Her Precious Fox

Naruto POV

A team of enemy ninja was attacking our team. Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan, Sai, Neji, and Hinata. We were fighting the opponents and winning. What I didn't realize was that it was all an illusion. In reality the teams were evenly matched. I didn't realize that I had been caught in a genjutsu. The victory I saw, me hugging Sakura-chan and her not punching me, it was all fake. I didn't know until it was too late. In the genjutsu, I had just finished jumping for joy when it happened. I saw out of the corner of his eye one of my teammates get stabbed and the fall to the ground. I turned to see Neji leaning over Hinata's cold, dead body. I ran over and pushed Neji out of the way and tried to wake her. I tried anything I thought of. Anything that might make her open her eyes and show them that she was alive. But in a world of genjutsu from an opponent, I couldn't hope for that kindness. While the real battle raged on, I only saw his dead teammate laying in my arms. I gently set her down as a mass of red chakra surrounded me in a matter of seconds.

"Y-You killed her… YOU BASTARD! YOU KILLED HER!" I yelled. The kyuubis chakra surrounded me, creating the first and second tail. The genjutsu was still holding onto me strong. I didn't realize this was all an illusion. My whole body was changing completely. The kyuubis chakra had taken over. I tried attacking the person I saw in the genjutsu and became furious when I couldn't hurt the man. Anger blinding me to the genjutsu.

"You better fight me right now you bastard! You killed her, you killed someone precious to me… I'M GOING TO KILL YOU NO MATTER WHAT!" I screamed as the third tail formed and the fourth tail began to take shape.

"Kyuubi! Give me all of your chakra! I need to kill this man without any mercy for what he has done!" I yelled to the demon within me. Though that bastard fox knew that it would be easy to just break the genjutsu the thought of unleashing it's power was far more appealing. Kyuubi gave me even more chakra and the fourth tail took shape. The amount of chakra broke the genjutsu. I saw reality. I saw my enemies running away from the sight of me in kyuubi form. My teammates frozen too. My eyes widened as I saw Hinata, standing there perfectly fine. I tried to fight off the kyuubi's power but it had already taken over too much of my body. I could only submit to it as he watched the girl who I thought I was going to avenge run to me and scream my name. After that I plunged into darkness.

Hinata POV

I hadn't seen any of the chakra leak out until it was to late. I watched as the trance Naruto-kun was in broke. He had been under genjutsu. Whatever those men had done, it must have been something horrible for Naruto-kun to be pushed to this. His body had been taking over by the Kyuubi, just like the time Sakura had told me about. I saw him look directly at me. He reached out to me right before the Kyuubi's chakra had completely taken over. I ran to him, I screamed his name to try and reach him. It was too late. His body was just like the kyuubi's. I didn't care. I kept running to him. Only when Sakura had pushed me to the ground and held me there did I stop. Naruto looked at us. He looked right at me. It looked like he wouldn't attack for a second. He looked in the direction the enemy ran and then back at us. He turned to face our group and suddenly seemed outraged. He charged at us. I fought to get up but Sakura held me and made me run away from him. I kept screaming as I looked back at Naruto-kun. Naruto-kun… the boy I love no matter what… the person who was so precious I didn't care if I died. I had to be with him. I fought and tried to escape Sakura but her strength was too great. Naruto suddenly tried to attack both me and Sakura. She let go of me to face Naruto while I could only stand there. There was nothing I could do. It couldn't hurt him even if I wanted to. Naruto roared which sent Sakura flying until she hit a tree. Then Naruto turned to face me.

I was scared. For the first time during the whole event I was scared. I couldn't attack him. I might have been able to defend myself but I just couldn't do something to hurt him. He was still Naruto-kun to me. He walked right up to me and sniffed me, like he wasn't sure what to do. Then suddenly his body started to change. It wasn't changing back to normal, but instead of it looking like blood was covering his body, it was now all turning into golden fur. Then suddenly one of his tails hit a pressure point by my neck. It was so precise. It wasn't to knock me out, just stun me so I wouldn't move. I fell to the ground and started trembling as he looked over me. He gently picked me up just like a fox would and put me on his back. He used one of his tails to hold onto me so I wouldn't fall. He looked back and saw that the others were tending to Sakura while Neji tried to move closer to Naruto to try and get me back. Naruto backed away and then jumped into the trees. I tried to hold on to Naruto's new fur but his tails were doing a great job keeping me close to him anyway. He carried me far away from the other. We stopped right by a river. It had a small cave hidden within a hill right next to it. Naruto put me down there and then quickly got some leaves for me to use like a blanket. He kept sniffing me and looked curious. I was finally able to start moving a little and held out my hand to him. He brushed against it with his head and almost made a purring sound. I pet him and he looked so happy. It took a while but I realized how tired I was. Naruto seemed to notice too. He nudged me and I fell back on the leaves. He gently put his paw on my shoulder as if to tell me to just lie down. I did and he lied down beside me, wrapping his tails around me and resting his head right by mine. He made a soft barking sound which to sounded like 'don't worry, I'll stay here and protect you…' just something that Naruto-kun would say. I slowly fell asleep and didn't move until morning.

Naruto POV

I woke up later. I didn't know what happened but I saw Hinata lying beside me. I tried to wake her up but remembered what Kyuubi told me.

"You wanted to use my powers to protect the girl, and I let you. I used a version of myself almost never seen before with human eyes. I didn't hurt her. I just changed your body so you could touch her and not hurt the girl. She's sleeping right next to you. You'll wake up and still be in the form I left you in. You can change back whenever you think you're both safe." I nodded and l tried shaking her to wake up. I realized Kyuubi was right. This wasn't my normal body. It seemed like I turned into a fox. I was about to change back when Hinata sat up and looked at me. She smiled and gently pat my head.

"Naruto-kun, thank you for wanting to protect me… I-I know that you won't remember it but I'll always remember Naruto-kun. And… M-Maybe if I tell you now… when you can actually understand me later it will be easier for me to tell you the truth…" She said to me. I was confused. What did she mean by 'the truth'? I realized she thought that I would forget what she was going to tell me. I nudged her to try and make her continue. She smiled at me softly.

"Naruto-kun… Ever since we were kids at the academy I've watched you. I saw how much you struggled and how you thought no one acknowledged you… W-Well… I-I always was with you Naruto-kun… I-I was amazed that someone could be so determined; at first I just admired you. Then I realized I liked you and wanted to maybe try and talk to you. Then it became a crush so I got to nervous to try and talk, and now… I-I love you Naruto-kun…" she whispered as she hugged me. I was in complete shock. Love. Something that had always seemed so absurd to me. Love, she loves me…She looked so happy that she told me. I couldn't change back to the normal me now. It would completely embarrass her and me. Instead I gently rubbed my cheek against hers and licked her cheek. It was very embarrassing for me but she must have thought that it was as close as I could get in my current form to a kiss. She smiled and lay back down. I curled up next to her and smiled. There was a new warmth within me. I never felt like this before. It was instinct that I just had to stay close to her. Do anything to make her smile, never let her cry, protect her with my life. I let my tails hug her close to me as we both fell back asleep.

Wow! That was really fun! I just had this idea when I heard the song Savin' me by Nickelback. I just needed to write this before the idea left me. Sorry that I bet you guys wanted something from my other stories because it's been a while. But I've been busy and need to get back into the flow of writing. So yeah, I'm thinking about adding to this. It's a oneshot for now but I was thinking of making this into a longer story. once I finish at least one of my current stories. But yeah, tell me what you think!