A (Little Tiny) Filler by rankamateur

for There Goes The Neighborhood written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner

Scarecrow and Mrs. King belong to Warner Bros. and Shoot The Moon Enterprises Ltd.

A little AU

What if Lee had decided to do what "normal" people do, after his little disagreement with Amanda.


"Do you know what just happened?" Lee asked. "We just had our first fight, as man and wife that is."

"Ahhh, yeah. Right here in our cheery kitchen." Amanda added.

Lee just stood there, looking at Amanda. Had he noticed how attractive she was, he wondered, and if not, why not. She had beautiful, expressive eyes. Her hair was, well it was beautiful too. She was wearing it up today. He couldn't decide whether he liked it better like this or down, touching her shoulders. Either way was becoming. He thought how slender she was and, standing there with no shoes on, how small she seemed, small and vulnerable. Here they were, working on a case where two people had been murdered already and, although Amanda had come up with what appeared to be a very good lead, they were still a long way from solving it. He suddenly felt very protective. He would like to take Amanda in his arms and keep her safe. He would like to take her in his arms for other reasons too. They just had their first fight, as man and wife.... 'What do "normal" people do when they have a fight? Kiss and make up?'
She had just chided him about not doing the things that normal people do......

Amanda watched Lee as he watched her. She wondered what he was thinking but, looking into his eyes, she hadn't a clue.
'He is so handsome,' she thought, one of the handsomest men she had every met. 'Those dimples. And those eyes.'

He had beautiful eyes. It was something in his eyes that had made Amanda ignore what her common sense told her to do, turn around and run, and instead help Lee that morning at the train station - was that just a short while ago or was it a hundred years ago. She couldn't remember at this moment, but somehow it seemed as though she had known him for a very long time.
She began to feel a bit uncomfortable under his insistent gaze, and she looked down, focusing on his shirtfront. She thought about what he had said - '....their first fight....as man and wife....'
She remembered what she and Joe used to do after a fight. How they would kiss and make up and - well......
'OK,' she thought, 'let's just stop there!'

Amanda was thoroughly confused at this point and, not knowing what else to do, she extended her hand.
Lee took her hand in his but, instead of shaking it, as she had intended, he raised it to his lips and kissed it.
Then he leaned down and kissed her lips, very softly, very sweetly.

"I'm sorry, honey," he said.

"That's all right, sweetheart," she responded, before opening her eyes.

Lee straightened up, picked up his suit jacket and some papers he needed and started for the door.

He stopped and turned back toward Amanda.

"You know something?"


"I like blue a lot better."

"Oh good, I'm glad."

End of tiny little Filler