I recently became determined to write a drabble. As a writer of epic fanfiction, I have always had respect for writers who can do drabbles, but the skill elludes me. What I ended up with was a body of ficlets mostly too long for drabble-length but shorter than even the usual length of my rare short fics. Some are connected to my Rediscovered Hearts AU and some are just random. So I'm just going to post each one separately because there's no rhyme or reason to them so it doesn't make sense to do a "collection".



Jack leaned forward, using the blackened end of a stick to stir the small fire. It popped and crackled, sending up a swirl of hot white ash. Stretched out on the ground beside him, Daniel wondered why exactly he had let himself be talked into this. Jack liked camping; he didn't. He would have much rather spent their downtime at home with a book. Or…

"Hey, Jack?"


"Next time why don't you come to the Pompeii exhibit with me?"

"How 'bout Popeye instead?" Jack suggested.


"Come on, Daniel. Popeye, Pompeii. What's the difference?"

A smile curved Daniel's lips. "I don't see much of one."