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Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones soundtack : I still love you

The rays of the setting sun painted the torn Fire Palace with colours from above and illuminated on the lonely form of a pale girl with royal clothes. Her usually so strong expressions were replaced by a sad, almost solemn look, while her golden eyes wandered around the ruins of the Fire Nation, she's never going to rule over…

The tanned skin warrior stepped next to her, his blue eyes searching for her gaze, before she gave him a tired look. A slight smile of hers appeared in the corner of her mouth before turning back to the direction she was looking before. "Don't worry about me. I'm stronger than I look… as the weak princess of a fallen nation…"

She felt as his hand reached out for hers, and she knew that he smiled tiredly while looking ahead of them by the time he squeezed her hand in reassurance.

"You've lost the most today, haven't you?" He asked on a low voice, but she didn't have to answer to him… the truth lingered in the air. His arm trailed around her when she only bowed her head, but she didn't show any bigger sign of the twisting emotions inside her, only listened to his last silent whisper. "I'm proud of you…"

Alif tree – Electro Slam

Her movements swift, powerful… perfect.

As a princess of the Fire Nation she was taught how to move, to be deadly, to be seductive, to be innocent… for her life had always been an act. Maybe except the times she could let go of the inferno inside of her.

A pair of blue eyes followed her every move as the firebending prodigy whirled throughout the training grounds, with the blue flames that surrounded her not just like a protecting shield, but a passionate dancer too…

When her golden eyes caught sight of him, the edge of her lips curled upwards when she saw him gasp after a perfect move. She stopped her 'dance' turning towards him, and he averted his eyes when he realized that he had been spotted.

The blue flames turned back to yellow slowly around her, and she slowly made her way towards him… now she's smirking when his eyes widened seeing how the flames still born after her steps upon the ground.

By the time she reached his standing spot he already felt the same strange feeling inside him, that he had ever since getting know of her… a part of him was still afraid of her powers, the other respects her abilities and grace… while that last little part…

Her hand slowly rose, and their eyes connected when with a finger she caressed his lower lip. In the next moment she's in his arms, while they try to gain over the other in a fierce and lustful kiss. It had always been their start…

Godsmack – I Stand Alone

He's gasping for air again while looking up at her from the ground. His sword far, his shirt burned in places, and she's only offering him a predatory smile.

"Well know, wasn't it enough?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, and he only scowled up at her before whirling in his place then he started running away from her with full speed.

Her smile reduced while she heaved a sigh. "Then let it be this way…" Her smile changed into one of a hunter when his form disappeared behind the columns of the Western Air Temple.

"It's time to play…" She whispered before she got into a run herself.

3 Doors Down – Better Life

She's right there, above him, and the only thing he could think about was not his chains, not his friends, not even Suki - who was free now in exchange for him being there… but how incredibly inviting her lips looked from this close.

Her golden eyes boring into his clear blue ones, and she smirked at him now, like she had been more than aware of her abilities in making man do what she wanted. She's straightening up, only to place one of her pale hands upon the well-toned muscles of his upper body, almost admiring him with her touch.

"So now… tell me, Sokka of the Water Tribe…" She purred while leaning down again, close to his face so that he could feel her warm breath upon his already heated skin. "What are the avatar and my brother planning?"

He swallowed without turning his gaze away from her – not knowing that even if he tried to, it probably wouldn't have worked anyway – but did not let himself break the silence. He could not tell her what she wanted to hear… he was the one who always used his mind. He could not tell her… he must not tell anything!

The hesitation in his eyes was almost too easy to read for her, and she knew well what to do in cases like this… she's even going to enjoy this kind of torture with him. And he will have no other choice, but to break in the end…

Linkin Park – Pushing me Away

He's offering her a spoonful of food, because they were not fool enough to free her hands again. But all he got as an answer was a dark look and a scowl before she snapped her head away from him. Now he saw that she was her brother's sister indeed…

He slowly moved from his place so that he was face-to-face with her again, and offered the same like before, while her golden eyes pierced through him; but this time she did not turn away. "Go away peasant, I don't need your pitiful services…"

He almost laughed out aloud at the ignorance and 'royal rejection' in her voice, while her body was in the middle of a stone and metal tomb, without letting her even stir. "You know…" He said with a smirk, lowering the soup with the spoon. "You are not simple, that's for sure."

She gave him another defiant look. "Of course not, I am Royalty." She answered with arrogance, and for a moment he remained silent, just holding her annoyed gaze. But a sudden sound made her frown harder before looking away… her stomach just rumbled.

Sokka made a half smirk lifting up the bowl again closer to her face, so that she could feel the smell of fresh food, after three days of rejecting it… and ashamed, she slowly turned back towards him.

Their eyes met again when without looking away he lifted the spoon for her, and the hatred in her eyes remained there even after taking the spoonful of soup in her mouth…

It was the beginning of something very interesting.

Britney Spears - Toxic

Evening dresses, costumes, masks, lights… the Fire Palace's hall room was full of people, from all over the world. Pairs dancing around with the songs, and next to the buffet table a single man - once a warrior, now just a 'guy with a boomerang' again – stood with a content smile upon his face.

He was watching the one he finally got back: Suki, the warrior of Kyoshi… she was so beautiful among the circle of her warriors, without her usual warrior war paint, with a dress that probably cost more than all of his possessions, and hair that he knew well she spent hours with… only for him.

"Hey, peasant…" A once arrogant voice called from next to him, and he shot an annoyed look in the direction of the fire princess.

"Now, now Azula… I would watch what I say to one of those who agreed in letting you stay in your fancy palace."

She gave him a half smirk, while looking around from next to him, and almost caught sight of the girl he was looking at. "Yeah, I see now why you were so over her back then…"

A sudden wave of anger shot through him as he whirled towards her. If there was something he would never forgive Azula was what she'd done with Suki. "Don't even dare to talk about her…" He said with a threatening voice, and let the end linger in the air so that she could imagine whatever continues she wanted for it.

She was fully smirking and her golden eyes thoughtfully wandered on his form while she hemmed. "And they say that those of the water tribes are calm and tranquil; and now look at that…" She said and slowly took some steps circling him. "You know, it could have turned out interesting, if it had been you instead of her…" She spoke on a curious, but for his ears venomous voice.

He turned around and got a hold of her wrist with fury then spoke through gritted teeth. "If I had been there, you would be dead by now."

"Sokka...?" Suki's voice called from behind, and he peeked there from the corner of his eyes, while Azula's eyes shone up in a second.

He halfway turned back to face the princess again, when she leaned quickly in, capturing his lips in a firm kiss, that – as he was caught off guard – she deepened almost instantly.

A sudden gasp sounded from behind before he pushed the girl away. "You…" He sneered at the princess and her evil smile.

"You should concentrate on your fleeing girlfriend…" Azula pointed out satisfied, and he clenched his fists still glaring at her before turning on his heel.

"Suki! Suki come back!" He started yelling after the hurrying girl, who ran out of the hall. "I don't want a thing from that girl, I swear!"

Blue October – What If We Could

She's imprisoned. She could hardly understand it herself how it was possible… her bending was taken from her, and now the always so powerful princess had to face the fact that her body was weak and fragile for the slave work she was ordered to do now.

With heavy bags – she made her way struggling up on the side of mountain when her feet stumbled, but instead of the sharp rocks, her body fell in two strong arms.

Her golden eyes – once ignorant and arrogant, now only tired, confused and even grateful – found their way up to the tanned skinned man, to see clear, ocean blue eyes.

The recognition hit her with surprise, but his look did not change. He knew well who she was… he only watched her from the shadows, just as another prisoner could do it next to his work.

He remained silent until their gold and blue eyes connected and even then he just returned her gaze, before she gave him a nod.

As a sign of gratitude? Or just as an acknowledgement? He did not care anymore.

The edge of his lips curled upwards before he bowed his head, and he could see that even she managed to smile tiredly back at him before going on her way.

At this point they were no longer a peasant and a princess; they were equal, with the same fate…

Sum41 – In Too Deep

She's sitting alone, gazing at the flames of the campfire while their happy little gang cheered and laughed a distance from her. She did not even know why she was there… among these pitiful kids and her pathetic brother. But now it was too late to change her mind and turn back.

She only frowned when – as we could say usually – someone thudded next to her, joining her and breaking the peaceful silence.

"How you doing?" He asked, just as every night before while he was watching her with a bright smile.

And again she only shot a side glance towards him from the corner of her eyes, before turning her head away.

It was incredible… this idiot kept on sitting next to her, asked her something, then started talking about anything that got to his mind.

For the first three times she told him that she's not going to tire herself with caring what a peasant like he said. And do you know what his answer was to that?

"Well… then at least you won't interrupt me…" He used to say with a grin, and went on anyway.

The strangest thing in it was that after some time – no matter how hard she tried not to – his words slowly started to get her attention. And as the days passed – though she would never admit it – she even awaited the times when he'd sit there again… while she listened to him, with a slight smile forming on her lips.

Placebo – Protégé Moi

He's pushed into a chair before a big, circle-shaped table, where maps laid and after that the two of them was left alone in the study room. He was simply watching her from the corner of his eyes, but as she did not speak, only walked in a circle around him and the table he made a grunt.

"What do you want from me?" He asked, but she only gave him a teasing smile as his voice sounded high-pitched after not drinking for some time now.

She walked over to the table, pouring a glass of water then putting it before him. "Drink." His eyebrows furrowed suspiciously before she went on. "I'm not planning to poison you…" She said and after taking a sip he stopped as her smile changed into a smirk. "Why would I waste poison on you, when I could kill you with my own two hands anyway?"

He gulped, and coughed sometimes after she walked behind him, leaning forward next to his shoulder, and he tensed as her voice sounded from beside his ear. "Now, I'm going to involve you to our plans…"

He's frowning at the maps before him then glanced at the princess who walked to the other side of the table. "Why?" The edge of her lips curled upwards. "Why would you do that?" He asked while searching in her calculating golden eyes in vain.

"Why…?" She asked leaning forward putting her hands on the table. "Don't you have any idea, Sokka?"

The way she said his name always brought him the chills. "Nooo… not really…"

She hemmed straightening up and crossing her arms. "Disappointing." She murmured, but he only narrowed his eyes instead of answering her.

She started circling around again while only his blue eyes followed her, leaving his senses in alert. "It's as simple as that…" She spoke, and again stood behind him. "If you know about these, you might be of more use to me here."

"I'm not going to help you." He said with a calm voice, but his eyes would have betrayed his inner fury, if she'd seen into them now.

"And…" She let out a chuckle, putting her hands on his shoulder. "If you know, you'll become more important in our little game…" She said, leaning down to whisper in his ear. "Important enough not to let you get out of this palace alive…"

His shoulders slightly shook under her hands as his eyes turned round. Because he knew well that Azula did not joke…

Her evil smile returned to her features as she straightened up. "It seems you're going to spend quite some time among us, water peasant…" She said with tease in her voice, and she turned on her heel, slowly leaving him alone in the room. "It'd be better if you got used to that thought…"

Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You


She let out a growl before pulling her pillow above her head.


She even heard as her teeth scratched, while she started clenching the pillow above her head.


Golden eyes opened as in a blink of an eye the princess stood up throwing her pillow to the ground. "That was enough!!" She yelled furiously, and stormed over to a blue sleeping bag, while the others slowly opened their eyes too in the darkness and watched her sleepily.

Azula looked downwards at the snoring boy, whose loose hair fell around his tan face and before any noise could escape his already opened lips she launched forward shaking his shoulder with one of her hands. "Stop this noise finally if you don't want to dance in flames…!" She said angrily but the warrior only gaped twice, which ended in a yawn then pulled on the arm that shook him, making her fell in his arms.

The princess became only more stunned when the boy's arms embraced her like a simple doll, and he even nuzzled his head in her shoulder with still closed eyes murmuring something about some 'Fluffy' who he missed so much…

Her eyes twitched and as he didn't show any sign that he'd let go of her, she gritted her teeth and let her sharp fingernails scratched upon his uncovered chest. He let out a loud yelp throwing off whatever caused the sudden pain.

Azula ended on her rear, turning her furious golden glare towards him while he slowly recognized his surroundings clenching upon his chest. "Auch!" He said with an angered frown as his eyes locked with her. "What was that for?!"

"Make a guess!" She sneered at him, leaning forward in her place to become more threatening. "You should learn how to leave others sleep!"

"Why you…!" He started then peeked down at his bloody hand and chest with her 'marks' on it, then his eyes turned colder as he looked back at her. "Look at what you've done, Psycho!"


They kept on yelling, when the Blind Bandit slowly sat up rubbing her eyes. "Twinkle Toes…" She murmured and the boy next to him rolled to his back, slightly opening his grey eyes to look at her. "Does it sound familiar?"

"Yep." He said slowly as his eyes turned up to one of the stars above them.

She turned her sightless gaze towards the laying avatar. "So isn't it just me…?"


The two didn't say more until she didn't lie back, and turned towards the sky like him before finally asked. "Should we… talk with them about it?"

The avatar's grey eyes had a peek at the yelling pair then they slowly drifted to his other side, where two other persons were lying, sharing one sleeping bag. He saw two dark haired heads beside each other and pale arms almost illuminating in the moonlight around a darker feminine figure, before heaving a sigh and closing his eyes.

"Maybe…" The two winced as a loud noise came from the yelling pair, but after that they went on the way like before. "Or maybe not…"

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