Sign Where?

Brianna month for Rave The Rich begins with this, an AdmirationShipping (Drew/Brianna) drabble! This is my favorite Drew boy/girl pairing, and I know that it makes ContestShippers...well they don't like it for good reason. I mean, it does conflict with their OTP. I say whatever, and enjoy this, why don't you!

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From the expected 8 by 10 photos and autograph books, to the unexpected bald heads, animals, limbs and other body parts, Drew agrees to sign just about everything that comes his way during meet and greets with fans of pokemon coordinating. With his longtime girlfriend Brianna always by his side, Drew spent hours on end signing the numerous odds and ends with nary a problem, save the occasional hyper fan that forces their way into giving Drew a hug and a kiss, those girls and boys claiming that the emerald-haired charmer is a closet gay, and requests from both girls and boys for Drew's hand in marriage.

While Drew is flattered by all of the support of his fans and the jeers of a few of his detractors, he doesn't really have much to say about those overzealous fans, because Brianna always shuts them down if they get too far out of line. Like that guy that said that Drew was gay? He was able to see out of his right eye in about three days at the most. And that girl that initially came to get an autograph but stole a kiss on the lips from Drew? She got the feeling back in the roots of her hair before too long.

Brianna admits to being quite protective of her relationship, but she also knows that it's all for the best, knowing that if she was not there at these autograph sessions, Drew would probably flirt with most of these women himself. Like one instance a while back where a very well-endowed girl nervously walked up to Drew and whispered something in his ear.

"What did she just say?" asked an impatient Brianna after the fan was finished.

"Well," Drew began, "she has this interesting request for me to sign--uh."

"Where? Sign where?" Brianna asked, begging to know the answer. Drew once again kept his mouth shut and just pointed to the girl's large chest.

Brianna looks to this girl with a great deal of scorn and in an attempt to act rational, she pointed to the exit and told her, "There's the door." When the autograph seeker tried to protest, Brianna slapped her several times with a paper fan, demanding that she leave before the nuisance finally ran out of sight, leaving her boyfriend speechless.

"I was gonna say no," Drew protested to the girl.

"Really?" she asked him then. From that point on, Drew had no answer.

A/N: Not much to say here other than that I liked the Brianna character, even though she only appeared one time.

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