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Author's Note: This is actually based on an image I found online which says You write such pretty words, but life's no storybook. I thought that it fit in good in the pretender world.


She picks up the novel one more time just to look through it. The novel that Jarod had written about her, no correction about themselves when they were younger. When everything had been perfect. Her mother was still alive and she had a best friend named Jarod. Her mother didn't care that she talked to him, or played within the Centre walls. She in fact encouraged it. Encouraged her to be friends with the lonely little boy down in the Cente's dark hallways.

When her mother had died that had all changed. Her father forbade her to go looking for the young pretender. He had forbade her to ever talk to him again, but she didn't listen. She would secretly go to the lab just to see if he was okay and what kind of sim he would be doing.

Then the unthinkable had happened. She was told that she had to go away to school and her father had told her lies about Jarod. She blamed Jarod for her leaving because her father didn't want her around him anymore. He didn't want his pretender, or his property to lose his focus, so he could generate money for him. At a young age she didn't understand why her father would do this.

She threw the book to the table and said out loud. "You write such pretty words, but life's no storybook."