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013. Blood

Her head ached. She was rubbing her throbbing temple before slowly sitting up in the double bed, only making this effort for… her prisoner? Lover? Or slave?

In the completely green surroundings within the Earth King's Palace, it had been the easiest thing to spot him.

He was kneeling before her, his blue eyes – which once had been deep ocean blue, but now they were an icy reflection of those only – were turned towards the floor just as she ordered him. Only then did she see that his gloved hands and arms were scarlet red… he was covered by fresh blood.

"Did you do what I asked from you?" Azula asked without letting him hear the excitement that crawled itself into her mind.

"You have nothing to worry about anymore…" The Water Tribe warrior spoke, this time meeting her gaze. "Your brother is dead."

The prodigy's satisfied smile told him all. She waved to him, signing him to come closer and when he reached the side of the royal bed she kneeled up, stroking the side of his handsome face while holding his gaze. "Is there something else I could do for you?" He asked, which only let her smile deepen.

"There is…" She let her hands trail down his chest, enjoying the feeling of his muscles beneath his leather armour. "We're soon returning to the Fire Nation," She spoke, heaving a sigh as he leaned forward, kissing the base of her neck, but she pushed him away with a hiss as he was trying to leave a love-bite there. The forming smirk upon his lips answered hers before she pulled him closer to her. "And you are going to come with me…"

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014. Betrayal

"What's the meaning of this?!" When she was brought to her knees by her own soldiers, her hands tied tightly behind her she could only snarl at her former slave. "How dare you overthrown me?!" She hissed, the flames around turning blue with her rage, just like the pair of eyes her gaze bore into.

Sokka's dark expressions did not change until a new voice sounded from the side. "Don't worry, he did not want your throne to himself…"

Azula's blood boiled as the one she thought she finally got rid of walked in with friends by his side. "Zuko!" She spoke through gritted teeth as her brother walked up to the Water Warrior, shaking his hand.

"Thank you, without you it would have never worked…" The Fire Prince spoke, and Sokka finally let a smile come to his lips.

"NO!" Azula yelled, pulling on her shackles. "You are DEAD! Just like father! He killed you!" Sokka's gaze moved to hers, his face showing no happiness, but rather anger while he walked up to her. "Your blood was all over him! I saw it!"

Zuko let a half-smirk appear on his face, peeking at the waterbender beside him. "Sometimes a bloodbender can be rather useful." He spoke, but something softer had been in his voice while holding the other girl's gaze, who slightly pinked…

"You two…" She murmured darkly, but then a hand reached for her chin, turning her golden glance. Sokka was kneeling beside her, his ice blue eyes giving her a piercing look, which for the first time showed what she could not realize while he was hers.

"You thought you have broken me," He said lowly so that only she could hear him. "You've almost done a perfect job…" Her eyebrows furrowed, she was not going to let him have the satisfaction to see her guilt.

"But you forgot that I was the greatest mind among the group," His breathing turned uneven as he leaned closer to her. "I played along while you tried to keep up with the 'big guys', but now…" His hand stroke the side of her face, while for some reasons she could not say a word. Her heart beat fast as he suddenly pulled her in for a kiss, full of fire and rage, because no matter what, she grew to like him more than she should have… loved him even. It was what she deserved…

"Now, you are going to be my prisoner." Sokka said with a smile which she could only describe as evil. Even that was what he had to learn from her… he had been an apt pupil.

"It was your greatest mistake to allow me into your bed, princess…" He whispered huskily in her ear, making a shiver ran down to her core. Then he stood up, looking down at her until the guards lead her away…

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