Second Meaning?
Part Two- Halloween Special!

"Dude! No! Mine is WAY bigger!! No competition." I heard Emmett say from down stairs. I laughed and called the girls into my room. Alice started to question when I silenced her.
"Nuh UH!!! Mine is like twice as big!" Jasper argued. I started laughing when Alice nodded and shook my head.
"Children, stop arguing; besides, mine is by far the biggest." Carlisle said, presumably just coming in from the garage.
"Whatever Dad. Mine is sooooo much bigger than yours!" Edward countered sounding much like a girl. By now all of us girls were gathered at the foot of the stairs listening to the conversation coming from the kitchen.
"Fine, everyone take theirs out and we'll settle this once and for all!" Emmett commanded. My sisters and I exchanged a look and ran for the kitchen.
We found the guys were standing dressed in Jedi outfits comparing light sabers causing us to burst out laughing.
"Really guys? The size of your light sabers?" Bella laughed.
"What did you think we were compar…OH!! OH!" Carlisle asked as it clicked in his brain; making the rest of laugh.
"Wow. Really girls?" Edward laughed. I smirked.

"At least we weren't the idiots that confused cars for~" Carlisle cut me off.

"We're expected at the hospital in five minutes so you girls need to go change." Esme, Bella and Alice followed me laughing to themselves.

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