Broken Dreams and Retribution

By gabriellePheonix

disclaimer:I don't own Naruto or its characters.

summary: Naruto's dreams are ripped away by the people he trusted the most. But this time he's not going to take it lying down. Yaoi narusasu, naruitachi,sakusasu irukashi etc.

setting: Sasuke returned three years ago and has been living with Naruto as a couple since then. Itachi is still alive but Orochimaru is dead. The battle for Hokage is taking place since Tsunade wants to retire.


The battle for the title of Hokage had been fierce and bloody, but one man was left standing, Uzumaki Naruto. The defeated ninjas included Sasuke, who had been his last opponent.

"Good work dobe," said Sasuke smiling at his lover.

Naruto smiled back, his love shining in his eyes as he looked at his koi.

"You too teme." he said grinning.

The council of elders watched the two men and the chairman stood up.

"We will announce our decision in the morning." he said.

All the villagers and ninjas nodded and left for their homes, most stopping on their way out to congratulate Naruto. Iruka hugged his foster son, overjoyed that he would finally achieve his dream. Naruto held his lover's hand and they walked back through the village to the Uchiha compound where they now lived .

end prologue