So this is the end. I know it's not a story, it's a two-shot. But I hope you like it.

I feel kind of silly writing this now. I mean I started this thing over a year ago (Sorry about leaving you all for that long). I think I was writing it during the very beginning of season 3. And now we're all waiting for season 5. Feels kind of odd going back to season 2 now, but none the less I did.

2 Months Later

"Everyone is ready, sir." Stated one of Azazel's followers.

"Good." He said almost more to himself.

The demon dismissed himself.

After all these years of waiting things were finally coming in to place. Soon Azazel would raise hell on earth, shattering the lives of every human, and all the humans to come. Just the thought of it made him giddy. Ah, life- more like death- was good.

Another demon entered the room and stood before him. the demon never spoke.

"Send the less powerful demons first. We don't want to risk the loss of someone important."

"Yes sir." The demon said and left to give the order.

Through the walls Azazel could hear feet scurrying of the bodies possessed by demons. He could hear the first round of demons running to the surface to bring chaos to the world. Azazel couldn't be more proud.

But then again, he was. No one could match the pride he had for his golden boy.

As if on cue, Sam calmly walked in to the room.

"Sir." He said.

"Sam." Azazel said smiling. "Isn't this great. All our dreams are coming true."

"Yes, sir." Sam said meaning every word.

"Are you ready to get out there?" The demon asked.

Sam smiled. "More than you know."

Azazel gleamed with pride. He could believe the only two months ago Sam had been a hunter fighting for the wrong side. When he first captured Sam, things had been tough. He couldn't get Sam to accept his destiny. But once the demon blood took hold, Sam became even more powerful. And soon, he had a never ending thirst for the ruby red sight of blood.

"Good, good." Sam took that as his cue to leave.

"Oh, and Sam, " The demon called. Sam turned around to face him. "Make sure to bring back a few live ones."

Sam smirked at him and walked off to fulfill his destiny.

Ah, I feel really bad doing that to Sam. But it had to be done.

Incase y'all are wondering where the hell Dean is in all of this, he, just like every other hunter, is preparing for this war and stepping up to the front line. Of course he looked for Sam, but as you all can tell he was not successful. I didn't write that in the story for two reasons.

1) I figured it was sort of implied knowing Dean. We all no he would search for Sam. It's obvious he didn't find him. And we all know if there was a battle against demons, he would definitely be in on it.

2) This is Sam's story (Or should I say two-shot, or maybe "tale" would be a good way to describe it). Not Dean's.

Anyway, it's summer time. So, I hope you all have a great one!

~Bria! (Psychedelic HellPrincess)