A few things. I'll be using the Japanese naming, so if you have problems I'll either say "go look on Wikipedia" or "tough luck". Next, because I REALLY hate merging canons, especially when it's unspecified, I'm going to flat out say that this goes off into an AU after Ryuusei 1.

It had been a few weeks after returning back to the FM Planet that Cepheus began having major problems. His fallen warriors were easily revived and re-educated to embrace the ideals of friendship. They all grudgingly accepted the retraining, knowing first hand how powerful bonds were.

Cepheus sighed as he watched the results of his friendship and trust classes. Many of his subjects happily acknowledged the concept and faithfully practiced it much like a religion while several merely tolerated. However, as there are those who agree, there will be those who disagree.

Although everyone expected Gemini to lead the conservative destruction faction, it had actually been Cetus who led the arguments. The economy was failing due to the destruction of the war machine Andromeda in addition to the AM Planet's reconstruction. These so called "bonds", according to the whale, was the cause of the planet's current suffering. Of course, he did not blame it on Cepheus. Cetus as well as the other rebels knew they could be annihilated by a single blink if they directly disobeyed their king. Instead, they discovered another way to act out. It was public knowledge that it had been a boy from the Earth who had taught Cepheus that ridiculous concept of friendships and bonds. Fearing for the worst, Cepheus threw Cetus and the other leaders of the opposing faction in a Denpa asteroid prison.

Now, the King was pacing back and forth before his throne, attempting to record a message to his first friend.

"Greetings, Hoshikawa Subaru." He dictated. "Things are going well. My people are close to full understanding of bonds. I hope we can make—"

"Cepheus-sama!" Another Denpa being cried out, bursting into the throne room. "There's a great crisis happening outside!"

"Quiet, Perseus." The King growled. "I'm in the middle of a transmission!"

"But sir! Cetus and the other rebels have escaped from their prisons!"

"What! Hoshikawa Subaru… I apologize, but I must end this message here. Please understand."

Cepheus left with Perseus for an emergency meeting. Many of his warriors were gathered at the table along with the three AM Sages.

"My warriors and guests." He greeted. "As you all know, the rogue Cetus has escape from his prison with his rebellious leaders." Everyone in the room nodded to show the FM King that they knew. "But, we have just tracked their path. I am afraid they are headed straight for the Earth where Warrock and Harp are."

"Why would they go there?" A pink colored wave inquired.

"They must intend on eliminated their human partners to show how 'frail' bonds are." Libra guessed.

"Correct." Cepheus confirmed. "If the one who defeated Andromeda was destroyed, they would also gain the reputation of the most powerful beings in comparison to the rest of us." The green wave gazed at the three former Satellite Admins. "Please, if one of you would go with some of my warriors to aid Hoshikawa Subaru, peace may be restored for a long time.

The three AM beings looked at each other in contemplation before Leo spoke. "I shall go. Pegasus and Dragon would be most helpful remaining here." The other two nodded in agreement.

"Right, and now I shall choose the four who will go with you." He turned to Ophiuchus, Ox, and Gemini. "While you three are most adamant about the bond theory, you have hosts living within Hoshikawa Subaru's area. You three shall go with an ambassador figure who will balance the negative feelings out."

"No…" Ophiuchus gaped. "You can't mean…"

"Unfortunately, I do. You three will be accompanied by Aquarius."

"Whoohoo!" One violet armored, blue wave FM rejoiced.

"Settle down, Aquarius." Cepheus said irritably, the room beginning to shake. He took a moment to calm down and not cause the room to collapse. "Goat, Cancer, Ram, and Centaur are already stationed at different parts of the Earth in case Cetus decides to cause mayhem elsewhere. You will assist them when they require it. Now my warriors… go!"

The five waves warped out of the room and off the planet in a flash of multi-colored lights. The FM King sighed.

"I wish you all luck."

Two students had transferred out of Ikuta's and another transferred in, leaving an empty desk in front of one Hoshikawa Subaru. He couldn't help but stare at it, if the strange feeling he felt was generally shared when he refused to show up.

He looked at the new student, Mizukami Shouyou, as most saw her: with some serious issues. She had major mood swings, being calm one moment and then extremely violent the next. Of course, Subaru had no problem with her. He hadn't done anything to cause her to explode and she didn't bother him about anything. He did have a strange feeling that if conflict between them would arise, it would end up with him in the hospital.

The loud bell suddenly brought him back to reality. "Alright kids, it's time to go home!" Ikuta said, dismissing his students. "Remember, have a safe day!" As Subaru packed up, Tsukasa approached his desk.

"I thought since we were both all recovered, we could go to Dream Island again…" He shyly said. "Unless you're busy, that is." The brunet shot him an apologetic smile.

"Sorry, I promised I'd meet Misora-chan at Yabushi today." He answered. The green-haired boy's face became unreadable.

"Oh, okay." He simply replied. "I'll see you on Monday then."

"He looks dejected." Warrock remarked, but was immediately silenced when Subaru closed his transer. Now was not the time for his comments.

He met the pop-star at their agreed meeting point before getting dragged around shopping for the rest of the day. He didn't mind waiting on her while she browsed around the more secretive sections of the feminine clothes aisles. He received word that Cepheus was sending a transmission later, so he had that on his mind as Misora tried on different clothes.

Subaru spotted Shouyou coming out of one of the changing stalls.

"Oh, you're that Hoshikawa Subaru…" She muttered, giving him a single acknowledging glance. "Tsukasa talks about you a lot. I wonder what you're doing here with a girl instead of with him though…" She gave him a questioning stare before walking off, tapping her chin in what seemed to be deep thought. Before Subaru could probe any further, Misora opened the door to her dressing station.

"How do I look?"

"Uhh… Great, I guess."

By nightfall, the two had finished up their shopping and returned to Kodama town.

"Come on, the best signal is going to be at the lookout point." Subaru said, smiling. Misora laughed and followed his lead. They waited for a few minutes before receiving a signal. "It's here!" The pop-star leaned over to view Subaru's transer.

"Greetings, Hoshikawa Subaru. Things are going well. My people are close to full understanding of bonds. I hope we can make—"

"Cepheus-sama! There's a great crisis happening outside!"

"Quiet, Perseus. I'm in the middle of a transmission!"

"But sir! Cetus and the other rebels have escaped from their prisons!"

"What! Hoshikawa Subaru… I apologize, but I must end this message here. Please understand."

The transmission ended with loud static.

"Who's Cetus?" Misora inquired, looking at her own transer as Subaru slipped his visualizer over his eyes.

"Cetus is one of the more liberal FM Seijin." Harp explained. "I don't know what's going on, but if he's involved, it's probably bad news." As she finished that statement, she and Warrock suddenly materialized out of their transers.

"What's wrong, Warrock?"

"Something's coming…" The AM Seijin growled. "FM Seijin!"

Now alert, the two humans frantically looked around for the cause of the tension. Suddenly, a jet of multi-colored lights flashed in front of Subaru, revealing the four causes of the strange signals.

"So this is Earth, huh?" The purple-armored, or rather, potted, one commented.

"Aquarius." The Ox-shaped wave growled.

"It's so pretty."

"Aquarius." The violet wave hissed.

"I could live here!"

"Aquarius!" The agitated twin-headed wave roared.

"Oh, what's up in your wavelengths?!"

"Ahem." Warrock coughed, catching the FM Seijin's attention.

"Oh, it's Warrock and Harp! Happy day, we don't need to spend time looking!" The aqua FM Seijin cheered. She glanced around, spotting the two humans. "Oohh… They can't really see or hear us, can they?" She floated around in circles before perking up again. "Oh! Wave roads! Please meet us there, Warrock! Harp!" With that, she warped up to the area above.

"Wait, you little brat!" Ophiuchus shrieked, pulsing up after her. The other two FM Seijin followed suit.

"They want us to meet on the wave road, huh…" Subaru repeated, quite skeptical.

"It could be a trap." Harp suggested. "But I don't think Aquarius is even capable of thinking of anything harmful."

"Let's go meet with them." Warrock decided. "We could take them in their wave forms if they decide to attack, and Aquarius would probably try to end the fight."

"Alright then!" The two kids jumped off the ramp and onto the familiar wave hole. "Denpa Henkan! Hoshikawa Subaru On-Air!"

"Denpa Henkan! Hibiki Misora On-Air!"

Rockman and Harp Note were suddenly warped up to the wave road and glided on by until they met with the four visitors in the large square above the viewing platform.

"Those guys?!" Harp Note gasped. "What are they doing here?"

"Do not worry!" Aquarius chirped happily. "We come in peace!"

And I'm done for now. (End date: 3/5/08)