Chap. 14: Little Girl, Don't Cry

Disclaimer: I do not nor have I ever owned Yu-Gi-Oh! or any of the characters. I do own the plot of his story and Sakura and Selene Kaiba who are the children of my own imagination.

Pairings: Seto & Anzu; Mokuba & Selene; ?? & Sakura (later on)

Main POV: Sakura Kaiba, Anzu Kaiba (diary entries)

October, 19;

Today on a rainy October exactly at 4:03 in the morning, you opened your twin skies my beautiful little angel. You can't imagine how happy I am to hold you in my arms, my daughter. You're everything my beloved Seto and I have been hoping for and more. We've been married over two years now and have almost lost hope in a child when I found myself living through all the symptoms once again. We've been afraid took at the pregnancy test, but I'm grateful we did. You're now here, little girl, after almost twelve hours of pain and fear. I love you my little baby girl, I love you more then life itself.

You were crying when they laid you in my arms, you wouldn't stop, but then I took your small hand and whispered, "Little girl, don't cry. I love you." You quieted instantly my little angel and stared at me with you big, big blue eyes as if you were asking, "Will you always love me?" I will, baby, I'll always love you, you're the light of my life, the center of my universe, you're my everything.

We'll all love you, your Daddy; that incredibly proud man that looks at you with tears in his beautiful eyes; me; your Mommy, you're Uncle Mokuba, your Auntie Selene, your Grandma and your Grandpa. You can always count on us, little girl, we'll hold your hand; we'll protect you, so close your eyes and sleep.

Sakura, Sakura is your name, my baby. Your Daddy picked that name; saying to other would suit his little Cherry Blossom more.

He's holding you now, you feel safe and warm in his embrace I can see it in your smile. You feel cherished and protected, loved by that man you depend on to always be there for you and for me too.

Maybe I won't always be there, little girl, but your Daddy would sooner destroy the world then let you feel pain. I don't feel strong enough to live as long as I'd want, little girl, I fear I won't have my biggest wish, to see you grow up, but maybe the gods will have mercy and grant me a bit of happiness...

I love you, little girl, don't cry...

And yet I can't stop. I love you, too Mommy. I miss you so much. I want to hear your voice again, I want to see your smile, and I want to feel your love for me...

I want you to hold me Mommy, I want you to caress my hair and tell me not to cry, to close my eyes and sleep.

I want to feel safe, warm, cherished and loved in your embrace...

But most of all I want to look into your eyes and tell how much I love you, Mommy.

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