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But since I don't own them…, well you get the clue.

Something about those blue eyes

Chapter 1

Man, I really don't know why this sight isn't amusing me in the least. Must have had something to do with the talk I had with big brother this morning, him explaining that he can't go to the basketball game with me because some frigging business partners wanted him to meet them. I understand it but I'm still slightly bitter about this because I really was looking forward to watching the game together with him. Not that I would've showed it, not with the Uchiha-pride at stake and such.

Anyway, I only wanted to eat my lunch in peace but that was just not possible, not with my usual company of fangirls around me, cheering Kiba on to beat the shit out of that blond looser. Again. Like every day. I sigh but nonetheless decide to swirl around in my seat to take a closer look. Which brought me to my musing why I didn't find this sight amusing in the least. I mean, look, this little loud obnoxious hyperactive looser was annoying me since elementary school, always being in the same classes as me, being loud, disrupting my daydreaming and being exceptionally stupid. I hate him. Everybody hates him. Ah well, almost everybody. Shikamaru, my best friend, doesn't. I once asked him why and he said something about finding him a bit amusing and that that shrilly voice was keeping him from sleeping too much in class. Oh, and that redhaired psycho doesn't hate him but since he spends more time in the loony bin than in school that doesn't count for much.

Anyway, back to the scene that unfolds right before my very eyes. There is Kiba, star quarterback of the schools football team and one big bad evil git. I like him. I mean, don't get me wrong, he is decent to his friends but to everyone else he is just plain mean. And one could think it is his duty of honour to make the loosers life as miserable as possible. Right now Kiba is smirking at said looser who stands there, trying desperately to hold back his tears, his lunch – ramen of course – in a puddle at his feet and dripping off his face. His blond hair is plastered to his head right now because Kiba has poured the soup over the loosers head. Yep, there are still some noodles dangling in his hair. God, he looks so pathetic. The loosers left arm is held by Shino, his right arm by Sai. Both of them are teammates of Kiba. I look from the loosers head to his cheeks where those whiskerlike scars stand white against his usually tanned but now very red skin. Red from humiliation and embarrassment.

Ah yes, these scars. They were a prank horribly gone wrong. They are also the cause why I know the psycho doesn't hate the looser. About a year ago two idiots from this school decided to teach the looser a permanent lesson. After school they dragged him somewhere off the grounds and thought it funny to cut his face. Then the psycho came by. And he thought it funny to let out his homicidal urges on the two idiots. With the same knife they used. The last I heard of them was that after they were released from hospital they were sent to a boarding school in Oklahoma. Or Idaho. And Gaara's still in the loony bin.

My gaze wanders from those cheeks up to the loosers eyes, wondering when the first tears will appear. That's when I feel a slight shock. Mind, only a slight shock but a shock nonetheless. Damn, Uchihas don't get shocks. The loosers eyes seem dead. Usually there is always a sparkle in those annoyingly blue eyes, whatever hardships he has to endure. But that sparkle is gone. Completely.

Then Kiba moves and punches with full force into the loosers gut. There is a shrill outcry of pain, then the looser falls to his knees coughing and clutching his belly.

"Man, I wish they would stop for once." I hear Shika mumble into his arm while sitting beside me, resting his head on the table. "They are disturbing my sleep something fierce. What a drag." I smile at this.

"Come on now, Uzumaki.", Kiba growls. "Lick my shoes. I want them all nice and clean." More laughter from my fangirls and from half of the cafeteria. They are all getting their thrills out of this. A fierce kick from Sai sends the looser flying onto his side, right in front of Kiba. Finally the tears start falling. The looser starts crawling towards Kibas left shoe. I don't know why, I really don't, but that was when I decided to step in.

"Oi, Kiba" I shout. "Come over!"

"What's it, Sasuke." He looks at me, smiling. Now, the looser may be dense but even he isn't that dense. He realises that his three tormentors are momentarily distracted and scrambles up making a dash towards the exit of the cafeteria.

"What the fuck…!" Kiba curses and wants to run after him but I shout again. "Oi, Kiba! Let him go. I've got something for you." Kiba stands there for a few seconds deciding what to do, then shrugs and comes towards me. "It's better worth it, Uchiha, you spoiled my fun." He said, trying to sound upset but failing miserably.

"I've got two tickets for the game tonight. Why don't you and your girlfriend go and watch it together. I don't have time. My treat."

Kiba grabbs them. "Hey Sasuke, thanks." With a grin and a pat on my shoulder he goes to his girlfriend Ino, telling her the good news.

"Smooth move, Sasuke. Smooth move." I hear Shika mumble. I chuckle. I am finally able to eat my lunch in peace. I smile, open my lunchbag and…Oh geez.

I groan inwardly. Not again. Itachi, you airhead. You swapped our lunches. Again. God, I hate tuna salad sandwiches. So nope, no eating lunch in peace for poor Sasuke today. Boo hoo. I sigh, shove my lunchbag over to Chouji who gives me a silent nod of thanks and with Shika sniggering I go over to the snack machine. Looking at the sad remnants of the loosers lunch which were still lying in a puddle on the floor I buy myself some peanut butter chocolate bars. And, on impulse, a pack of instant ramen. No, I will not give it to the looser. I will not! I'm an Uchiha. Uchihas don't show weaknesses to the enemy. I hate him. Yep, I'm gonna eat it right in front of him.

God, I hate ramen. I sigh. Who am I kidding anyway. Hoping that noone has seen me buying this vile stuff I go out of the cafeteria. Straight towards the art room. Iruka-sensei has a soft spot for the looser so he lets him stay there whenever he needs a hiding place. Why I know that? Because I saw him hiding in there two years ago when he was chased by two seniors. Usually I would have told them where he was but I once had a run-in with these two buttheads myself so I just shrugged my shoulders and left the scene.

I don't know why I am doing this. I really don't. And I don't want to think about why I am doing this either. So I focus my mind on eating my pitiful excuse for a lunch while walking towards the art room. Hn, the door is open. Am I wrong? At the door I come to a halt and contemplate whether I should go away and throw the ramen into a dustbin on my way back to class or if I should look inside. Then I decide on eavesdropping.

Sniffing? Check

Faint Sobs? Check

Sniveling? Check

I allow myself a smirk. Come on, how pathetic can this looser be? He should be used to it by now. Shaking my head, still smirking, I walk inside. He automatically tenses up. Hn, he really is a pitiful sight at the moment. Wait, did I really just thought this? Oh god, I must be getting soft these days. I cringe inwardly.

He sits on the floor, in the far corner of the room, back against the wall, arms around his legs with his face on his knees. Or at least until a second ago. Right know he still sits there, in the same position but he is looking at me, a very fearful expression on his face, wide eyed and mouth partially open, tears still running down his smooth cheeks. Come on now, how old is he? 16 and still no need for a decent shaving? Huh? Where did this random thought come from? His shaky voice brings me back from my musing.

"P-please, I haven't d-done anything to y-you. Please, l-leave me a-alone. Don't hit me."

I make one step towards him when he snaps his eyes shut and puts his arms protectively in front of his face. He's shivering like mad. "Please, please, whatever it was, I didn't mean it. Please, don't hurt me. Please." He's wailing like a little kid by now. It's disturbing. I open my mouth, don't know what to say, close it again. Look at him. Don't know what to do. I usually don't see him like this. I just beat him up or I watch him being bet up then I watch him run away. End of story. To be honest, I'm feeling swamped seeing him like this. No, more like hit by a truck. I take a few steps backwards, place the cup of instant ramen on one of the tables and walk slowly towards the door. There I hesitate and look back. He's still in this position, curled up like a ball, trembling like an aspen leaf and crying his cute blue eyes out. I hem and say in a soft voice: "I'm telling Kakashi-sensei you're not feeling well. Just take your time, l- Naruto." Then I step out and close the door with a soft click. As an afterthought I flip over Iruka-senseis 'Artist is kissed by the muse. Do not enter or you will fail my class!!!'-sign and walk slowly towards my next class, feeling like the biggest arsehole in the whole world, no, feeling like even someone like Saddam Hussein would rather be caught red handed dancing to YMCA in a pink tutu than being in the same room as me. My innards feel like ice, I'm so ashamed of myself.

(Narutos POV)

"Please, don't hurt me. Please." I curl up like a ball, putting my arms in front of my face to guard it from incoming punches and kicks. What have I done to Uchiha? Why is he coming after me? What have I done? I'm waiting for the inevitable kicks and punches to come, his mocking voice, calling me a looser and a baby. I'm crying, begging him to stop, shivering. God, please. I'm so afraid. Far, far away I here a soft and gentle voice and a door being closed but still no pain. What is he waiting for? Why is he torturing me like this? Minutes pass like hours before me. Still no pain, no kicks, no punches. My crying is slowly ebbing away. God, one should have thought I should've been out of tears a long time ago. Oh how I hate them! How I hate them for doing this to me! How I hate myself for letting them do this to me! Why? What have I ever done to them? What did I do to make them hate me so much? All I ever did was being friendly, being funny, trying to be friends with somebody, anybody. But all they ever did was beating me up. I can't stand this any longer. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to live like this anymore.

Slowly I open my eyes, afraid that he is waiting for me to let my guard down. Huh? Where'd he go? Slowly I stand up, wiping the remaining tears off my ugly scarface with the sleeve of my shirt. I wince. My side where Sais foot hit me still hurts like hell. He is gone. Uchiha is gone. And he didn't even hit me once. Why? He's never been one to pass up such an opportunity. Perfect Sasuke. How I hate him. Class president my ass. I didn't vote him. Never did anything for me except making my life miserable. But they all do. I hate them all. They can all go rot in hell for all I care. Even Sakura. In Middle School I once asked her out for a date. I had a crush on her. Big mistake. She told her then-boyfriend about it. He beat the shit out of me. Arsehole.

I'm still shaking. I want to go to the sink to wash my mincemeat face when I spot it. Huh? A cup of instant ramen? Uchiha must've left it. But why? He hates ramen. Everybody knows that. Wait, that can't be. For me? No, that has to be a trap. I won't fall for that one. He wants me to eat it so he can accuse me of being a thief so he can beat the living daylights out of me. And everybody will laugh again. Or even worse, cheer him on. No, I won't fall for that one. I'm gonna throw it in the dustbin. But just as I grab it my stomach growls. Ouch. Maaaaan, I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten anything since yesterday. I look at the ramen. Shit, it's BBQ pork flavoured. My absolutely favourite dish. I'm torn between throwing it away and eating it. My stomach growls again. Shit, I'm so gonna regret this later. I search for Iruka-senseis electric kettle and pour water in it. I take another look at the cup. It doesn't seem to have been gerrymandered with. I hold it upside down and shake it. No, nothing's coming out. Still original. But why? Oh, the water's ready. As I pour it into the cup I think about why the hell he didn't hit me. If he hasn't done it now I doubt or more or less hope he won't beat me up because I ate the ramen. Hm, perhaps he has joined the Boy Scouts. Giggling because of the image of perfect Uchiha in a ridiculous looking uniform popping up in my head I devour the ramen.

Then it hits me like a brick. Spoon held in midair my eyes pop wide open. That soft and gentle voice. That was Uchihas!

With my thoughts in turmoil and the perfect picture I had of myself utterly destroyed I scuff towards my English classroom. Walking through the doorway I let my eyes pass over the teachers table and stand rooted to the spot.


I blink, rub my eyes in shock, blink again. He's still there. So no Fata Morgana. I walk towards his desk.

"No Mr. Uchiha, there is no specific reason to why I am on time today.", he says before I can even open my mouth, not once looking up from his kinky porn book. I blink once, massage my temples, blink once again. My right eyebrow twitches.

"Hn." Okay, so not one of my best comebacks. I wait until all of the students are in the class at their places and chatting away to bend down to Kakashi-sensei and whisper to him. "Uzumaki isn't feeling very well. He has a headache and is right now getting some fresh air." He casually raises his one visible eyebrow at me, sees the somewhat urgent and pleading look in my eyes, then shakes his head an affirmative.

I go to my place right beside my brainiac friend and sit down with a 'ploff'. He raises his head, looks at me, raises an eyebrow, gives a sigh and lets his head fall back down on his outstretched arm. Here it comes.

"You look like shit, you know?" Shika has made mumbling into his arm so that only I can understand him into an art form.


"By the way, where's that ramen cup of yours?" He snickers. If looks could kill, I swear, right at this moment Shikamaru would have died a very very painful death.

45 minutes later

Oh my god. Today Kakashi-sensei is doing the best he can to bore us into a coma. I mean, come on, grammar yaba yaba, present perfect blalbla groan yawn die from boredom. Where's the class clown with his jo- oh, right, that's the lo- erm, Uzumakis job. But he isn't here. Must still be hiding in the art room, recovering from his nervous breakdown. God, why am I even trying to learn to call him by his name? I hate him! I do! I do! I do! God no, now I'm having a tantrum in my mind. Should get myself a nice soft little room next to Gaara. Where are we? Ah, past perfect yaba bla.

Hmph, Shika's eying me from the side. For now I decide to ignore him to get my rather discombobulated thoughts together again. Okay…, I saved him from complete humiliation which cost me two basketball tickets, I bought him lunch, I brought him said lunch, I saved his sorry ass from further humiliation by closing that damn door and flipping over that damn sign and I even excused his absence from class. WHAT AM I DOING? I slammed my head on my desk and groaned.

"Mr. Uchiha, if you are planning on killing yourself by bashing your head in I'd rather prefer you do it in someone elses class or, better yet, at home."

I never really liked Kakashi-sensei and now I am reminded of the reason why. He just has my sense of humour… not!

I know somewhere deep inside of me is a little creepy thing called my conscience trying to claw its way out of the imprisonment I threw it in a long time ago. Shit, it didn't seem to have died from starvation yet. I can feel it scratching at the cell door with its little paw. Literally!


Hooray, the school bell is saving me from further thoughts about my strange behaviour from today. Now I can go home and drown my brain in homework, computer games and splatter movies. Hopefully my conscience will be dead from neglect till tomorrow.


Me: So, I hope you liked it so far. Now Shikamaru has something to say to you.


Me: (taps his foot)


Me: I'm going to pair you up with Gaara if you keep on like this.

Shikamaru: (mumbles)I wouldn't mind that.


Shikamaru: (gets on his knees with supersonic speed and looks at you with huuuuuge puppy eyes) PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!!!! OH GOD PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!