Casting Call for "Remnants of a Galaxy"

What, you say? You thought I would never write this story? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
Well you were wrong! It will one day be written and so I am asking for your help.
In the this sequel to MTBW, I'm going to need many A'rateken characters (if you haven't read MTBW, you will have no idea what I'm talking about) and so I'm going to leave it up to you. If you want, think up your own original character and I will use them in the story. This saves me from having to make up extra people when I could be working on the story. Here's the rules:

1. Must have original names, stay away from Bob and Pete, please. *grin*
Examples: Ritara, Kagetsu, Takuya, Gharial, etc. You can't use these obviously but think along those lines. Japanese names are fine.
2. Physical characteristics have to be taken from those below:

A. Eyes: blue, green, or both.
B. Hair: any shade of blue, green, and maybe purple. J
C. Clothes: whatever you wish.
D. Personality: up to you

Feel free to give your characters scars, weird traits, and odd mannerisms! Please note though, that some things may be changed to fit into the storyline.

3. HAVE FUN! And please send your characters to me at