I recently became determined to write a drabble. As a writer of epic fanfiction, I have always had respect for writers who can do drabbles, but the skill elludes me. What I ended up with was a body of ficlets mostly too long for drabble-length but shorter than even the usual length of my rare short fics. Some are connected to my Rediscovered Hearts AU and some are just random. So I'm just going to post each one separately because there's no rhyme or reason to them so it doesn't make sense to do a "collection".


In the Silence

He watches her sometimes when she doesn't know he's looking. He's been in her shoes; he knows what it's like to feel alone here. He remembers his own first days at the SGC when, despite his friendship with Jack, he often felt like the outsider, the odd one out. He wishes he could help her; in fact, he tries to make things a little easier—at least he tries to remember to do so. It's not always easy. She still gets under his skin. She has some uncanny way of knowing exactly what buttons to push. But he has to admit—even just to himself, even if it's only once in a while—he's glad she stayed when they brought her back from the Ori galaxy. She didn't have to, and he doesn't know what he would have done if she had walked back through the 'gate and disappeared on him again.

He thinks—he hopes—that someday he might be able to tell her that. For now, he watches. They're learning to trust each other, learning how much they already trust each other. Both of them, in one way or another, are learning to feel again.