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She was intelligent. She was cute. She was strong, mental and physical. She didnt faint at the sight of blood. And she believed in the Lord.

But fucking bad thing she didnt believed in HIS Lord.

When he had met her the first time, she was kneeling on the ground, blood scattered on the floor and on herself, her eyes were shut and the fragile, in red liquid covered hands pressed together while her mouth let prayers past her lips.

A Kunai was sticking out of her leg, and some bruises and cuts disfigured her body but Hidan just thought that is was way more wounderful this way.

He had been dragged with Kakuzu near Konohagakure because of a shitting bounty the taller grown wanted to get, and the silver haired man run off because of boredom. He wasn't allowed to kill some of them 'because this would gain attention'. Fuck that.

And then he had felt it, the tension, the slight different of the air, the dead forest where no animal was making sounds anymore. The last hint, was the flesh and blood he smelled, as Hidan darted off, hoping to find a sacrifice for his beloved Lord.

There were lots of corpses, really he hadn't seen that much in a long period of time, with the different injuries, burnt corpses, bodies ripped into pieces, drown bodys with swollen faces and so on.

And just, one person at the edge of the clearing was kneeling there and it seemed like she had sacrified all them to the Lord.. because she was praying right in the moment, and herself wounded.

Could it be... that she was a follower of Jashin-Sama?

Hidan didnt know how long he stared simply and bold at her, but it didn't matter to him, holy fuck why should he care?

Stitch-face was going to spent the next following week for this fucking bounty shit so he by himself could do what he wanted, as long as he meets up with the ass face at the following Tuesday and well today was just Wednesday.

After a second hesitation, he started to walk.

So much death. So much pain and sorrow. A well known feeling raised up in her body, but the woman surperessed it the best she could. No way she was going to cry here.

She should be happy, she was still alive, she wasn't seriously injured or mental damaged, neither had she lost anyone she really cared for.

This had been a mission, a D - RANKED one. Just escort some people from Konohagakure to Sunagakure, and she had just to go with them, because she was a beginner medic, and one kid had fever. No reason to send Sakura, or Ino who was more needed in hospital instead of such a useless mission - which Hinata was immediately put in.

Well anyhow, she didn't want to drown in self pity, so she pushed the thoughts aside and looked at her bleeding hands. She had prayed for those who lost there live, that the holy God would take care of them, and she begged for forgiveness... she wasn't able to help them. Not one.

In her selfishness, she just tried to stay alive by herself, not caring (thats a lie, but when she criticized herself, then with full force) about anybody else then HERSELF.

The Hyuuga heiress got a blurry vision from the loss of blood, the fight had been hard. Some Rouge Ninjas had attacked, without any reason. Maybe to have fun? Because the had known they would win?

A weak but grim smile covered her features a moment. They hadn't, won, they maybe had killed all of them, but she paid this back to them. Little by little, but she had done it.

Even if it had took the pastel lavender eyed girl a whole day, but hey it had been 25-35 Ninjas and they hadn't been weak, to take them down, in her anger she had even killed them, which wasn't her 'style' usually.

She knocked them out most of the times and brought them back to Konoha so Ibiki could interrogate them.

And since she could never ever come into heaven, she couldnt withstand to eleminate this ...this rude people.

A sigh escaped her lips as she closed her eyes again, to finally finish her prayer, feeling dizzy and was afraid to loose consciousness, Hinata knew where her limit where as she suddenly felt a noise.

Hidan saw how her face tensed, he wasn't sure if she had sensed him. But no, he had masked his chakra really good, and in the state the girl was she wouldn't be able to recognize him. She seemed deep in thought, angry if it was possible. Her knuckles turned white and her fist was clenched, brows furrowed slightly, he stopped in his movements, because her eyes were opened, but focused on her hands. With Chakra, a very little amount of it, he kept his foot light so that no sound was to hear when he went above the ground. He know by himself how he hated it to be disturbed while he was praying, so he had enough respect to keep quiet.

As she relaxed again and closed her eyes, he stepped forward, (he was coming from her right side) and was barely two or three little steps away from her, when he kneeled down and she spun around, with big lavender eyes just in the moment a slight breeze flew through the trees and the leaves rustled so loud that nobody heard the sharp inhaled breath of the other one.

She was intelligent. She was cute. She was strong, mental and physical. She didn't faint at the sight of blood. And she fucking knew how to make him stunned.

One hand at his throat, the other one drown back for a punch, a knee between his legs, the other one on his left side, with a hateful - scared look in her eyes.

This kid was fast.

A lascivious grin appeared on his face, which tunred into a smirk as he saw her irritation. So easy to read. And much more easy to distract.

Without her paying attention, her packed her drown back hand pulled the arm next to his body painful in the ground, and with a push of his right leg, which collided with her tight/waist, she rolled over to the ground, and he was on top of her, Hidan simply ignored the hard squeeze on his throat.

"Hey, I'm not here to hurt you girl. I saw you praying and wanted to join you, since you seem to believe in the Lord."

What? He's Christian?

The gasp made him chuckle slightly, she hadn't had much practice in fighting yet or handy strange situation. But he wasn't mean, he was a amateur too... once upon a time. And he would have pissed in his pants if he would have been in her first: condition, second: situation (Akatsuki Member... sure she recognized) and third: female.

Hey, he wasn't a sexist, but you have some disadvantage if there are a male and a female fighting.

Or maybe, no woman was so sick in her mind to rape a guy... ( or better say less often?)

Anyhow, he enjoyed the look on her face, the fright which she tried to fight down. Really easy to read.

Hidan bent down, making her stop breathing and shiver slightly as he licked above her cheek, the blood away.

As the violet eyed man looked her again into the eyes she was RED.

Really! Her whole face was burning, nearly shining because of embarrassment, Hinata seemed to forget who was on top of her!

"Oi, what the Fuck, Your as red as blood, what's up?"

Coming back to reality by his rude words she started to look at him, then the position they where in, blushed again, (her hand was removed from his throat a while ago) pushed her index finger together in a well-good-known manner and started to stutter...

"I-i...eh...w-we-well, e-eh..." She gulped at his puzzled but slight annoyed look and tried again.

"I-if y-you could p-please g-go o-off of m-me, S-sir?" she stumbled nearly without a sound as she felt a vibrating, and looked up again, seeing him trying to surpass a hard laugh. When he rolled down from her body, he couldn't hold it any longer and started laughing like a mad-man.

Hinata sat up, not knowing what to do, she felt so tired and so embarrassed and s exhausted, she didn't want to move anymore but this was Akatsuki but... he hadn't done anything bad to her.

The Hyuuga woman watched him getting a hold of himself as he sat up too and faced her still chuckling.

"Don't ever again call me SIR and try not to stutter like I'd be a fucking alien!" he laughed out and her cheeks reddened again.

"I-im so-or"

"No FUCKING way you're going to freaking apologize, don't dare bitch!" it slipped out of his mouth before he knew, and dead silence followed.

He didn't mean it, but he ...was Hidan. And Hidan didn't apologize, never ever.

But he wasn't that depressed with the result he got.

"H-hey, I-i know your in A-akatsuki but i wont allow you to call me a prostitute!" she told him, angry and standing up, getting louder and louder.

Way better then the stuttering.

"Oi, haven't you heard idiot? I didn't call you prostitute, i called you BITCH. Theres a difference ya know?"

"How DARE you? You.. You idiotic, silly, mean, ass hole! Bastard! Faggot! Man-whore!" she froze.


"Oh my beloved Lord... I've...oh god..." that's when she fainted, the sounds of animals coming back into the forest, and insects falling upon the dead bodies.

Hidan stared a few moments, shook his head and asked himself what he should do now... with the girl, who was surprisingly funny and interesting and a Jashinist - what he liked the most - and a whole week free time.

This lascivious smile crept again above his features as he looked at the Hyuuga heiress and suddenly knew what he wanted.

Hinata is 16 now, but nobody of the Akatsuki is dead yet, and no informations (well Itachi and kisame are known) are known about the members.

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