"Why am I in paper form

"Why am I in paper form?" Mario asked pokemon trainer.

"That's my girlfriend!" Luigi said looking horrified at the Daisy trophy.

"Why are you holding Toad on a stand?" Peach asked.

As Peach pulls out Toad, the trainer is surprised.

"Finally, air!"

"Must be one of my many citizens then." Peach said walking away.

"I don't want to go back in the-" Toad screamed.

"My minions! This is unforgivable!"

"Uh…I uh-"

"I'm joking", Bowser laughs, "I got more of them."

"I will trade any of my stickers for that banana trophy" DK pleaded.

"Why do have my rocket barell and gun? I'm telling! WAH!"

"My bike, but how?! I can pull those out of nowhere, I'm hungry…"

"Not another clone" Link said feeling a headache coming on.

"Can I have the Ridley trophy?"

"Don't lay a finger on my goddess!"

"We had to climb a mountain to get our vegetables, but you just get them easy!"

"Ever heard of a grocery market?" Pokemon trainer asked


"It's not real!"

"Give back my ship or taste my blade."

As the trainer runs away Metaknight picks up the ship.

"Bowser was right, he is easy!"

"I'll take that trophy stand trophy."

"It's fake…I glued two of them together."

"I see you have some of my pikmin as hostages…I will negotiate."

"Krystal? Krystal! KRYSTAL!"

"Is that a cake?"

"It's fake, I told Kirby already!"

"Hands off my cake!"

"I see you have my ship. Want an autograph?"

"Get the pokeball away!" Pikachu, Lucario and Jigglypuff cried out.

"Is that the- I can mock him with this and use my Ike figure to defeat his!"

"Jeff? Aw man not another lab explosion."

"Poor Mr. Saturn, they glued you to that stand huh?"

"I see you glued cardboard to that stand, please continue to recycle for the envinronment's sake!

"Is that a collection of…Finally a way to practice voodoo to make them leave me alone!" Sonic said as he stole the trophies of his "allies" and "friends" and "enemies".