16 Years Later

There was nothing to do – every single day, I was forced to stay inside this hell-hole that I had once called home. The same hell-hole I had hoped I'd never feet a foot in again. And now I couldn't take a step outside without Molly breathing down my back.

Everyone except for me got to venture out to Diagon Alley yesterday. I spent that day cleaning, trying to get my mind off of the fact that they had the freedom I would never receive.

Not as long as that traitor was still out there.

I had managed to get everyone to help me with cleaning today. They were all bored out of their minds, waiting around until tomorrow when Harry would be picked up by the Order. It didn't take much convincing, just a "I'm cleaning out the spare rooms" and they immediately jumped to their feet, ready to do something. They weren't excited about the cleaning, but at least it was something to pass the time.

It was silent work – nobody said a thing as we dusted off long forgotten books and organized boxes full of old memories.

After a few minutes, I stole a glance at everyone, watching them sort through their stuff with blank faces. I stopped on Ginny, who looked quite puzzled as she held something in her hands.

My eyes widened as I realized what she had uncovered. I had no idea how it ended up in here, the spare bedroom, but I was relieved – I thought it was forever gone with the times. The last time I saw it, it was on my bedside table...November 1st, 1981.

I refused myself to think of that fateful day, and instead, focused back on what Ginny held in her hands. She was opening it, reading the cover – and I could see her eyes light up with recognition.

"Laurel Hills?" She looked up at me, puzzlement on her face. "Isn't that the same book that they're selling in Flourish and Blotts? The best-seller?"

I could only nod at her words. Putting down the box in my hand, I made my way over and, without a word, Ginny handed me the journal. I took it from her hands and glanced at the familiar writing.

No one else seemed interested that I had a "best-selling book" stored away in the house. Ginny, however, found this very curious. But I didn't want her to pry. I wanted to look at the journal, touch the journal, read through its pages once again, memorize her handwriting.

"Why do you have the original manuscript?" Ginny's questions began. She wasn't trying to force answers - I could tell by the way she asked gently. She knew it was a complicated subject.

Turning the first page, I found myself staring down at the letter from 'S' to 'I' at the very beginning of the book – the preface to the novel.

Sometimes I wonder why if Sebastian and Anne were able to have their happy ending, why couldn't we have ours? Weren't we supposed to be Sebastian and Anne? Run away together, be together forever?

I guess we'll never get that. I still don't understand why you had to leave so soon – you didn't deserve it. You were just so innocent, so you, I don't understand how anyone could hurt you.

We never had a chance to say goodbye. For months, I just sat awake at night, wondering why I got robbed of just holding you, kissing you goodbye, saying something, anything, to make this separation easier. And then I had an idea.

This journal, your journal, your book is my present to you. I couldn't let your story disappear for no one to see – no, everyone needed to hear Sebastian and Anne's story – our story. So, here it is, getting published for the world to read.

Because I want the world to know my favorite author, Ivy Bennett. You deserve to be heard.

I love you.

'Best-seller', Ginny had said. I had no clue it was a best-seller. It had took me awhile to get Ivy's story published (about a year) and I had never heard anything about its sales. Best-seller, it was a best-seller. People were actually reading her story...

"Sirius?" Ginny asked.

I then realized I never answered her question. As I turned to the end of the book, my lips twitched into a smile, finally stopping at the last page.

"We're going to run," Sebastian said, holding me close, fingers tangled in my hair.

I sighed into his embrace, closing my eyes. "How far?"

He grinned and replied, "That doesn't matter. If you're by my side, then there isn't anything I wouldn't do, anywhere I wouldn't go. You are, and always will be, my everything."

The very last paragraph was written in my handwriting, scrawled out next to Ivy's cursive font.

"I might have known the author," I replied vaguely, never letting the smile fade from my lips as I found myself lost in memories of her.


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