Journeys' End in Lovers Meeting?

There is a sad lack of crossover fic shipping Daidouji Tomoyo (Cardcaptor Sakura) and Souma Momiji (Fruits Basket). Allow me to rectify the situation.

It's raining when Tomoyo leaves the theatre. Poot. She's waiting for the SPs to bring the car around, hovering under the awning because otherwise her clothes will get wet and, really, there's no point in letting standards slip after a lifetime when suddenly a large umbrella looms overhead and the stray spatters of rain that were catching her go away. There is a rather beautiful young man holding the umbrella, elegantly dressed in warm tones that bring out the rich brown of his eyes and the shifting wheat and gold tones of his hair. Rabbits gambol around the border of his umbrella, and she likes that; there's a smile lurking at the back of his eyes and she likes that too.

It's raining as Momiji walks down the street, and he is enjoying the splash of his shoes in the puddles, the smell of rain on warm pavement, the interesting faces of the passers-by, almost forgetting that, as charming as his umbrella is, he's still only one person under it when, suddenly, he sees a young lady standing in a precarious shelter half out of the rain. Momiji knows what to do! The lady's hair is deep black, held back with a simple alice band, and her eyes are as brilliant and deep as violets, even in the dim light of the rainy day. He likes that. She stands in the street as serene as if she were conducting a tea ceremony, and he likes that too.

She offers him a ride, when the car comes, he accepts – the easy manners of polite society. Though both of them are gracious people, as is the lot of strangers they soon find themselves revealing the pictures hidden in their wallets with other things of lesser value.

And he says, Look, isn't she adorable with her belly starting to swell? And the way her husband Kyo has his arms around her, so gentle, I just had to take a picture. I'm designing all the little one's baby clothes, I had to beat off a snake to do it, no really, it's complicated...

And she says, They're on their honeymoon now. I made her gown; it was my finest creation. I'm SO HAPPY for them that, oh my, my heart will burst...

Somewhere in that tangle of pictures, their eyes meet, violet and melting brown. They stop the car at a tiny cafe on the corner, to drink coffee... and talk about clothes.