Little Sister

Authors' Notes: This was written some years ago with a friend of mine, Megan. After posting one story, I figured it was high time this one saw the light of day too. We didn't write this story to infringe on any copyrights or anything of the sort. We used the characters of ROAR with the utmost love and care. There are also a few original characters involved in the story, which are our property. If you want to use one or more of the characters we created, please ask for permission. I hope you enjoy the story and feel free to let us know what you think! Thanks!

A young slave named Marika sat in her chambers. As she sat there in the silence of her room, her mind wandered to thoughts of how she became a slave in the first place. Just two years ago, Marika and a friend were found wandering about the countryside. Roman soldiers stopped them and Marika offered herself to whomever they worked for if they promised to spare her friend. She faithfully worked in Rome as she had promised but her friend was still killed. It was to set an example to others and Marika had to carry on as if nothing was wrong when every bit of her, body and soul, grieved for her friend.

A few months ago, Marika offered herself as a gift to Diana as her previous masters had instructed her. They had no use for her anymore and they wanted to offer her to someone who might help them gain a better standing in the eyes of the Roman Empire. A gift such as a talented slave seemed like a fitting tribute. Diana had taken Marika though she had little need for another slave. She couldn't deny that the girl was beautiful and seemed to carry herself with poise which was lacking in some of the other slaves she kept.

"The Queen wishes to see you," an even younger girl announced. She couldn't be more than thirteen, barely a young woman yet. "I was asked to summon you." The girl slightly bowed as Diana had instructed all lesser slaves to do in Marika or Moira's presence. As she did her long, blond curls tumbled down. Marika uneasily smiled. She still wasn't used to being treated with such respect by the other slaves but she was one of Diana's favorites and as such was given special status. She followed the girl to their Queen's chambers.

Diana happily waited inside. Seeing Marika, Diana quickly dismissed the others with a wave of her hand. "I've decided to go for a ride today," she announced in a breezy tone. "Do you think it's a good day for me to go for a ride?"

Marika's dark eyes fixed on Diana's figure in the shadows. The room was dark save for the flickering glow of candles that barely offered any illumination at all. Marika knew there was more to the question than what was being posed. "The weather is perfect, my Queen," Marika dutifully replied.

"I'm glad you agree, child," said Diana with a slight smile curving the corners of her mouth. "Now go. Ready me a horse. Make sure it's a beautiful one and be sure to clean it up as well. I don't want to ride it if it's dirty and smells."

Marika slightly bowed, happy to spend some time in the stables with the horses. It was her favorite of all the duties that she had to perform. "Yes, my Queen, of course," she replied before taking her leave. As Marika left her queen's chambers, another slave ducked out of an alcove.

"Still the Queen's pet, are we? I understand she's been a bit snappish lately," he said. His voice was more slippery than a snake. Marika ignored the young man and walked on.