Chapter 1

A little light humor to help us all in this time of trouble. Maybe spoilerish but Nathan and Haley (after the whole Carrie drama) go to couples therapy. I'm naming my doctor, Dr. Schwann but I'm basing her off the psychiatrist in ABC's short lived drama "Big Shots." Enjoy and please review.


"Is that all?" Dr. Schwann asked the young couple in front of her. They both glared at each other before turning the to the doctor.

"Yes." They both stated.

"Hmm.." The doctor said taking all the information in.

Nathan tapped his foot, waiting for what the marriage counselor had to say. Haley grew tired of the excessive tapping. "Would you quit it?" Haley whispered over to him.

"What? What am I doing?" He whispered back.

"Your foot.. stop it .. it's annoying!" She whispered back.

"How?" Nathan shot back.

"You know I can hear you two." Dr. Schwann interrupted them before they could continue to argue some more.

"Sorry." They both muttered and adjusted themselves in their seats.

"So I met with you individually and together and I just want to make sure I have everything straight, so please correct me if I am wrong… so you two started dating at 16."

Both of them nodded. "And how long were you two dating before you got married."

"3 months." Haley said

"4 months. Nathan said at the same time.

The both looked at each other. "It was 3 months!" Haley turned to Nathan.

"4.. just how short is your memory?"

"My memory is fine.. we went out for 3 months!"

"But you were tutoring me for a month before then.. HA!" Nathan shot back.

"That doesn't count."

"Why do you mean that doesn't count.. it so does!"

"For starters, you were dating Peyton at the time!"

"Well I'm basing it off when I started having feelings for you and both you and I know that was during our first tutoring session and don't tell me you didn't feel it then cuz you even told me that you felt it to so HA!!" Nathan was quick to respond.

"Ummm.. maybe a compromise.." Dr. Schwann rolled her eyes. "I'm just going to put 3 and a half months."

"Fine." Haley threw her hands up.

Dr. Schwann sighed, she'd never had a case like this. "And so you were married for a few months before.. according to Nathan .. you ditched him for some Elvis Presley wannabe."

Haley glared at Nathan. "I !! Well.. I didn't ditch him .. I left to go on tour and I came back two months later!!" She turned to Nathan. "I thought we said we wouldn't bring that up again."

"What she asked? What was I supposed to do?"

"Lie! Your good at that!"

"PLEASE !!" Dr. Schwann interrupted again. "So Haley, you came back, Nathan went to basketball camp and then what happened?"

"Well Nathan came home and I practically.. no literally threw myself onto him but ignored me for a couple of months."

"I did not ignore you."

"You brushed me off." Haley corrected.

"And I thought we were never going to talk about that!!"

"But then you guys made up?" Dr. Schwann was quick to add.

"Yes." They both muttered.

"Well I hired Chris to work on Haley's music because I know how much music meant to her and how I needed to make sure I can trust Haley again and then my I had issues with my Dad and my mom was in rehab and then she was always around …"

"The only way he went out with me was because I drafted him .. and of course I had to stalk him like a maniac for him to finally get to talk to me and because you know Nathan never picks up his phone and has a quick way of disappearing down the halls.."

They both were talking at the same time.

"Okay.. thanks I get the picture.. but you decided to give it a real second chance after the school shooting."

"Yeah." Nathan muttered. "Haley was inside and I raced in to get her.. we spent the morning with the gunmen .. I lost my uncle that day and after that I knew I couldn't lose anyone else in my life .. I asked her to move back in with me and I proposed to her again." He smiled at the memory. He turned to Haley who also smiled back.

"And things were better?"

"Yeah.." Haley said. "Aside from the near drowning thing and Rachel throwing herself at Nathan.. of course he likes to attract the skanks." Haley glared.

"I guess that makes you one of them." Nathan shot back. "But don't worry babe, you'll always be my number one."

"Ok you know what.. I think we're good for today." Dr. Schwann stated. At this rate, she would never make it to her next appointment. "We can continue tomorrow."

"So?" Haley asked and Nathan looked at the doctor intently.

The doctor sighed. "Before we meet again, there is something that I would like both of you to do, which will help us move along."

"What's that?" Haley asked.

"Have sex." The doctor said bluntly.

"What!? How is that going to.."

"Haley.. shhh and listen to the doctor." Nathan stated.

"Of course you'd say that.. when have you ever listened to a doctor?"

"What? I listen."

"Do I need to remind you what happened with you physical therapy!?" Haley glared at him.

"Well I can consider this part of physical therapy as well." Nathan smirked.

Dr. Schwann bit her pen. "And by the looks of it, the sooner the better."

"You can count on me." Nathan said proudly and Haley put her hand to her face.

"Knock 'em dead." Dr. Scwann said throwing a condom at Nathan. Haley shook her head even further.

"Let's just go." Haley said to Nathan, eager to get out of there. The three of them stood up and said their byes. The door closed but a moment later Nathan walked back inside and grabbed a couple of more condoms.

"Just in case." He winked at the doctor and took off. Haley stood there by the door way looking completely mortified at what he just did.

Dr. Schwann tapped her pen. This was definitely going to be an interesting case.

To Be Continued . . .

Don't expect a novel or anything but I'll see how the responses go and how far my brain will take me. Not my best writing cuz I'm tired from work but I just wanted to put this out there. After last night's episode my head isn't in the right place to work on my current stories. I hope you enjoyed and please review !!