One day Crazy and Master were working on the alloy team when Crazy came upon a dilemma.

"They won't move. They just stand there." Crazy reported.

"They probably are missing something" Master responded

"A heart?" Crazy questioned

"A soul?" Master asked

"I know!" Crazy said happily "Watch them while I get the ingredient!"

"Whatever it is it can't be good" Master thought to himself.

"If I am a hand how do I laugh and talk? If I am a hand how do I float? If I am a glove how can I be shocked? If I am a hand how do I shoot missiles and beams out of my finger tips? If I am a hand how do I write if I don't have eyes?"

"This yellow one looks like a human from the world with the animals, this red one is just a updated version of the polygon version from the original tournament, this blue one is a upgrade of the wire-frame from the second tournament and this green one looks like a certain puff ball with a certain donkey's hair…"

As Crazy came back Master hand looked at what he held with confusion. When Crazy squirted the alloys with that stuff they started to move and walk around the hands.

"The secret ingredient is: Ketchup!"