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I'd Lie

They were heading to the crime scene in a comfortable silence. Elliot, on the driver seat, talked animatedly about his night out with the twins, and Olivia, on the passenger seat, was trying to think about everything but the man seated beside her. Of course, she was failing miserably. He was talking about the movie he went to see with the twins, and that they had had pizza… or it had been ice-cream? Olivia couldn't tell, she was only half listening. It was taking all her self-control not to look into his baby blue eyes and lose herself on them.

I don't think that passenger seat

Has ever looked this good to me

He tells me about his night

I count the colors in his eyes

Somehow, the conversation had changed to the love field. Olivia really didn't want to go into that. Elliot had asked her if she had any current dates. She didn't want to go into either. Ok, she would lie. He didn't need to know that it has been years since the last time she had gone out with someone worth talking about. In fact, since she had fallen in love with him.

But she had no choice, those beautiful eyes of his were upon her, so she could do nothing besides tell the truth. She could lie to everyone, but never to Elliot. Let alone to his eyes.

"Hm, no, there isn't anyone", she told him

"Why?" he asked, his eyes focused on the road.

"I… never mind"

"C'mon, tell me, Liv" he insisted.

"There's nothing to tell, Elliot, really. I guess I sort of gave up on expecting the right guy to just come into my life. I'm really not worried about these things now." What she didn't say was why she had given up on expecting the right guy: he was already in her life, just he didn't know that.

"I understand you. After what I went trough on that divorce with Kathy, I decided to give up on it too. I vowed that I'm never gonna fall in love again. Ever." He said that in a voice that suggested he was very proud of himself.

"What?" To say she was shocked would be an understatement.

"Exactly. This whole love thing is overrated, you know? Two people fall in love, they experience some great moments together, and when the honeymoon is over, they have to put up with one another until the end of their lives."

"But, Elliot, that's the essence of love: spend your whole life loving somebody and being loved in return, trough the good and the bad times"

"No, Liv. Loving somebody is one thing, and just bearing them is another one completely different. Besides, who can say things like 'I will always love you' and really mean it? And don't answer 'Whitney Houston'" he said, in an attempt to make a joke.

"I wasn't going to. Really, Elliot, you're just traumatized by the divorce and how things turned out between you and Kathy" she said, trying to be reasonable.

"Perhaps. But I'm telling you, I'm never gonna fall in love" he said running his fingers trough his short hair with confidence.

Olivia let out a little laugh of desperation. Well done, now all your hopes are definitely crushed, she thought.

Don't ever fall in love

He swears, as he runs his fingers trough his hair

I'm laughing cause I hope he's wrong

Well, so, he had never realized that she loved him. Good, because even if he had, she would deny it all. But now he'd just said that he was never going to fall in love again, and the little pieces of hope that he might someday love her were all torn apart now. Bad, because she would feel sorry for herself for loving the same man for years. And something that Olivia Benson hated was people feeling sorry for her. It's even worse when she is the one feeling sorry.

But it still amused her how he could not have seen her love. Of course, she didn't want him to know, or at least her mind didn't, but her heart always grabbed with both hands every chance of showing him that she cared. Still, there was he, telling her that he would never fall in love again.

And I don't think it ever crossed his mind

He tells a joke, I fake a smile

But I know all his favorite songs

She knew everything about him. Every little thing: from his favorite color to his favorite song, how his eyes would darken when he was angry, how he would shake when he wanted to beat the life out of someone. She had been the shoulder to lean on trough his divorce; she would go out with him and the kids, she would cheer him up when he felt down… She not only knew everything about him, but she also understood and loved him, every little bit of him. But that was something she couldn't admit aloud.

And I could tell you

His favorite color is green

He loves to argue

Born on the seventeenth

His sister's beautiful

He has his father's eyes

And if you ask me if I love him

I'd lie

They finally made it to the crime scene. As Elliot examined the room, Olivia couldn't help but notice the way he walked. It clearly said "Don't mess with me". That was so Elliot-like. Perfect. "Why everything about this man has to be perfect?" Olivia asked herself.

"Said something, Liv?" he asked.

"What? No, no", she was caught by surprise; she didn't realize he had hear her.

He looked around the room, searching for something they might have missed.

"Well, I guess there's nothing here that could be useful." He said

"Okay, let's get back to the station, then", she replied. She let him go first, of course. That way she could see him walking, memorizing it.

He looks around the room

Innocently overlooks the truth

Shouldn't I like your walk?

Doesn't he know that I've memorized for so long

What amazed Olivia the most was Elliot's own way of thinking and seeing things. He was tough, she knew that, but inside it was just like he needed someone to hold him all night long, after a hard case. He didn't show that though. For the world, he was always the bad-ass Detective Elliot Stabler, who didn't need nor want anyone to help him. So, the essence of Elliot was that he felt and acted completely different, like he was forbidden to be weak or sensible. Olivia liked to think that he saw everything in black and white: the black would be how he should act, and the white, how he wanted to act.

He sees everything in black and white

Never let anybody see him cry

I don't let anybody see me wishing he was mine

Olivia remembered one day, when she had come back to the station at 5 a.m. because she couldn't sleep, she had heard a guitar playing on the cribs. Confused, she had followed the sound of the guitar only to find out the player was Elliot, who was playing and old romantic song and softly singing along. Amazed by the sight of him showing off a softer and more sensitive side, she had felt falling in love with him all over again.

She had watched him from the door, and left before he realized she had been there. She never told him what she saw, and he never told anyone about his guitar abilities.

He'd never tell you

But he can play guitar

I think he can see trough everything but my heart

When she first realized she had fallen in love with him, she decided she would not act on her feelings. He was married, for God's sake. He was also her best friend and partner, so, telling him she love him was completely out of question. But, since the divorce, Olivia started to change, in order for him to notice her. She had let her hair grow long, changed her way to dress for work, and started using make-up more often. She became more feminine. She would never admit, of course, but she wanted him to notice her, to see her as more than his partner and friend, see her as a woman.

First thought when I wake up is

My God, he's beautiful

So I put on my make-up

And pray for a miracle

They got back to the station, and found Casey sat in Olivia's desk waiting for her. The D.A. invited both detectives to coffee, but Elliot turned down.

"Okay, as you wish. Let's go, Detective Benson?" the redhead asked, and they left the station.

Olivia couldn't mask her deception when Elliot turned the offer down. She would always look forward to spend more time with him, in or out the station. Casey noticed her friend's behavior. It was not the first time Olivia had acted this way when they went out without Elliot. "There's only one answer to explain all this", Casey thought.

Yes I could tell you

His favorite color's green

He loves to argue

Oh, and it kills me

His sister's beautiful

He has his father's eyes

"Olivia, do you love him?" Casey asked her friend, out of the blue.

And if you ask me if I love him

"You love Elliot, don't you?" she insisted.

If you ask me if I love him

"No, I don't love him"

I'd lie

The End.

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