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Rescuing the goddess

A beautiful, raven-haired girl stared out from the window of her posh office. It is 6:30 pm on the busy , business district of Tokyo. The office is situated on the penthouse suite of Emerald Tower and is tastefully decorated in a calming Zen style. The girl is a distinguished lawyer at the age of 23, considered a genius by many having topped the bar exam and having graduated ath the age of 18. She has long, gorgeous black hair reaching up to her waist, creamy white skin and ruby red lips. Her high cheekbonees and deep set amethyst eyes gives her aristocratic look a hint of wisdom and elegance. She possesses an aura of confidence and unquestionable authority, perhaps inherited from her Senator father. The girl's name is Rei Hino.

"That was the last of it" she said to herself as she placed the last folder in place. She picked up her black Prada leather bag and made her way to the lift. When she arrived at the groud floor, she contemplated on getting a cab or walking as her car is being re-upholstered.

Walking wins. After all, she rarely gets exercise due to her busy schedule, she thought. There are two routes to choose from to get to her home just a few blocks away. The first one is via the main road which is cluttered with busy, noisy, honking cars in a traffic jam. The other a more dangerous but more exciting choice. She also wouldn't be bothered by noise pollution. It is obvious what road she chooses.

She passes through a dark alley at the back of the building. Though there are no squatters or criminals here, it is still a route very ,very few people pass. It is due to its impracticality and of course, its air of darkness and mystery. It is said that in tha t it was a formerly used as a concetration camp where prisoners are tortured and executed. She, for a moment, doubted her decision but felt the pistol at her side which calmed her. She enjoyed the silent stroll in the moonlight, walking in even, regular steps. It feels so good to be far from work once in a while she said to herself as she breathed slowly and deeply. wheezwheezwheez Her enjoyment was interrupted when she heard a continous, heavy breathing. It seems to be coming from the next street corner which was hidden from her sight by a massive, whitewashed wall. She knows that no one passes here already.

'Who could that be?' Tightening her grip on the pistol, she reverted to stealth mode. Her heart beats a little faster. THUD! After hearing the big, clanging sound she instinctively pointed the gun facing the street corner. What she saw shocked her and made her infinitely angry. Her breathing became heavier and her eyes are now burning with fury. She saw a well-built man who is half-naked straddling a beautiful, unconscious girl. A few drops of blood can be seen in the man's organ as he suddenly withdrew in shock at the sudden motion of Rei.

"Please...dooon't..shoot" the man pleaded.

"GET OUT!" shouted Rei, her voice shivering in uncontrollable anger. The man hurriedly scurried away as fast as he can as he grabbed his dissheveled clothes. Rei slowly went near the motionless girl. She was so beautiful and what happened made her gut twist. The girl is probably her age. She has long, flowing blonde hair and soft, pink lips. Her nakedness exposed her perfect, endless legs and taut stomach. Rei can't resist touching the girl's smooth, flawless creamy skin. The girl looks innocent and fragile. Rei couldn't help thinking what is the color of the girl's eyes. Are they mysterious sapphire? Soft cerulean? Or just like hers, a fiery amethyst. Other eye colors were excluded due to her blonde hair and Caucasian appearance. Rei paused for a while, thinking what she should do.

She has never been in this situation obviously having lived a privileged life. Not only until afte her 21st birthday did her father accept that she was a woman already and has the right to run her life. She looked again at the goddess. The girl had no clothes on at all. Her blouse ripped apart was strewn carelessly on the street but her checkered skirt was still intact. So Rei removed her gray, designer blazer and carefully dressed the girl. She then placed her arms in the back and the crook of the knee of the girl and gently lifted her. Its surprising how can she lift a girl almost her size. But it was all part of her training . As a child, her father insisted that she be well-rounded so she was given the best teachers in politics, philosophy, economics, music and of course, martial arts and survival skills. Her training in martial arts did well in toning and strengthening her slender body. When she was in the exit of the alley, she called a cab. Even though her condo is already near. She payed the driver double and asked him to carry her girl companion.

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