Make it Work: Epilogue

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Dr. Schwann needed a much deserved shopping trip to the mall. She's been stressed out with some of her patients and her brother in law Mark wasn't helping. Making her way down the promenade, she spotted two of her favorite former patients.

"Dr. Schwann… so good to see you again." Haley smiled.

"Nathan … Haley .. good to see two you out and about." Dr. Schwann smiled back.

Nathan smiled as well. "So how goes your little tv venture?" Nathan asked.

"Oh don't me started.." Dr. Schwann rolled her eyes. "Mark liked the idea, but he's completely butchering my idea.. he liked the name Lucas so much that he's actually added a character named "Luke" and then he gets this absurd idea to kill Marissa in a future plot line.. I told him the show won't last if he does that.. and on top of that… he's going to pitch the show to Fox!!" Dr. Schwann sighed in frustration. "But enough about me.. how are you two doing?"

"You'll be proud to know that we've finally gone and done the deed." Nathan winked his eyes.

"Nathan!" Haley protested.

"Haley.. it's fine.. there's nothing to be embarrassed about.. especially after everything I know." Dr. Schwann gave a hesitant laugh.

"Yeah.. Hales .. relax." Nathan stated and leaned in towards Dr. Schwann. "We totally got it on before we came here."

Haley was about to say something but knew it was pointless and just shook her head. Dr. Schwann smiled, knowing that the couple was doing really well.

"Actually intimacy is something I'd like to know of my former patients.. I don't mean to pry but what is umm your number?"

"Number?" Nathan asked curiously.

Dr. Schwann leaned in and in a low voice, "Number of …"

"Oh…" Haley stated, understanding what she was referring to. Normally, she wouldn't talk about these things but Dr. Schwann was her marriage counselor. Nathan nodded too, realizing himself what the doctor meant. They looked at each other for a moment then turned to Dr. Schwann.

"2-3." Haley stated.

"3 easy." Nathan suggested and Haley nodded.

"Yeah.. 3."

"Sometimes 4 if we feel daring." Nathan gave a hesitant smile.

Dr. Schwann nodded her head. "Oh that's very good.. 3 to 4 is what I hear most from my former patients."

"Really 3-4?" Haley asked.

"Yes.. it's quite common… sometimes even 5." Dr. Schwann replied.

"5!?" Nathan's eyes widened. "Babe.. we haven't hit those numbers since high school.. we totally got get our numbers up." Nathan turned to Haley.

"Nathan sweety.. this isn't like one of your basketball stats." She turned back to Dr. Schwann.

"I'm sorry.. Dr. Schwann.. I'm just a little surprised .. scheduling time is usually tough with work and Jamie.. I mean there's only so many hours in a day."

"A day?" Dr. Schwann asked. "…..I was referring to a week."

Nathan and Haley looked at each other and then tried to look elsewhere.

"Wait.. you mean that you two.." Dr. Schwann pointed to Nathan and Haley and Haley gave a small smile.

"A DAY!!" Dr. Schwann said in a louder tone, but quickly realized her outburst and leaned in closer to Haley and in a lower voice. "A day?"

"Yep." Haley said taking a deep breath.

Dr. Schwann took a step back and paused for a moment. "Wow.. Nathan.. look at you go." Dr. Schwann commented. "And Haley… I don't know if I should be jealous or congratulating you.." Dr. Schwann said with giver her that look. "You definitely married a keeper.." Nathan smiled proudly as he heard the comment. "You lucky girl.. I'm surprised you can still walk." Dr. Schwann winked at Haley and gave her a little nudge as she waved bye to the couple and continued walking down the mall.

Haley looked on as Dr. Schwann walked away. "Well that was…. uhh.. Nathan!" Haley protested as Nathan pulled on her arm.

"What're you doing?" She asked.

"Shooting for 5!" He winked at her. She managed to pull away from her and stopped. She looked at him for a second then quickly reached into her purse and pulled out her cell phone.

"Hey Luke.. it's me.. Nathan and I are still at the mall .. we're going to come by and get Jamie in an hour."

"Two hours ahem!" Nathan quickly fake coughed.

Haley's eyes widened.

"Hello Hales.. you still there!" Lucas yelled over the phone. Haley completely zoned out and stared at Nathan. "Sorry Luke.. I mean two hours.. you know how we like to shop." She said quickly.

"Yes Lucas.. we shop a lot !!" Nathan said in a loud voice so that Lucas can hear. Haley gave him another glaring look.

"I'll see you later." She said putting the phone back in her purse.

"You know, it's still good I have the wheel chair." Nathan commented as he pulled out the car keys.

"Huh?" Haley looked at him curiously.

"With what I have planned for you .. you might not be able to walk for a while." He whispered seductively in her hear and gave her a mischievous grin. Even after all these years, Nathan still managed to make Haley's heart skip a beat. She started to feel hot and her palms were shaking. She bit her lower lip in anticipation and grabbed the keys right from his hands.

"I'll drive!" She said quickly as she was practically running towards the parking deck. Nathan smirked as he checked out his wive's curves bouncing as she hurried to their car. He licked his lips, knowing full well the things he was going to do to her, God I love that woman, he thought to himself as he quickly ran up to catch up to Haley.

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