I recently became determined to write a drabble. As a writer of epic fanfiction, I have always had respect for writers who can do drabbles, but the skill elludes me. What I ended up with was a body of ficlets mostly too long for drabble-length but shorter than even the usual length of my rare short fics. Some are connected to my Rediscovered Hearts AU and some are just random. So I'm just going to post each one separately because there's no rhyme or reason to them so it doesn't make sense to do a "collection".


Grace and Judgment

He knew that something was wrong by the way she sat picking at her blueberry muffin. Yawning, Daniel trudged into the kitchen, poured himself a cup of coffee, and plunked down beside her.

She didn't look up.

"Something up?" he asked, propping his chin in her fist.

Manda shrugged.

Daniel sighed softly. He supposed it was inevitable; sixteen year old girls didn't want to tell their fathers every detail of their lives—especially those details that had to do with emotional problems that could make them sit glumly picking at a muffin on Saturday morning.

She looked up at him, her eyes narrowing in a way that reminded him profoundly of her mother.

"Daddy, what would you do if I had an abortion?"

His jaw dropped. He couldn't help it. As quickly as he could, he slapped his mouth shut again, but it fell back open as he groped for words. She continued to look at him with the same speculative expression, and he began to feel a bit queasy.


"Would you kick me out?"

"Kick you—what? Of course not, Manda!"

"You'd be mad."

"I'd…be hurt and upset that you didn't come to me before…" he said carefully.

"Could I still go to college?"

"Of course you could. Manda, withholding your education as some kind of punishment for—for—" he shook his head, suddenly at a loss for words. "Um, who's the father…?"

"What difference does that make?"

"Well, Amanda, the last I knew you didn't have a boyfriend—"

"What!?" now her jaw dropped. "Daddy! You think I'm pregnant?!"

"Well…the…thought had crossed my mind," Daniel said, feeling himself begin to shake with relief.

"It's not me!"

"Oh," he nodded. "That's—that's—that's good. That's very good."

She rolled her eyes. "Really, Daddy. Mother taught me to use protection."

"Right," Daniel closed his eyes. "Well, I guess I'll have to go thank her for that lesson."

Manda laughed.

Daniel glared, "That wasn't funny."

"Sorry," she apologized.

"So…who exactly are we talking about?"

"Just a girl I know."

"Has she had it yet?"


"But…if she does, and her parents find out, they're going to take away her college fund?"
"If she doesn't, she thinks they might kick her out," Manda said with a sigh.

"That's…terrible," Daniel said, reaching for his daughter's hand.

"Yeah. Guess I've got it pretty good."

"What about the baby's father?" Daniel asked.

"I don't know. He's not calling her back."

He sighed again.

Manda looked at him solemnly for a few moments, then her lips flickered in a brief smile. "I have a feeling that if the same thing happened to me, Mom would hunt him down and zat him."
Daniel's lips quirked. "If Teal'c didn't get him with the staff weapon first."