the second talk.

Dammit. Get a hold of yourself. Look at yourself; what the hell were you thinking? I mean, have you lost your freaking mind or something you freaking moron! Did you ever think about the goddamn consequences?

But no…you just had to act all big and stuff. I swear to god if your boobs were as large as your ego…well, your chest would be a lot bigger than it is. But that's not the point. You've become self-centered. You need to stop worrying and meddling in other people's business! This is a horrible habit that you have! I mean, where do you go off judging other people—making fun of Gai and Lee is one thing, but you were totally out of line!

Okay, so she had it coming. She's annoying; your opposite in every aspect of the word, but it does not excuse your behaviour. Which was appalling. Thank god Shino was there to save your ass! God knows anyone else would have let you die in that grave you dug for yourself. I mean, seriously! What were you thinking!? You could've done some real damage.

…but god! She was just so annoying; with her high and mighty attitude. She deserved it.

But—no, no, she didn't deserve it, and you are a horrible, horrible human being for thinking that, and doing what you did! You have problems woman! You are crazy!

You are talking to yourself, after all.

You were wrong to challenge her. You have no place to do so. She is not for you to judge. She's his betrothed for god's sake. Betrothed—you know what that means right? She's going to be his wife, his pretty little stay-at-home-I-make-killer-food wife. The only person you should be concerned about is poor Hinata, who's not going to deal well with that kind of girl at all. You know she's gonna eat Hinata alive. Yes, you are her friend. You should help her. That should be your only worry. He's not your concern. He's only your concern if it's professional—friend-related, because you're not in love with him, and you should support him and not act like a deranged person who goes and challenges his fiancée to all out freaking brawl!

You knew she's be no match for you, you egotistic ass. You knew, yet those big fact words just had to leap out of your mouth. She's not much of fighter! She's not supposed to be! What you did makes you way worse than how Sakura and the rest of them used to be about that damned Uchiha. They just fangirled, and stalked. You attempt murder. I mean, even Ino wouldn't go this far if she and Shikamaru were in the same situation!

Thus, you are a crazy, crazy woman who needs to be locked up.

God, you seriously need to shape up here. You're too old for this kind of pettiness. She's not a completely horrid human being. She's pretty…she's…oh who the hell are you kidding? She's a trophy, nothing more.

But it's his decision to accept the betrothal. You have no place to say anything. You are his friend; you're supposed to support his choices, even if you think he's lost his marbles, and is possibly making the worst mistake of his life, but remember, you need to support him. He's not stupid…not…well, a little stupid, but he's no Lee. C'mon! Even Lee wouldn't be as ridiculous. So trust in his choices. He knows what he's doing. You are his friend. Friend. F-R-I-E-N-D. He's your buddy; you guys fight together, look after each other's back. You offer him advice; you are not supposed to go beat up his betrothed.

You know what doing things like that make you?

A psycho. A crazy person. A lunatic. Look up the synonyms in a thesaurus, and your picture is next to it. Drop this; leave it alone. It is not your place to make such assumptions about other peoples lives. Stop meddling. Find yourself a man, that's…not him!

Oh god, you reek: you so need a good shower.

AN: Okay, so it is now absolutely confirmed. This will becoming a small ongoing story. How many "conversations" there will be, I still don't know yet. This is supposed to be a pretty sporadic piece of work. I personally view it as therapy, and pay not great attention to it. However, if people like this, then all the better. I can confirm, unlike about ninety-five percent of my work, this will--absolutely--have a happy ending. Because I feel like it. Also, for people who read Shakespeare Lives, take this as the road I am taking to once again working on that. Domo.

Jia Zhang