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Mark of Love

I will have my revenge…

I'll kill that red bastard

Keeping Rouge all to myself

Whether she likes it or not...


I love her

I want her in every possible way

My heart yearns and bleeds for her as I speak,

But I always get what I want...


I must act now

Using the emerald to have her do as I please

For all eternity

All it will take is to charm her…


Then she will be under my control

My lips leaving her breathless

My warmth giving her chills

She will never go back again...


She will never find another

Like me


I will take her into the depths of pure darkness

Where she will live

Teasing me

Pleasing me

Exploring me with pure lust


I will do the same for her

Her body hypnotizes me

As I am addicted by her taste


I must have her

I don't care who she loves

Once I'm connected with her

She'll be screaming my name


Madly in love with me


I won't hold back on anything

I'm making that promise to her


Once I see her

All my pain will be gone

Love overpowering my soul


I can't get the image of it out of my head

Her moaning is music to my ears

I will always remember the words she said to me:

"I, I love you, Shadow.

I want you. I need you.

I can't live without you."


What I would give to hear her voice again

I want her now

Forevermore I will keep her in my grasp

Living by our love

Our darkness being eternal

I will see her again...


I make that promise with my hands

As I mark my chest

With our love


The searing pain of the crimson blood is numbed

By her presence in my mind

My body

My soul



As the rain falls

The water stings my chest with unbearable pain

I cry out into the night

With the sound of her name emitting from my lips

It echoes through the night

As the moon shines down

On my mark of love….