Hidan went down the stairs and looked around to get to know what else there was to discover but he had to go up again to grab a candle, since it was so dark he couldn't see anything. Chains. Ropes. Some Bandages and other useful things but after he looked around for a while he decided to get some sleep to be able to enjoy everything else in the morning. It would be too bad if he was tired tomorrow, when he could introduce Hinata to all this beautiful things.


"Damn it! Where the hell can they be? They can't just disappear like that, can they?" Kakuzu growled mutely. He thought that she was endurable but this girl is just annoying and can't shut up. Hidan wasn't much better but at least he didn't talk and rant the whole time, while they wanted to search someone quietly, since they theoretically could be everywhere here. The wind was loud enough since the leaves rustled – after all they still were stuck in this stupid forest – so he didn't need someone like her. Even Hidan would recognize an idiot like her but he didn't want to kill her like that. Especially because there was a faint signature of a skilled Ninja not too far behind them and even though he could kill her without much effort it would just slow him down and this ninja could call for back up. And since he was going to have quite a fight with Hidan, he didn't need something like that either.

It didn't take Kakuzu long to decide that he'd leave this girl alone because of her non-stop ranting and whining which just pissed him off. Seriously. When she wanted to stay at a river to get something to drink he just continued running and he recognized that she didn't follow. At least she's good for something and has a bit of a brain – a bit more than his idiotic partner but that's something he can't change, so he'd better run faster and get to Hidan to kill this stupid girl and get Hidan back. Fast.

Fortunately he hadn't told the Leader that he had the bounty already finished and could ask for a few more days of time, which he could use to get Hidan and his sense into one body again. Since it seemed that it had left this idiot.


"Tsunade-Sama I want you to tell me exactly where Hinata and Neji are. I do not allow excuses anymore, since they are very important to the Hyuuga clan. And I can't believe that Hinata is already again on a mission, especially when she, as the Heiress, has some duties to carry out within the clan. And now, even Neji is gone, as you say on a mission, without telling anyone? I'm sorry but this is more than suspicious and I want a good explanation or I will contact the elders." Hiashi Hyuuga stood proud and angry in front of Tsunades desk and stared cold at her. Just like the way the Sannin stared back.

"I think you know as good as I do that some missions come unexpected and need to be carried out quickly. There isn't always time for a goodbye, especially if you have to tell it the Head of a clan and need to be all polite, to kneel down etc. And I don't want you to doubt me, I have everything under control. Hinata is working hard to become stronger, you should appreciate that and not keep her locked in a room just because she isn't as good as others. Because, if you believe it or not" she said with sarcasm dripping in her words, "there will always be someone stronger."


Sakura sat at the river. Kakuzu didn't even slow down but sped up to continue their path. She didn't even hurry to be faster but sat down, took off her shoes and let her feet glide into the water. The power gap between those two was great, she already had blister on her feet while the Akatsuki didn't even seem to get tired. But she didn't let that get her down, well just a little. But it was fact. And she needed to regain her strength to go on, she needed to save Hinata! Who knew what this crazy silver haired guy was doing to her? She clenched her teeth and put on her shoes again after she dried them off as well as she could on the grass as she suddenly sensed a familiar chakra and jumped on her feet, just as Neji got in sight at the other side of the river. Without another word he jumped over the water und stood next to her. "Sakura-San." "Neji…how?"

He didn't answer but she felt that he was ready to run for another 10 miles so she sighed, and pumped chakra into her feet. "Just follow me, I know the way. At least for another 4 miles." Then they dashed off into the back into the depth of the forest as the sun was starting to set down again. Another day was nearly over and they found nothing. Neji explained her after a while why he was here and how he knew where to search, while he had his Byakugan activated and they jumped from tree to tree over hundreds of branches while they continued their way. "Sakura-San, I want to ask you one question and I want you to answer it honestly." "What is it?" "Would you have been able to avoid this?"

Sakura looked down. If she had told Tsunade about it when Hinata came back into the village… when she would have told the guards, if they had kept high alert and attention…

"Yes. I could have avoided this and save Hinata." Sakura felt how Neji's chakra flare up in anger and she gulped while clenching her fist until the knuckles turned white. "Understand." He whispered and she felt the hate dripping out of it but she kept running. They couldn't afford a quarrel right now nor was he the type to do so. Better save Hinata and discuss things later, when he had the time for it and not now when Hinata needed their help. His help.


Hidan stretched his arms and some joints cracked loudly as he yawned as loud. Someone got caught in his Genjutsu, no two people. Even though one went through, this person continued a path past this house. And since this person was most likely Kakuzu, he surely got a call from Leader or some new bounty. Because Kakuzu seemed really pissed off when he run off with the bitch. But the violet eyed man didn't really care for this but concentrated himself to keep the two other ninjas within the Genjutsu and enjoy the stay here in this abandoned house with Hinata. He would show her how great pain was and convince her to become a Jashinist. Because as soon as she understood the beauty of pain, to watch other people scream and beg for mercy, the sound of breaking bones and snapping veins… she'll want it. He was sure of it.

So, as the morning came he woke the girl, who slept a whole day. Naturally, before that he had prayed to Jashin-Sama and killed himself, since he didn't find any victim he did it alone but Hidan would never, ever, forget to pray. Anyway. He had been nice to leave her asleep, so he woke her in a not so nice way. He had to keep his composure, right? So he just took some water and boiled it and put her hand into it. It even took her quite a few seconds to wake up and recognize what's going on. She screamed, her voice was hoarse, and pulled out her hand, starting to heal it immediately while her big eyes looked scared into his ones. He smiled, put the glass to his lips and drank the boiling water without a second thought, burning his tongue and mouth. He chuckled and stood up, telling her to come down for breakfast, while the pain inside his mouth made him excited. After all pain was a wonderful thing, he just had to make Hinata understand it and he would, even if it was going to take a while. First she herself had to understand that pain is good. Helpful. And entertaining. Then she had to get the feeling how it is to torture someone else, how awesome it is. Since she's a fucking Christ it won't be that easy but Hidan was sure that he could make her understand, so he smiled while he put a glass of cold water on the table, some old bread and some flesh from an animal he had hunted and killed. The cheese he had found couldn't be eaten anymore but he wasn't the type to eat cheese anyway. It tasted boring, but that was beside the point. As he heard tiny footsteps he set down and already started eating, since it would be pathetic if he'd actually wait for her, right?


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