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Chapter 9 - "em ot siht gniod uoy era yhw?"

"I have had just about enough of this." said a firmly angered voice in the drifted quiet room.

"What does he want me to do, to say? So he would know how much I love him? Its all thanks to that brat Sandy. Ill never be happy..."

Pashmina looked at an old radio sitting on Junes nightstand. "Since Junes out...I guess no one would mind if I played some little tunes."

She quietly got off of her strawed bed, and shaked some of it off. Quietly opening her cages door. Her eyes and ears were open in the dead quiet room, it felt as if someone was there. She started shaking. "I never been alone in Junes room before...it feels weird..."

She quickly looked around, then ran to Junes radio and stood on the buttons, pressing one down a CD started playing.

Track 1: One More Forever

"em ot siht gniod uoy era yhw?"

"What the...?" questioned Pashmina falling out of the radios buttons.

I stood and watched as she drove up,

I kept my cool with the pain.

And as you were playing with her in your bed,

I was outside your door in the RAIN.

Pashmina stood there dead frozen. "This song sounds like just a few hours ago...when I was outside watching Panda and Sandy."

No one heard as I walked up put my hand on the door

and then turned.

And as I was walking down on the hall with my mind in a blurr

I was loving the pain you would learn.

Pashmina held in her breathe, listening to the beautiful voice, it sounded faintly depressed in its beauty.

"I was loving the pain you would learn..." whispered Pashmina in the darkness.

Few minutes later, the song slowly ends with a guitar. Pashmina stood there next to the radio staring into the floor.

"em ot siht gniod uoy era yhw?"

Song ends.

She quietly snapped out of her trance. "...w-what was that whisper? What does it mean?"

Time to go to sleep, my dear...


"Did you hear about what happened last night?"

"Yeah it was a total shock!"

"I cant believe she would do something like that."

Scattered whispers filled the air with the well known ham-hams of the clubhouse. Everyone knew about the horror night. Even some of the hamsters that werent in the group.

"Do you think she will try to hurt us? If we ever get her mad?" shivered Oxnard.

"Shell probably try to stabb us!" shrieked Cappy hiding in his cap.

"Dont be so riduculous, if anyone here knows Pashmina as well as I do I know for a fact she would never hurt her own dearest friends." sweatdroped Dexter budding in to the conversation. "Besides, we never saw her that way before, what makes you think shes going to act like that again?"

"I appreciate your encouragement for Pashmina, Dexter. But face it. Pashmina is a total pshyco path now. We cant let her be with us anymore. She WILL try to kill me, whatever may be the reason..." coughed Sandy who was behind him.

"Thats what I hate about you Sandy. You never give people a chance. I cant believe I had feelings for you..." said Dexter in a firm voice.

"I dont care if you do...I said we could be friends. If you would stop starting fights with me all the time we would still be friends!" argued Sandy.

"HEY, STOP FIGHTING!" yelled Hamtaro breaking into the arguement. "We shouldnt worry about that, we should worry about Pashmina...where is she?"

"Probably in her cage, plotting her next victom." said Cappy.

Dexter wanted to jump at him for saying such a thing. "Cappy dont say that, shes still our friend and I know for a fact she wouldnt hurt anybody!"

"Well thats because you werent THERE. I saw it with my own two eyes, I knew she was going to strike that thorn at me! Shes a PSHYCO PATH!" yelled Sandy.

"Enough of talking! If you guys think shes such a pshyco then why wont you go to her cage and you ask her herself!" yelled Stan.

The ham-hams stood silent.

"Thats what I thought. Look at you, you are all so gullible believing whatever someone says. Even if its my own sister. Sandy you know better than that..." said Stan pulling Sandy away from Dexter.

"Its better to say something you believe than not saying anything at all..." said Sandy in a sad voice. "I know for a fact she tried to kill me...I-I cant see her anymore...does she want to kill me...because Im with Panda?"

"Where iz zee Panda anyzay?" questioned Bijou.

"...PASHMINA!" everyone yelled.

Hamtaro, Sandy, and Dexter ran out of the clubhouse going to Pashminas cage, out into the mornings tunnel.

"You think shes going to kill him?" questioned Sandy out of breathe. "Oh no my poor Pandy-poo..." she said exhausted.

"Shes NOT going to kill him!" yelled Dexter.


"...Panda Im so glad you came over." sighed Pashmina.

"Well...what is it you wanted to show me?" questioned Panda going closer to her.

Pashmina smiled slightly running over to Junes nightstand where the music box layed, she quickly opened it, falling down to her tush when the glittering fairy popped out.

"I dedicate this song to you...because I love you, you make me feel like this fairy, Panda. Dancing in my heart...beautiful twinkling in my eyes..." she said as she hummed the tune to the song.

Panda just sat there staring into Pashminas eyes, which were getting reflection by the suns shine.

...Dancing Bears, Painted wings,

Things I almost remember.

And a song someone sings,

Once Upon a December.

Her soft fur seemed as if it was glowing by the suns bright light. Her feet seemed to be off the floor by her twirling and dancing, her calm, sweet humming warmed Pandas heart with a soar. He just stood there breathe-taken, never to see such beauty Pashmina held deep within her.

Someone holds me safe and warm,

Horses prance through a silver storm.

Figures dancing gracefully,

Across my memory.

The suns light hit directly into the window, hitting Pashmina just right, all you can see is her soft fur glowing, and her smile seemed to warm anyones heart.

Panda got up slowly, as if he was hypnotized, and grabbed Pashminas paw. Twirling her gracefully into the music.

Far away, long ago.

Glowing dim as an ember.

Things my heart used to know.

Things it yearns to remember.

Pashminas heart seemed as if it was lifted with happiness, she twirled beautifuly into the music, as if she has been in ballet for years.

Panda smiled and quickly catched her, just about when she was about to fall right into his arms. He looked down at her, as she looked up at him, and with one last wish, they slowly kissed. Into the suns light. Happy tears streamed out to both of their cheeks.

"PANDA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" yelled a voice from the outside window. "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" it yelled again banging against the window.

The song swiftly stopped, and Panda dropped Pashmina by shock, and stared at Sandy with his ears down. "Sandy..its not what you think!" he exclaimed.

Hamtaro and Dexter helped eachother open the window, Sandy was seen with a serious face, yet with a small tear in both of her eyes. "Oh I know what this is." she said with a serious tone.

Pashmina slowly got up and rubbed her head. "Hamtaro...Dexter...what are you guys doing here?"

"I saw what you two were doing..." said Dexter in a quiet voice.

Pashmina sweatdropped. "Yeah, no kidding, so did Sandy obviously." she said in almost a sarcastic tone.

"I thought you said you were over Panda..." he said with a sigh.

"Why does that matter...whats wrong?" she said as she neared the window.

Sandy stared at Pashmina as if she wanted to kill her. "Dont. Come. NEAR ME."

"I wasnt trying to go near you I was trying to go near Dexter!" Pashmina argued.

Dexter jumped into the room, and walked towards Pashmina, he rubbed her head softly. "Are you alright...?"

"Yeah. Im fine...I just got dropped on the head is all." said Pashmina, who winced when he touched her bruise.

Dexter sighed and softly gave her a soft kiss on the head. "I dont want you to get hurt...I care about you you know."

"Thats a first." said Pashmina blushing from the kiss. "But thats not the problem. The problem is, why do you look so sad...?"

"Pashmina...dont you get it? All those times...I cant seem to talk to you anymore."

"What? But why!" she exclaimed grabbing into his paw.

"Dont you see? If I keep talking to you...Im going to fall inlove with you."

Sandy and Panda stopped yelling at eachother, and stared at Dexter and Pashmina in shock.

Pashmina stood there, not knowing what to say, she finally moved her lips and said. "That isnt a bad thing...Dexter...I need to tell you something."

"Dont tell me..." said Dexter with a smile. Pulling out an old note that Pashmina was going to write to Panda. "I know I have been being really emotional lately...and sometimes I show it the wrong way, I dont really hate you, infact...I love you and I need you...will you be mine?"

Pashmina stood there silent. "h-how did you know...?"

"Because I have felt the same way...with me and Sandy." he whispered pulling out a small ring. "Will you be mine...?"

Pashmina stood there wide-eyed, then smiled big. "YES!" she screamed giggling. "YES I WILL!"

Sandy slowly formed a smile on her face. "Well...glad Pashmina found someone, who actually loves her back..."

Panda smiled back and looked at Sandy. "Yep..."

"Hey..you never gave ME a ring" tease Sandy.

Panda sweatdropped a little. "Ill give you one soon dont worry" he said.

Pashmina slowly walked up to the old radio, and turned it on.

"em ot siht gniod uoy era yhw?"

"...Why are you doing this to me?"

Thats what it ment, backwards...

And so goes the end of our story. Dexter ends up with Pashmina. Panda ends up having a big explanation to do. And Pashmina..well...lets just say shell keep her thorn.


(A/N) "One More Forever" is copywritted to the band Unfinished Thought. "Once Upon a December" was written by Deana Carter.