The next morning…

Sasuke woke up feeling better than he had since Naruto had left him . He went through his morning routine ignoring an upset Sakura with a smile on his face and pulled on his Hokage robes chuckling as he did so. They left the compound a few minutes later and headed to the balcony on top of the Hokage tower where the execution would take place before everyone .

Sakura was not only upset about finding out about Kakashi and Sasuke but also by the fact that her mother had been too busy to see her the night before. Add to that she had managed to piss off Naruto yet again and she was scared out of her mind. She knew that Naruto would show up today to save his husband and even though Sasuke was prepared for an attack , she knew that Naruto wasn't known for being unpredictable without a damn good reason. Both she and Sasuke had always underestimated the blonde but she had seen the so called deadlast beat the rookie of the year in a fair fight for the title and Sasuke had indeed taken a beating that day. After that battle she had finally stopped underestimating him and she had seen hints of his own genius over the years and knew that Naruto would come out on top once again. The only problem this time was that she would be on the losing end and she was terrified. The cup that she was drinking from cracked and she jumped, knowing that it was a bad omen. Then she and Sasuke left for the Hokage tower since he wanted to get there early.


With Sai and the others…

As soon as they saw the two Uchiha's leave the compound Sai , his team and Naruto's numerous clones hurried in and got to work . They had about an hour to get done and they didn't want to waste time . They made it a point to take everything from Itachi's old room as well and when they were all done sealing everything into the scrolls and the c2s had all been set in place, Kyo opened a portal with them and left after sending a message to Naruto and Sai and his team returned to the shadows.


Meanwhile with Naruto…

Naruto woke up at five that morning and began the jutsu that he had created based on Peins. This jutsu allowed him to control another body and change it into someone elses with only a tiny bit of the intendeds blood. In this case he used Itachis blood to power the jutsu and to make Danzo appear as Itachi even to the sharingan . It took a lot less chakra than Peins technique did as well. With his new jutsu , he began controlling 'itachi'.


In the jail cell….

After the check up was over they led 'Itachi' out the door and up to the execution stand . As he was tied up Sasuke was standing nearby smirking at him. He gave a little speech and charged a chidori on his hand smirking all the way as he ran towards 'Itachi'. Below him the crowd was watching on , some waiting for their cue to leave and other in morbid fascination.

Sasuke plunged the Chidori into 'itachi' gleefully, yelling out the name of his technique as he did so. Pulling his hand out of the body he gasped when it began to change before his very eyes revealing a petrified and very dead Danzo. Everyone stood and stared on in shock at what had just happened, Sasuke had just killed councilman Danzo.

Just then an anbu guard walked up to the now stunned Hokage and handed him a scroll before leaving. Sasuke took it dumbly too shocked to do anything else. Opening it he dropped it when he realized what it was when a clone popped out of it. He reflexively destroyed the first one thinking that he was there to kill him but managed to stop himself from destroying the next one that poofed out. The Naruto clone stood in his full Akatsuki robes laughing at him.

"So what do you think of my new technique Sasuke-teme?" Naruto said mockingly. "I had to modify Peins technique to work for me and I had just completed it a few days before this happened. Oh the irony. Congratulations Sasuke-teme you just killed one of your councilmen . I'm sure no one will miss him anyway , in fact you should thank me as he foolishly tried to bargain with me . Apparently he wanted to take over Konoha and offered me your head in return. As if that would ever appease me after everything that I have suffered at his hands. I have to admit , pulling this off right under your nose was much more fun that wiping out Kumo and killing Madara and taking over the Akatsuki." he said amused.

"YOU KILLED MADARA?" Sasuke gasped out mirroring the crowds shock.

Naruto laughed. " Of course I did teme , he reminded me so much of you , so weak but so arrogant. Naturally I … retired him to a better place. Don't worry he will be put to good use. Our kids are fine by the way and they think that Itachi is there father as it should be ." he said evilly and Sasuke growled as Naruto turned to look at Sakura with so much hate in his eyes that she unconsciously stepped back. "Did you really think that I would let you kidnap and have my husband killed you little whore? How dare you touch my husband and try to ruin my family yet again you slut! I thought about how to make you pay and I decided that killing you wouldn't be enough as I wanted you to see the suffering that I will bring upon my enemies and know that you were to blame. You tried to kill the person that is most precious to me and you will pay for it with the person most precious to you." he hissed then he yelled. " Demonic genjutsu Kai!"

Effectively releasing the genjutsu that had been placed over the Hokage mountain , everyone gasped when they saw the naked corpse of Sakura's mother tied spread eagled above Sasuke's face on the monument with her ass directly above Sasuke's nose as if she was sitting on it. Just looking at her left no one in doubt that she had been tortured a great deal before she had died. There were senbons sticking out of where her eyes used to be and her was all cut up with her head almost all shaved off leaving enough of the pink hair for them to be able to tell that it was her. Her throat was slit and the rest of her was all cut up with senbon needles sticking out of rather uncomfortable places. Her nipples had been burnt off and her stomach had been slitted open so skillfully to allow her entrails to hang out while she had still been alive. Her mouth was also frozen in a silent scream and the word 'whore' was carved across her chest.

Sakura screamed and fainted when she saw her mother and Naruto laughed. " Well how about that , a true masterpiece. I will definitely have to thank the artist later. Tell that pink haired bitch that this is the first of many things to come. I also left you a gift teme for hitting my husband. The lesson here is quite simple , stay away from my family or I'll massacre yours. Attack me or my people and I will bring about judgment on you and yours. Konohas days are already numbered , don't piss me off so that I give in to the urge to do it today. There is nowhere that these people will be able to run that I will not find them ." then he poofed away.

All of Naruto's friends had teleported off the minute they saw his clones and hurried to the Aburame's clan since it would be their safe zone.

Meanwhile the anbus were doing their job of informing the necessary council members of the secret meeting. As soon as they were in the room they sealed it shut and left , completely forgetting that they had ever been there.


With Naruto…

As soon as he finished doing the jutsu on Danzo he and the others teleported to the hokage mountain on top of the yondaimes head and used a demonic invisibility jutsu to hide themselves as they watched the show the clone had just put on.

"That was really the work of a genius dad." Naruto said grinning as he referred to Sakura's mother.

Draco grinned. " I figured that you deserved a little gift kit." he said fondly.

"Thanks tousan." Naruto replied as the clone that was talking to Sasuke poofed away and he turned to Deidara. "blow up the Uchiha compound first , then the Namikaze compound, then the restaurants and business that refused to serve me . You will blow up the council room and then the hokage tower. We'll leave the mountain for a later date."

"Okay un." said Deidara excited that he was getting to destroy something with his art.

The first set of explosions went off and the uchiha compound was in flames as everyone watched in horror as it burned. Sasuke's enraged scream could be heard throughout the village as he hurried off towards his home. Naruto then watched the home that should have been his that he had never been allowed to live in go up in flames and he felt justified since now , no one would have it. Then he watched gleefully as the restaurants and shops that wouldn't serve him blow up and watched as the debree hit some of the people that had been unfortunate enough to get in the way. He looked towards the council room and nodded.

"Blow the smaller ones first." he told Deidara who nodded.

Then he and draco watched as the council room caught on fire and the people inside began to burn. He watched as Homura screamed for mercy as the fire ate at him and as he tried to get out the sealed window in the direction that he was standing in. naruto smiled at the man as he and Koharu began clawing at the window as they looked in him the eye and begged him for mercy.

A distant memory came back to him of a time when Naruto had been in the hospital healing from a particularly bad beating. The room had been set on fire by an Uchiha and he had been sealed inside it. He remember looking out the window as he tried to claw his way out and saw Homura and Koharu standing there watching with a smile on their faces. It had been Draco who had taken over his body and used a teleportation jutsu out of there and to Itachi in order to save his life. He had been lucky to only get a few nasty burns and it had taken a while for him to get over it.

Draco who saw the memory that Naruto had just relived patted him on the shoulder reassuringly . Then he took one last look down at the chaotic village before turning to open a portal back to base.


At the Akatsuki base…

They returned to the base to find everyone including Itachi gathered into the main hall with Pein for the debriefing.

"I've found the traitors." Pein told Naruto. " It was the four men that hired us. They have been brought here and are awaiting your punishment."

Naruto nodded. " Thank you Pein. Since it was Itachi and Kisame who suffered the most from their betrayal I think that they should be the one to decide their punishment . Is everyone in agreement with that?"

They all nodded , surprised that they were being given a choice in the matter. Madara would only give out orders without regards to their personal feelings.

Naruto noticed this and frowned. " listen all of you, I am not Madara so things will be a bit different. As of now consider yourselves family. We are all missing nins and will have to watch each other's backs in order to live longer. I'm going to create a special seal for all of us that will glow when any of us has been captured and will allow the last half hour of what you saw to come back to us so that we'll know where to go when these things happen. I don't want what happened today happening again. We will also be learning new techniques outside of what we're normally used to in order to get stronger and to give us an edge in battle. As for the bijuus, we will be unsealing them as they are my family and I hate having them trapped like prisoners. Tousan has been in contact with them and I know that they will join us willingly . We will be resurrecting our deceased members and I will be sending out a few friends to retrieve a few people that will be advantageous for us to have on our side but we'll get into that later. We now have the forbidden scrolls of Konoha and Kumo, you will all learn whatever you can from them. Over the last few weeks I've been building my own village and it will be complete in a few months. As for the three jinchiruukis that weren't captured yet , I will be going personally to go and recruit them as they are more than likely to join me than with any of you. We already have Suna on our side as Gaaranii is my brother, Pein is here as its leader , snow is my ally as well as moon. Iwa will be after me due to my deceased human father's actions but that's something I will deal with later. Kisame I will be sending you on a recruiting mission for the remaining swordsmen and Deidara you will have your partner back soon. Pein please contact our allies and fortify our position with them , eliminate any threat and use the four prisoners we have as an example . Any questions or comments so far?" he asked after a detailed explanation on his new village.

"Yes." said Pein. " We've just received information that orochimaru is once again alive. He was revived by his old lover and servant Kbuto and placed into a new body. He is once again in charge of the sound village. What should we do about him?"

Naruto frowned for a minute before an evil smirk appeared on his lips. "Well that's easy . Orochi-teme still has his ring so that makes him a member. However, over the years he has caused us all numerous problems and has done nothing to compensate us for it. In fact he makes us look weak because of our leniency towards him. I think that its time he realized just who is in charge here. Pein , tousan , we will be paying our favorite little snake pedophile a visit tomorrow. I think its time he learned who is master and who is the pet. Killing him would be a waste of resources since we've all put a lot of money in him. A pet is still a pet even if its broken . Since he cannot be trusted , he will become a mere subordinate for now and we'll be keeping him on a much tighter leash. Are we all in agreement?" he asked.

"Un yeah." Deidara replied.

"Are you sure we should keep him alive?" Kisame asked.

Naruto nodded. " yes. He is no good to us dead . He has an entire village at his disposal and with him under our command it will be at our disposal."

They all nodded and Naruto smiled before continuing. " As of now all of the main members of the Akatsuki will work together as a team and decide on all major decisions concerning our lives as one. The chuunin exams will be in Suna next year and the ninjas of this village as well as the one I'm building must be ready to enter. Pein make sure that you have as many genins as you can manage to enter. My children will be entering for my new village as well. Feel free to teach them a forbidden technique or two. Tousan I would like a few demonic children to enter as well. It will make it more interesting." he said evilly.

Draco laughed. " Of course kit, we'll do that." he agreed.

"I'll have some of my own grandchildren enter as well." Kyo replied. "they have been feeling a bit bored lately."

"Thanks uncle." Naruto said grinning. " we have a year and a half before the exams, lets make every minute count as that will be the day that I destroy Konoha once and for all. We have a lot of work to do and very little time. Lets make it all count. Now if that's all this meeting is adjourned for everyone except Pein and tousan since we'll need a plan for our trip to Oto tomorrow."

They all agreed and everyone else left except for those two.

Turning to Naruto , Pein said. " So what exactly will we be doing there?"

"We'll be going together to present a united front." naruto said simply. " Before there was a lot of mistrust in the Akatsuki because of Madara's games but no more. With us acting as one we have become much more powerful and we achieve a lot more together. Tomorrow we're going to give Kabuto and Orochimaru the spanking of their lives . Feel free to leave three of your paths here if you want , I'll have this base protected by demons anyway. Tousan do you mind if we summon a few of our kin to find the people we need?" he asked.

Draco shook his head. " No kit , what's mine is yours and I'm in full agreement with you on this since I already know who you'll be resurrecting. Who will you be sending for Tsunade anyway?" he asked.

"I'll probably send Itachi if I cant go myself as soon as we have a fix on her location." Naruto replied. " Please send a few kitsunes out to find her and Hidan. I'll also give you a list to give them of the people they need to find and bring to the new village if they're willing. Pein please train Konan a bit more and increase her stamina . By the time you're done I want her to be as strong as Tsunade . Do the same to Deidara , he relies on his clay too much."

Pein nodded and they all talked a bit more before ending the private meeting. Draco decided to return to the seal to take a nap. He still didn't feel very comfortable sleeping anywhere else and Naruto allowed it as it made him feel better as well.


With Naruto ….

Naruto went to see his children who were being tucked in for a nap by a happy Deidara and allowed them to see their father before sending them off to bed. Even though they were now appeared to be eight years old Naruto still insisted on them taking naps like normal babies among other things. Then he went to do what he had been putting off since he got Itachi back, he went to see his husband.

He found Itachi lying on their bed looking rather bored and sulking quietly . Naruto hurried over to him and kneeled on the bed next to his side.

"What's wrong Tachi-chan?" he asked nervously , afraid of the answer.

"Hn." Itachi said grumpily. " I'm bored and there's no pocky."

Naruto smiled at that and then he hurried over to the closet and pulled out a box of strawberry pocky and brought it to him. Itachi's bad mood evaporated as he took it and began to eat. Naruto undressed and went to take a shower before returning to join the older man.

"So how are you feeling ?" he asked his husband nervously.

"Fine." Itachi replied . " Thanks for coming to save me."

Naruto looked at him. "Was there any doubt in your mind?" he asked.

"No." Itachi replied then. "come here."

Naruto obeyed and climbed unto his lap . "What did you do to Madara?" he asked.

"I sealed him into a sword that I had gotten made for you as a present." he said surprising the older man. " Now all you'll have to do is add a bit of your blood to the sword to make it your own sentient sword."

"You sealed him into a sword?" said Itachi in surprised amusement.

"Well he wanted to leave you to die and I couldn't allow that." Naruto replied. " Um … also you might have noticed that your healing has increased due to our mating mark. Well because of our mating and you pulling out so much of my chakra through the mark subconsciously last night , I'm afraid that you're a hanyou now. The only reason why the chakra you took out from me didn't kill you was simply because you are my mate. In time you may become a full demon depending on how much you have taken out , I don't know . I'll have to talk with tousan and the others a bit more as demons rarely ever mate with humans. I'm sorry."

Itachi shook his head. " No that's a good thing. It means I get to have many more years with you if nothing goes wrong. Now enough about that , you've been avoiding me since last night my little kitsune and I have a feeling that you're upset about something. What is it?" he asked and naruto stiffened before looking away.

Tears began to fall as he put his head into his hands in shame. "W-when I found out what had happened to you I …(hic) …went to Madara and Pein to find out when we would be going to get you and Madara refused. I-I was about to go try and get you myself when Madara stopped me and lured me into his room. He said that if …if I slept with him then he would help me get you back and I didn't know what to do at first. But then I agreed as I knew that it would be the only way that he would let his guard down and when he began touching me I wrapped the wires around his neck and then reversed his Tsukiyomi and sealed him into the sword. I'm so sorry koi… so very sorry. You must think that I'm a whore now." he said sobbing.

Itachi was feeling conflicted. One part of him was consumed in a jealous rage but the other part of him understood that Naruto had done the only thing he could think of at the time.

"How did he touch you?" he asked suddenly.

"He-he touched me there and began stroking me because I wasn't aroused by him and that was when I wrapped the cord around his neck." Naruto whispered before daring to look up at his husband.

He saw that Itachi's mangekyo was spinning , a sure sign that he was angry and Naruto gasped and bolted out the door, only stopping to grab the Akatsuki jacket on his way out the door to his favorite place, the hot spring. Itachi watched him go without moving, a part of him wanted to go after his wife but something held him in place. He knew that he was still angry about what had happened and that it would be better not to go near his wife until he had calmed down a bit in order to make sure that he didn't do anything he would regret.


Meanwhile in Konoha…

Water jutsus were flying wildly around to put out all of the fires all over Konoha after the numerous bombing. More than half of the civilian council had been burnt alive by the time they got the doors open and only two had survived but they were in critical condition and would need Tsunade's help to survive. Sakura was currently in a ward too traumatized to be of much help and had had to be sedated. Ino had been placed in charge even though she was pregnant due to this and had to be healing all the victims that were piling up. Add to that Kakashi was nowhere to be found and Sasuke was freaking out about the destruction of his family home. More than half of the businesses in Konoha had gone up in smoke and due to the destruction of the Hokage tower they feared that the forbidden scroll had been destroyed. Every ninja was now on duty and trying to clean up the mess.

All of the Naruto supporters were looking around at the chaos that had been created as they tried to help and although some of them felt sorry for the people that had been harmed , every time they thought about Naruto and all that they had done to him their pity fled.

Hiashi Hyuuga was sincerely glad that he had followed Naruto's orders because he too would have been burned alive if he had been stupid enough to go with them. He also found it amusing that the Uchiha compound had gone up in flames but was sad about the Namikaze compound being destroyed. The fact that naruto had been able to not only remove the genjutsu but enter it proved undoubtedly that he was the Namikaze heir and he understood why he had decided to burn it to the ground. He was also rather grateful as after the fires had been put out a ne anbu had brought him a bag of money courtesy of Naruto in order to help in the coming months. Even if he hadn't needed it , he was smart enough to keep as he had no doubt that things were about to get harder . He silently conceded that Naruto truly was a man of honor that stood by his comrades .


With Sasuke…

Sasuke was enraged , Naruto had not only made him look like a fool but he had done it in front of everyone and had burned his family home and more than half of the village right under his nose. All the things that had reminded him of his family and his great clan was now gone all because of the blonde. Why did Naruto have so much power? didn't he as an Uchiha deserve it more? How could his useless little whore defeat Madara who had been much stronger than even Itachi and become the leader of the Akatsuki? How could he destroy one of the five ninja villages that Konoha hadn't been able to touch before? Add to that Kakashi was missing and he had a feeling that Naruto had taken him which now left him without a lover and a strong ninja. After everything that had happened the gloves were finally off. If Naruto wanted a fight then a fight he would get . As for his babies , he could always make more. Naruto did do him one favor however, he destroyed most of the council and this gave him a bit more power. He'd show that bitch the real meaning of power and would make him die screaming for betraying him.

Unfortunately for Sasuke had he been using his head he would have realized that the councilmen that were left all hated his guts instead and would not be willing to support him . His major supporters were now dead and he was too busy trying to stroke his own ego to realize it.


Back at the Akatsuki base…

With Naruto…

Naruto was soaking in the pool crying his eyes out at the fact that his mate was now angry with him and for what Madara had tried to do. He felt cheap and humiliated by what had happened and the anger in Itachi's eyes hadn't made it any better. Inside him the kyuubi was rather upset as well and he left the seal and snuck off to go see Itachi while the blonde was distracted . He found Itachi sitting on their bed deep in thought.

"You handled that badly." The kyuubi said as soon as he took his human form. "It already hurts him for doing what he did and the rejection in your eyes didn't help. Madara left him no choice and had Naruto not done what he did he wouldn't have been able to use the element of surprise to kill him. He loved you so much that he was willing to sacrifice himself to someone he hated and this is the thanks he gets? Have you forgotten that unlike you when you left him so long ago he came back for you when you had no one else that would? You left him for years and I'm sure there were times when you could have come and taken him away from his hellish life and yet you didn't and now you have the nerve to act this way after he almost gave up everything for you yet again? I know through the link that nothing happened between them. You need to be the alpha here and go and reassure your mate as he needs you now more than ever. If you don't he will fall into a depression thinking that you don't love him anymore and try to kill himself to avoid living with the shame. He is already halfway there by now as when I left him he was crying his eyes out. If you are still angry then spank him for it and be done with it. He wasn't really unfaithful to you so there is no need to kill him. That is our way . If you must do so then spank him and then make love to him to show him that you still care but don't leave him there alone to hate himself you foolish human!" he hissed angrily.

Itachi's eyes widened at that and he immediately teleported off to find his wife. He found him in the pool crying just as the kyuubi had said and he was so distraught that he hadn't even sensed Itachi yet. Slowly he undressed and slipped into the water, only then did Naruto notice him. Upon seeing him the sobbing blonde tried to flee again but Itachi grabbed him. The blonde shoved at him desperate to get away but Itachi stood firm and pulled him closer to him.

" Enough!" itachi said warningly. "Calm yourself Naruto-kun."

A sniffling Naruto looked at him . " But you don't love me anymore do you? You hate me because of what I did and you don't want me anymore." he said before breaking out into fresh tears.

Itachi said nothing, he simply pulled him out of the water and sat on the edge of the hot spring before pulling Naruto over his lap and baring his naked bottom to the air . He used one foot to keep Naruto's feet in place before bringing his hand down hard unto the blonde's butt. The blonde eeped as the first one was followed by a series of hard spankings on his naked rear. By the time Itachi finally let up he was sobbing even harder and his bottom was rather red. Itachi pulled him up and then allowed him to sit on his naked lap.

"You're wrong naruto-kun." Itachi told him. " Now that you've been punished I am no longer mad but I do love you and I always will. However you are never to allow anyone to touch you that way ever again and I clear?" he said warningly.

"(Hic)… Hai Tachi-chan." said the sobbing blonde. " I'm so sorry I made you mad." he said as he rubbed his kitsune ears against Itachi's cheek much like a pleased kitten would all while still sniffling from his spanking.

Itachi wiped his face gently before pulling him into a kiss and Naruto who had been aroused by the spanking whimpered . Shifting so that he straddled Itachi's hips , he hovered over his erection and moaned when Itachi began sliding him down unto it. Hissing as Itachi touched his punished ass , his discomfort changed to a sigh of pleasure as Itachi slid all the way inside him.

"Nyaah Tachi-koi." Naruto moaned out as he began to ride the older man cock.

Itachi arched his back and moaned in pleasure as he felt his cock being surrounded by the tight , hot , vibrating portal that was Naruto. He rammed into the blonde over and over again and sighed, he was home. Reaching between then he began stroking the blonde's arousal and aiming for the spot deep inside the blonde that would make him go wild. When he hit it the blonde let out a growl before beginning to purr and he raked his nails down Itachi's back in ecstasy . The pain from his punished ass and the pleasure emitting from deep inside him was simply too much as the blonde lost control, giving in to the maelstrom of pleasure swirling within him. He came hard all over Itachi's chest screaming his name as he did so. Itachi felt the vibrations and the tightening of the blonde's inner walls increase and he lost it. He flooded his portal full of his essence, shuddering as he continued to move until he had poured every last drop inside him.

"I forgive you Naruto-kun as I know that you only did it to save me." Itachi told the blonde when their afterglow had finally faded. " I would have done the same for you ."

Naruto smiled at that and then snuggled up to his mate for a few more minutes before the two of them decided to clean up. By now Itachi's pallor had increased and Naruto frowned.

"Shouldn't you be on bed rest Tachi-chan?" he asked pouting.

"Hn." Itachi replied nodding.

"Well come on." Naruto said as he picked up their clothes.

Then he teleported them into their bedroom and bullied Itachi into going back to bed. Pulling out six boxes of pocky , he handed it to his satiated mate along with an Icha Icha and left him to go get a few things done after giving him specific orders on not leaving the room . He had a guest to entertain and work to do, he couldn't waste anymore time. He had already sent off the letter to Hinata from her father so he no longer had to worry about that for a while. Still he smiled as he thought of the next guest he was about to entertain.


With Kakashi…

Kakashi woke up and immediately began to worry when he realized that he was in a cell in someone's dungeon. He wasn't wearing chains but he could feel the chakra coating the walls as well and the door keeping him in. He was also unable to manipulate his chakra and that frightened him . He looked at his hands and saw the complicate seals on them that even the yondaime would have problems undoing and he realized why.

"The first seal prevents you from using Chakra, the second from using any kekkei genkai even borrowed ones, the third makes the muscle too weak to do taijutsu , the fourth keeps you from leaving and the fourth is to administer punishment ." said a recognizable voice that sent chills down his spine. " Hello Kakashi-sensei."

He looked up to see Naruto sitting comfortably across from him with an evil smirk on his face. That alone told him that he was in deep shit and he knew that judgment had finally come for him. Trying to rely on his old bravado he gave a fake smile.

"Yo." he said in greeting.

The smirk on Naruto's face increased . " Its funny how things turned out isn't it Kakashi? The faithful one is now the fugitive, the traitor is the hokage and the whore… well she is still a whore so nothing has changed there. You must be so proud of your little toy. I suppose all those times you spied on me with my mate so long ago paid off hmm?" he said mockingly.

Kakashi's single eye widened at that as he hadn't known that Naruto had been aware of that. Seeing his reaction the blonde laughed.

"Surprised that I know?" Naruto said . " I've always known about you and Sasuke's affair behind my back Kakashi I just kept quiet about it because of Iruka. You couldn't leave well enough alone could you and you killed my tousan." he hissed.

Kakashi shuddered at the amount of killing intent radiating off of naruto. "N-Naruto I-I …" he began but Naruto cut him off with a cold look.

"I suppose I'll let you in on a little secret before I leave you here to rot until I have use for you." Naruto said coldly. " The redhead that helped to capture you last night was none other than my other tousan the Kyuubi no kitsune no yokai. Yes Kakashi, I let him out as I have always had the power to do. Unfortunately for you , you helped to kill one of the few humans he had come to care for, Iruka tousan. He remembers your treatment of me as well and I assure you , he intends to have a little payback. Don't worry you wont die , but you will wish you were. Besides even if you did we could always resurrect you. Don't bother trying to kill yourself , the modifications I made to this prison prevents that. Having a demon for a father does have more than a few advantages . Enjoy your stay Kakashi Hatake , it will be a rather unpleasant one." he said as he began walking away.

"Naruto…" Kakashi called out and the blonde stopped and looked at him. "I'm so sorry."

"Too little , too late Kakashi Hatake. You made your bed in hell , now lie in it." Naruto said coldly before walking out and locking the door firmly shut behind him.

Kakashi watched him go as a tear fell from his single uncovered eye. Then he saw the grinning redhead enter the room and shivered.

"Hello flesh bag I am Draco but you humans refer to me as the Kyuubi no kitsune. You will be my entertainment for the evening." Draco said chuckling evilly and Kakashi paled.

In the back of his mind his favorite saying came back to haunt him. " Those who disobey the rules are scum that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are lower than scum." They were wise words to live by , unfortunately he had only been giving them lip service until now. It was ironic how the things you did to people often had a way of coming back to you . Sooner or later it always did , in one form or another.


With the shinigami…

The shinigami , Minato , Sakumo Hatake and a few others looked down on what was about to happen and shook their heads. The famous copy-nin had been given so many chances to make it right and he hadn't . All they could feel now was pity for him as he had brought this all on himself more than ten times over.

" I wonder what Naruto will do now ." was the thought that they were all entertaining at the moment.

Still they all sat back and began to enjoy the show that was Naruto's life. He had always managed to find some way to keep the entertained.


With Naruto ….

Naruto spent the rest of the day going over reports and consulting with Pein while sending clones to take care of his children and bully Itachi into remaining in bed. That night he went to bed early as he was feeling rather tired.

The next morning…

Naruto left the base with Draco aka the Kyuubi , and three of the Peins through a portal to sound after creating a thousand bunshins and leaving them there to train. He also took a few of his kitsune demons to help if necessary. It didn't take long for them to find Orochimaru's room nor was it particularly hard to get past the snake's security. Taking their time, they opened his bedroom door to see a rather pale behind mooning them. A moan came from his medic nin who was busily engaged underneath him at the time and Naruto rolled his eyes in annoyance and disgust. He would be lucky if he was able to get a hard on for a week after seeing those two together and that tongue…ugh.

"Are we interrupting something?" Naruto said smoothly.

The snake sannin jumped and launched a series of Kunai's at them out of reflex before turning to see who it was. Upon seeing Pein and the others the already pale sannin became an all new shade of white.

"Get some clothes on will you before I lose my breakfast." Naruto said coldly .

"Why Naruto-kun I had heard that a certain former apprentice of mine had cheated you out of the hokage title . I see now that its true." Orochimaru said in his oily voice. "All these Akatsuki members at my door, has Madara finally decided to try and take me down?"

Naruto chuckled at that before stopping time briefly to appear before the naked man and slamming him into the wall. " I felt that he was no longer needed and I retired him." naruto said to the stunned sannin.

"Ku ku ku ku , I that so Naruto-kun?" Orochimaru said although everyone could here the nervous tremor in his voice. "Then I take it that you're the new leader of the Akatsuki eh?"

"After a manner." Naruto said shrugging before squeezing the neck a bit of the frightened sannin. " You have caused me so much trouble little snake and I'm beginning to wonder if you're even worth keeping alive . But no matter I have a better idea." he said as he froze time around the sannin and his apprentice again.

Pulling out his sealing equipment he began to paint a seal on the back of the snake sannins skull. When he was done he did the same to the medic nin before allowing the seal to sink deep within their bodies and unto their souls. Then he released the freeze-frame he had held them in and dropped Orochimaru. Orochimaru then tried to take the opportunity to attack him but instead doubled over in pain when he did. Kabuto yelled out frightened and hurried over to his master , heedless of his own nakedness.

"I hope you don't mind Orochimaru , Kabuto." Naruto said chuckling. " as I took the liberty of placing a very special seal on the both of you. Don't bother trying to find and remove it as it is attached to your souls so even if you switch bodies the seal will remain with you. As you just saw any move you make to attack me will result in intense pain and the more you try to fight it the more pain you feel. Now only I can remove it so don't bother trying. Now Orochimaru , you Akatsuki ring please?" he said in a sweet voice.

A shivering Orochimaru hurried to obey and he handed him the Akatsuki ring with trembling hands. Naruto took it and made sure that it was the real one before placing it in a storage seal on his arm.

"Good." Naruto said as he walked over to a chair and sat down. " Now I will make things clear for you two. As of now you will follow my direct orders and if you get in my way I will make you regret it . I should also tell you that seal I placed on you has a special feature. Every time you against it it sucks a bit of your soul out and sends it off to the shinigami. That means it destroys your soul a little each time and for someone who is as obsessed with immortality as you Orochimaru , I am sure that you realize that that's not a good thing . I suggest you get used to it . Now then Orochimaru about those nasty little experiments of yours, they stop now unless its on someone we sent to you. Push me and I will make you another kumo. Other than that I think we're done here , unless you have something you need to address with him Pein , Kyuubi-tousan?" he said and he watched with glee as the pallor on both men increased at the revelation that the redhead was the Kyuubi no kitsune.

"I think you've covered it all Naruto-kun." said Pein.

"I agree kit." Draco said nodding. "However if they try to fight the seal twice more I will be coming to hand out a bit of punishment . I cant have anyone disrespecting my kit now can I?"

Naruto nodded. " of course tousan. Do what you feel is necessary . If they misbehave again they can always be replaced." then he got up and walked to the door. " we will contact you again when we need you , other than that try not to be caught bareassed next time . Also, the next time you choose another body make sure that they're up to standards as you're looking a bit small where it counts there. I guess that's why you always overcompensate on everything." he said before leaving with a smirk.

A chuckling Kyuubi and Pein followed behind him with the kitsunes that he had brought. Upon reaching the outskirts near the village of Oto , Pein turned to Naruto.

"So where to now?" he asked.

" I think I'll go over to Suna for a bit before going over to Iwa to pick someone up. Have Itachi meet me in Suna by this evening. Tousan, go with Pein and begin unsealing the other bijuus. Then I want you to use that demonic technique with the nibis help to bring back those we'll need to life. Pein, find out what Kiri is up to , we'll need a plan for them if they decide to become a problem. Tousan unseal the nibi first okay?"

Draco nodded and they said goodbye before Naruto shunshined off to Suna. Due to him having so much chakra to spare it only took him a few hours to get there and when he did he blurred past the guards at the gate to the Kazekage's office and hurried in with a grin on his face. He found Gaara doing paperwork diligently at his desk.

"Hey Gaaraniichan." he said as if he did this everyday.

Neji and Kankuro who had been helping the kage stared in shock before yelling. "Naruto!"

Just then Baki and a few other burst in. "Kazekage-sama there is an intruder… Naruto!" he yelled.

"Hey." Naruto said with a grin. " Sorry about that Baki-san but I figured that it was best that I see Gaaranii first . Didn't mean to scare ya. My husband Itachi should be here in a few hours to come and get me. He'll be on a large raven probably."

A flustered Baki nodded. " Its okay Naruto-kun. I'll let him in when he gets here." he replied then left as he knew that Gaara was rather happy to see the blonde.

"Troublesome blonde." said Shikamaru from the doorway.

Naruto grinned and was about to speak but instead found himself being glomped by a happy Temari. "cant … breathe…" he gasped out after a few seconds and an apologetic Temari released him.

" So what's been going on with you Naruto-kun?" Neji asked. " I heard that they had captured Itachi but based on what you just said I assume you got him back."

A scowl appeared on Naruto's face as he nodded. Then for the next few minutes he filled them in on all that had happened since he had last sent his later to them. When he was done even Gaara sat there looking a bit shell-shocked .

"Wow." said Tenten who had arrived to hear it.

" So you're now the head of the Akatsuki ." said Shikamaru shaking his head. " Troublesome blonde."

After a solid hit in the head by his wife Shikamaru yelped and shook his head but said nothing.

"So I assume that Suna is now completely safe from the Akatsuki?" Gaara said calmly and Naruto nodded.

"Yup. Was there any doubt in your mind?" Naruto said grinning.

"Hn, no." Neji replied . " Still I must thank you for giving my uncle another chance . He was not always such a cold man."

Naruto nodded. " no need to thank me . Now about the chuunin exams that will be held here in about a year and a half a new village will be entering. It will be my own village of course but that's a discussion for later. Now is there anything going on with you that I need to know about?" he asked.

"No we're fine Naruto-kun." Neji replied. "But what we'd really like to know is how you destroyed Kumo. Those bastards were responsible for my father's death."

Naruto chuckled at that an then told them the entire story which again left them all in awe. Then Naruto got up. "Now enough of all that I want to see the babies." he said as he pulled out a few pictures of his own to give to Gaara and the others to look at."

"How the hell are they so big!" yelled Temari and Ten ten in shock , asking the question that everyone else was thinking.

"It's a long story." naruto said sighing tiredly before sitting back down.


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