the way he tasted her and her moan as she locked her fingers in his silky hair told him that she did.

He knew that this was her first time and that no amount of preparation would ready her tightness for him. His only hope was to take it slow and to take her innocence during the height of her release. He rubbed the head against her core teasing her in order to get juices flowing so that she was good and slick for his entry. Once he was satisfied that she was wet enough for him, he pressed himself in slowly, stretching her for him to fit.

He broke the kiss and grabbed her hand, bringing her fingers down to her little bud of bundled nerves. "Rub it for me." He ordered in a deep husky voice. He used his own fingers to get her started and when she was writhing under her own pleasure, he pushed himself a little deeper. She was so insanely tight upon the little bit of his length he had in her it was taking every ounce of self control he had in his body to keep from thrusting himself home burying his need as deep as he possibly could. He grabbed her ankles and wrapped her legs around his waist as he pressed in a little deeper until he hit the gate of her innocence. "I want you to make yourself cum for me little one." He whispered with a lingering growl of desire in his voice as his fingers massaged her hips.

Kagome heard his words and worked harder on her little nub rolling it around under her fingers causing the tightening in her stomach to build up once again. "Hai" She gasped out as she tightened her legs around his waist. She could feel him inside her and wanted him deeper to feel the fullness he was teasing her with. Then it all happened as she exploded into oblivion falling into the white light of the philosophical death. Somewhere during her decent into the abyss of life and death she could have sworn she felt pain but wasn't sure and really didn't care if she did or not. She was riding a shock wave of bliss and nothing was going to stop her from taking this trip all the way to the end.

Toga watched her face contort as her impending explosion overwhelmed her body, his name spilling from her lips over and over again until her back arched, and the most beautiful moan he had ever heard escaped her beautiful lips letting him know it was time. With a hard thrust he plunged himself home taking her innocence with him.

Her walls gripped him tightly wanting to hold onto him for all eternity, to never let him go. He didn't need to wait for her to adjust to him as she almost immediately thrust her hips and tightened her legs around his waist trying to take him deeper.

He leaned down, sucked her bottom lip in between his teeth breaking the skin, and growled in pleasure as her life's blood coated his tongue. He thrust in and out of her slowly in long drawn out strokes reveling in the feel of her tight wet core constricting around him.

"Please Toga… Harder." Kagome begged with a moan laced with a whimper.

He pulled back and looked down into her face etched with unbridled passion and easily gave into her request as he pulled back and thrust into her small body roughly but not so hard as to cause her much pain.

Kagome arched her back and cried out in satisfaction when he hit the deepest point in her creating the slightest hint of pain; which only increased her need. "Faster." She demanded as he grabbed his arms and dug her blunt nails into his flesh.

Toga stared down at her for a moment before he acquiesced to her order. Gripping her hips he began thrusting into her as fast and as hard as he dared for her tiny body. He wouldn't use his demon abilities on her yet it was too soon and he didn't want to break her. He wanted to see in what other ways he could play with her body and explore her to see if he could find any hidden secrets that would turn her into a puddle of pleasure filled goo in his hands.

Kagome pulled herself up, wrapped her arms around her neck, locked her fingers into his hair, and gave it a firm tug releasing it from its ponytail so that it spilled down his back. She sucked upon the lobe of his ear and smirked to herself when he growled deeply causing a vibration to travel throughout her body. She worked over his ear, then his neck leaving little red marks where she bit and sucked.

She followed his jaw line and up to the jagged stripe on his cheek where she ran her tongue over it tracing it until she came to his lips. She pressed them together and plunged her tongue into his mouth the same way he had done to her. She swirled her tongue around his in an intense battle and knew that he let her win the war in his mouth.

Breaking the kiss she locked her eyes with his and gasped. "Kami Toga. Make it end." She requested breathlessly.

Toga smirked at her, picked her up, and sat down in a chair so that she was riding him. "Ride me and ride me hard only then will it come to an end." He stated then sucked upon the top of her breast until there was a bright red hickey upon her pale skin.

Kagome placed her feet upon the floor and began pushing her body up and down as fast and as hard as she possibly could causing the tension in her belly to tighten to the breaking point. "Oh Kami… Oh Kami… Oh Kami…" She panted as she felt her body begin to tighten in ready for her impending release.

Toga panted as the fire building up in his own loins threatened to consume him in a great fireball. He needed her to release herself before he did only then would he be complete. "Cum for me my little bitch. Let me feel you suck me dry." He panted then crashed his lips to hers in a demanding submission kiss.

Kagome jerked her head back and cried out to the heavens as her body exploded into the great cosmic rebirth.

He again heard his name from her lips echoing through the room and he felt his own fire explode deep inside her coating her insides with a blanket of his pure demon essence. As his seed continued to spill inside her he thrust himself even deeper wanting her to feel him in the very depths of her soul.

As Kagome came down from the high of her eruption of satisfaction she laid her head on his shoulder panting and running her fingers though his long silver hair. The heat of his body pressed against her burning body made her feel like they were standing in the middle of a great fire waiting to consume them both.

Toga wrapped his arms around her back holding her close. He was amazed that she received him so well for the little thing she was. She fit him perfectly and he planned on having his way with her several times this night and begin the ritual of courting her until she was ready to become his fully.

With her head on his shoulder he easily heard her even breathing telling him that she had fallen into exhaustion. He silently stood up, bent down grabbed his shirt from the floor, covered her with it, and left the room making a path for his own room. Once inside he gently placed her on his bed then turned to the phone. He had a very important phone call to make and if he worded what he had to say just right, she would warm his bed for the rest of the night and a few times in the morning.


"Hey Inuyasha where's Kagome?" Kikyo asked as she settled into his arms, pressed against his chest comfortably, to watch another horror movie.

Inuyasha ground his teeth causing his jaw muscles to pulse. He was really hoping she wouldn't ask him about her friend being he didn't want to lie to her on their first date… so to speak. As much as his father and baka of an elder brother thought him to be a simpleton he really wasn't. No, he was the kind of being that kept the expectations others had of him low so that they didn't level him with any heavy responsibilities that he really didn't want. Yet here he was weighted down with covering his father and his new friend and not liking it one bit.

He was glad that her simple human ears couldn't hear the moans, groans, growls, and yells coming from the dining room and when he heard them he wished with all his being that his hearing was as weak as hers. "She's probably with my father… talking."

"Why is she spending so much time with your father?" She furrowed her brows in thought for a second. "I guess she probably feels like a third wheel down here with us. Maybe we should hook her up with your brother or something so she won't feel so left out."

Inuyasha didn't know where to point out what was wrong with that last sentence. First of all Sesshoumaru would never hook up with any human female and a young one at that. Secondly he highly doubted his father would just give Kagome over to his asshole brother. However, he couldn't tell her that and he didn't want her to feel like her thoughts were stupid so he lied… sorta. "Maybe. Let's not worry about that right now and just watch the movie. I'm sure Kagome is happy talking to my dad; well she seemed like it earlier anyways." He wanted to drop the subject as quick as possible, he did NOT want to know what Kagome and his father were doing, and would prefer to have never known about it in the first place. This was his father for Kami sake and no child wanted to know that about their parent no matter how long he lived.

Although he was interested in how Sesshoumaru was going to react to his father's new endeavor. Sesshoumaru never took kindly to their father finding his pleasures in human females and definitely when those females were considered to be far too young for him. Plus considering that their father hadn't taken a female in almost sixty years now and the last one he was with was of a reasonable age… well reasonable enough for Sesshoumaru's fucking standards. She was a young nineteen and his father took her on the night before her birthday so that in the morning she would be twenty.

Now here was his father taking a sixteen year old and he knew without a doubt that Sesshoumaru 'Mr. He who never speaks unless absolutely necessary', was going to have a lot to say about their father's latest escapade. Yes life around the house was going to get rather interesting when Sesshoumaru returned from America.

Toga leaned against the doorway in all his naked glory looking the girl up and down. "I have had my way with you and will do so again." He stepped into the room only to be halted by the heated glare she shot his way.


As he was reaching for the phone to call the girl's mothers, it suddenly began ringing. Furrowing his brows he picked it up. "Taishou residence."

"Taishou-san?" The female voice asked on the other end.


"This is Kikyo's mother Mai Hisa."

Toga grit his teeth sharply already knowing why she was calling. "Yes, Hisa-san what may I do for you this evening?"

"Well I was just calling to let the girls know that I will be there around nine to pick them up since I will be in the area."

Sighing inwardly he looked at the clock noting that it was just after six then responded. "I will let them know and have them ready when you arrive."

"Arigatou Taishou-sama. I look forward to meeting you."

"And I you Hisa-san." He stated then hung up and punched the button to the extension in the basement. When his son picked up he informed him of the time of Kikyo's mother's arrival and hung up the phone. He turned to look at the girl sleeping on his bed, rolled on her side curled up in fetal position. Well he had about three more hours with her before it was time for her to go.

He laid down on the bed and grabbed her pulling her up against his chest. He nuzzled her neck trailed his fingers across her belly and smirked when she giggled lightly in her sleep. He slipped his hand down further until he came to the top of her sex and extended a finger to reach her little nub of desire. He gave it a small rub and was rewarded with a light moan falling from her lips.

He worked her little bud over and over until she was thrusting in her sleep preparing her to accept him. He slid his hand down to her knee with his left hand and used his right hand to lock his fingers with hers he lifted her leg over his thigh opening her up.

With a slowness that drove him mad and a gentleness that belied his deadly youkai heritage he ever so carefully began to enter her wet core. He groaned deeply against her neck at how tight she still was and how her muscles clamped down tightly upon him.

Kagome twitched her hips in pleasure. She was having the best dream and only wished it were true. He was the most gorgeous male she had ever laid her eyes upon. His long silver hair spilled around him like a shower of moonbeams, his golden eyes held so much passion, wisdom, and desire that she could feel herself falling into the abyss of want and need in those honeyed depths.

He came to her and touched her body in ways she never imagined anyone could touch causing her skin to feel hypersensitive. His beautiful lips attacked her neck with unbridled lust while his hands raked over her body shredding her clothes to ribbons at her feet. His hands and lips seemed to be all over her body all at once pulling moan after moan after moan from her lips as her core wept for attention spilling its tears down her inner thighs.

She wanted to plead with him to take her but found her voice could do no more than make mewling noises of pleasure. Oh how she wished he would just take her and fill her crying core with his need and bring the pain of her overwhelming desire to an end.

Again she opened her mouth to plead for him to release her and a gasp of air escaped her when he suddenly entered her filling her to her limits and possibly beyond. She could feel his length in her moving in and out in a tortuously slow fashion while his lips and tongue worked over her neck. She tried to thrust her hips against each one of his thrusts but his strong hands held her still forcing her to suffer.

Toga pulled out and gently slid back into her tight core reveling in how much she squeezed against him trying to hold him deep inside her for all eternity. He was surprised that she still stayed in her state of slumber but he also knew that she was dreaming of the same thing he was doing to her based on the pleading moans of his name that continued to escape her lips.

It wasn't long until her breathing increased and her body tightened indicating that she was about to explode. He had a hard time keeping himself from pounding away into her but he managed and let out a deep growl when her muscles clenched him so tightly he thought he was going to be melded to her for the rest of their lives.

Kagome snapped her eyes open at the height of her release realizing that her dream was in fact a reality and squeezed the hand that was locked with hers until the knuckles in her fingers turned white. A deep guttural moan tore from her throat when he gave a particularly long deep stroke causing her explosion to increase ten fold.

Toga's eyes rolled back into his head when her inner muscles pulsed against him and followed her release with his own. "Kami girl…" He panted against her neck as he pulsed inside her spilling his seed into her belly. "You are so damn tight and hot."

Kagome was still too lost in her euphoric bliss to respond so she settled for trying to calm her breathing. After several moments she calmed enough to find that her voice finally worked. "I thought it was all a dream."

"A dream? I can assure you girl that this…" He pressed himself tight against her forcing his slowly relaxing cock to shift inside her. "Is no dream."

Kagome giggled lightly. "I gathered." She pulled away from him getting a warning growl to which she ignored and turned to face him. "Why?"

He stared into her deep blues and smiled at her. He knew what she was asking for he had been asked this same question by Inuyasha's mother. "You are a very beautiful girl, with eyes like sapphires, a charming warm personality, a determination that I find amazing for someone so young, and legs that never end." He pushed some stray hairs behind her ear and continued. "I can feel in your aura that you are a very warm loving person with a fire about her that could stand against the coldest of storms. I believe you would give my eldest son a run for his money in dominance of words and wills."

Kagome stared at his beautiful face and unconsciously traced the stripe on his cheek with her finger. "Oh" She responded.

She had so many questions but his honeyed eyes kept causing her thoughts to jumble into a messy pit of chaos.

Toga could feel her confusion rolling off of her in waves and decided to ease her mind for the time being. "Do not let your mind run rampant. Let your thoughts come to you slowly and when you are ready you may ask me any question you desire." He leveled her with a pointed stare. "Do not think that this is the last time you will be warming my bed. As an inu when I find a female that I desire I do not let her go easily. I will not force you to come to me or stay with me but I will not just let you walk away from me either."

She stared at him in wide eyed wonder not really sure where the sudden bout of possessiveness came from. "So what does that mean exactly?"

"It means…" He started as he pulled her flush against his chest. "That only I can touch you like this and no other." He ran the tips of his claws down her back lightly then locked a deadly serious glare upon her. "If another male touches you I will consider it a betrayal and I can assure you that a betrayed inu is something you do not take lightly."

Kagome just stared at him unsure of what to say or do about that statement. "Um maybe we need to have a long talk about this then."

"Hai." He then turned to look at the clock. "But first we must get you cleaned up. Hisa-san will be here to pick you up at nine."

Kagome lifted up and looked over his shoulder at the clock. "I still have two hours. So there's no need to rush."

He leaned in and nipped at her neck. "Believe me girl there will be a rush for it will take that long for me to finish with you for the night."

Kagome giggled and wiggled out of his hold upon her. "Fine." She stood to the side of her bed and looked down at herself. Her shirt and skirt were wrinkled as if they had been rolled up into a ball straight from the dryer. Her bra was a lost cause no thanks to someone and their sharp claws and who knew where her shoes, socks, and underwear were. She walked towards the bathroom, flipped on the light, and was awe struck by the size of the room. Hell she could fit her bedroom in this room twice.

As she stepped into the room a movement caught her eye and turning to face it she about let off a scream. The large mirror above the double sinks held the image of a girl in twisted wrinkled clothing, hair flailing wildly around, and what looked to be red birth marks that she knew she never had before, all across her chest. Some were dark and others would be gone by sunrise but above that she just hoped that no one would be able to see them. "Kami!" She shrieked. "What did you do to me?"