W i t h o u t w a r n i n g , w i t h o u t w a n d s , w h o w i l l w i n t h i s o n e ?

"Avada ked-" Voldemort's unforgivable curse was interrupted by a precise elbow to the face. The dark lord was propelled backward by the force and he looked at his enemy through his slitted eyes. Chuck Norris stood, towering above the fallen He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, his face peppered with five o'clock shadow. "Norrissss..." he hissed angrily. "How dare you..." but the bad wizard was once again stopped with the brawny hunk's fist. Blood trickled down his snake-like features and he jumped up and pointed his wand at the muggle's face. Before words could emerge, Chuck dealt a roundhouse kick to Voldemort's elongated head. This only served to make the dark lord angrier. He clung tight to his wand and screamed out, "CRUCIO!" Chuck Norris fell to the ground and started to shake, but not for long, as he was stronger than anything magic could deal out. He resisted the pain and flipped back onto his feet. He did a back flip and slammed his fist across the long brown wood that was Voldemort's wand. The piece of weaponry could not survive Chuck's touch and it snapped instantly. "MY WAND!" shrieked Voldemort in a blood-curdling cry. He was no match for the toughest guy on the planet now. Mr. Norris head-butted the dark wizard and it successfully knocked Voldemort out. Chuck bent over the passed out wizard and muttered softly, in a dangerous tone, "I think I've proved today that I am the TRUE He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Don't mess with Chuck Norris."