so really, this was the only thing i could think of besides turning their hair different colors... and that's so cliche... and you know how i feel about cliches (chee-hee-hee). but i do have my brother thinking up other ideas, hopefully he'll come up with something better than this, though this did make me smile, especially the jello part. so i might make an alt. scene depending on if i have any better ideas. but in the meantime, enjoy!
Daniel sipped the last of his coffee, with a pleased little smile on his face, as he scanned the report from the team that had just returned from P3X-119. He hadn't thought anything of it, Sam had brought it from Starbucks for him with a pleased little smile on her face, teasing him gently about the previous mission from Starbucks he's recently undergone. He didn't think anything of it, until Jack waltzed in an hour later, an empty Starbucks cup in his hand and a peculiar frown on his face. Daniel had just ignored him until Jack started laughing. Then he looked up.

"Hey Danny-boy, I see she got you too. Good," he smirked as Daniel read the line of words above Jacks head. The sentence was floating neatly in midair, in blue upper case script.


Daniel just shook his head, perplexed. "What…?" then the sentence worked its way through his brain and he hurried to a cabinet and opened the metal door, a small mirror was hooked inside. Backwards, he read the script, italicized.

What the?

"I blame that Harry kid," Jack shrugged, above his head a little im face hung.


"But how could he…"

Sam! The Coffee! She spiked my Coffee! That nasty little-

"Hey! Careful! I already cussed out the general in my head… I got the rest of the day off as long as I don't involuntarily insult anyone."

Daniel felt like crying.

But… my COFFEE!

"And we've got to stay on base. But if you concentrate you can make it do all sorts of things!" Jack screwed up his face as the image changed to an outline that resembled Pac Man and the ghosts. As Jack closed his eyes Daniel watched as the Pac Man ate the ghosts. "Huh? Isn't that cool?"

"You looked constipated." Daniel said honestly and apparently he thought that too, because Jack read the script above his head and nodded.

"Always nice to have a second opinion," But the im face was back.


Daniel concentrated, he didn't look constipated but he was more cerebral than Jack anyway.

Bite me.

Then he started thinking in Greek, glaring at Jack everytime the older man wanted to start a conversation. He was quite fluent in swearing in Greek. When Sam ducked her head into the room Daniel was having a major problem not picturing Jacks head exploding. The man was badgering him more than usual.

Of course when Sam did enter the room his head swung around and the script above his head read:

You have spiked my coffee. You are dead to me.

Out loud he said, "Sam, get Jack out of my office before I kill him."

"Sorry Daniel," she tried not to laugh at his annoyed expression as she tugged Jack away. His script was protesting:


"Sir, they've just released the red jello for the day."


Sam felt a little giggled escape as Jack turned his script into a hand that waved goodbye at the annoyed Archeologist. When they were alone she sat in the stool that Jack abandoned and held out a fresh coffee. Daniel merely glared at it and went back to work. He was done swearing in Greek, so he started swearing in French.

"It's new and not tampered with. I'm sorry Daniel, I was just so curious about it, I had to try it out!"

You should have just done Jack.

"I can't just prank my CO; it's got to be impartial. I couldn't do Teal'c, he doesn't drink coffee! I didn't want to do just you, and if I'd been able to pull it off I would have just done Jack, but I couldn't!" she pleaded, big blue eyes watery. Then she pulled out the big guns when he started to look up. She yanked the folded magazine from her jacket pocket.

Is that…?

"I just got it this morning," Sam grinned. "Now I can't just prank my CO, but that doesn't mean you can't!" She laid the newest catalogue from Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes on the counter. It was bright, shiny, and had a moving picture of a smiling red head waving a wand that suddenly turned into a chicken.

Daniel gave an evil grin as he reached across the table. The only thought in his mind:


He flipped open the catalogue. "But you still shouldn't have spiked my coffee."