"I see something."

"What, the island?"

"No, a raft."

Nami frowned her brow and looked the way Usopp was pointing, and surly, there it was. A raft.

"Wait, there is something on it?"

"Is it a person?"

"No, it's a… statue."

Nami looked at the raft again, and shook her head. Waste of time.

"Let's go get it."

She didn't even stir as her captain was suddenly standing next to her, his arms up. Grinning like the moron he was. She just hit him on the back of his head.

"Don't be an idiot, why would we want a statue on the ship. Besides it's in the other direction and we have to hurry as fast as we can to the other island."



Nami wasn't surprised thou. She knew that when he had gotten an idea into his head was there nothing that would stop him.

"Let's get that statue."

Luffy was standing on the rail, pointing towards the raft. Nami shook he head and turned to Chopper.

"What's going on?"

"Luffy wants to get a statue on a raft."

Chopper's eyes started to sparkle.

"Can you go and turn the rudder?"

He smiled and nodded his usual eager self, before morphing to his most human form and running to the kitchen, where the rudder was to be found. Nami smiled before looking at her captain again and his big grin.


It was a wonderful statue. Made from dark wood, looking so real it was almost silly. It was a girl, with long hair braided and hanging over her right shoulder. She was wearing wide pants, a long sleeved top, which showed off her stomach and open toed flats.

"She's beautiful."

Chopper looked upon the statue with his normal admiration.

"It's okay."

Sanji was drooling and Zoro hit him over the head.

"It's a statue ero-cook."

"I know that marimo."

The two men looked at one another with anger and unconcealed irritation.

"I'm hungry."

"Right away Nami-san."

Completely forgetting his argument Sanji flew into the kitchen. Holding the door open for Nami and Robin. The other men quickly followed.


It was Chopper's turn to keep watch. He didn't like it. He was scared of the dark, but he did it. Like they all had to. But he was still scared as he sat up in the crow's nest making his medicine to candle light.


"Zoro? Nami? Sanji? Luffy? Robin? Usopp? Franky?"

The less he was answered the more scared he was. Finally he looked down on the deck. Nothing. He breathed out, probably just his imagination. He continued.


He looked down on deck again and screamed.


A high piercing sound made the air around her vibrate. Freezing she looked up at the person in the air. She swore, but knew she had been caught. It would only make matters worse if she ran. Suddenly she could hear footsteps, and several people were soon on deck.

"What is it Chopper?"

He had green hair and three kantanas at his hip.

"Gho – gho – ghost."

The sound came from the man who had discovered her.


She turned to the dark haired man whit shaking knees.

"I must assure you I'm no ghost."

The man's trembles just continued.

"Blossom Cedar, nice to meet you."

He fainted as she put out her hand. A woman with orange hair took it.

"I'm Nami."

Suddenly a new scream made her jump into the air and look around.

"What happened to the statue?"

The man in the straw hat just looked around desperately.

"The statue is gone."

He sounded like a whimpering child who couldn't find his toys.

"I'm sorry that's my doing."

He turned to her and the look on his face mad her take a step back.

"You see I was the statue. Look."

Desperately she held out her hand and turned it into the same dark wood as the statue.


He ran over and fascinated grabbed her hand.

"Devil fruit?"

She turned to the man as he lit a cigarette. He hadn't said anything until now.

"Yes. Uddi uddi no Mi. I'm a wood person."

"Oooohh. What can you do?"

She opened her mouth, but her stomach did the talking. She looked embarrassed away. The guy in the straw hat let go of her hand.


"I'm on the way."

Then the cigarette man, Sanji, turned and started to walk away. Cedar looked after him.

"What is he doing?"

"Food. You are hungry aren't you?"

Her stomach growled again.

"I'm starving."

"Then it's settled, you're really lucky you know. Sanji's cooking is the best."

"You really think so Nami-saaan."

Suddenly Sanji was standing right in front of them. Cedar was spooked, but Nami just hit him on the head like him suddenly appearing was an everyday business.

"To bad he's also an idiot."


Nami stepped over Sanji's body lying on the floor, and Cedar followed. They sat by the table, and a dark haired woman sat on her other side.

"So tell us Blossom Cedar, where do you come from?"

"Show us your powers?"

Cedar looked from the woman to the boy with the straw hat.

"You shouldn't be wearing that unless you are the real deal."

He looked confused, and she pointed to the hat. He took it off before grinning and put it back on.

"You see he is the real deal."

Cedar looked with big eyes at Nami before everything fell in place.

"Cat burglar Nami. Devil child Nico Robin. Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro. Cyborg Franky. Black leg Sanji. Pet Tony Tony Chopper and Straw Hat Luffy."

She looked at the glum faces of the man with the shaking legs and Chopper before looking at Nami.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"Don't care about them. Chopper was a bit defended about being called a pet on his poster, and you forgot Usopp."

Cedar turned to the couple.

"I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I thought that was your title Tony Tony Chopper, and I haven't heard your bounty Usopp."

"You mean you haven't heard of the incredible sniper Sogeking?"

Usopp rose and posed.

"You mean the masked guy with the long nose?"

He started to pout again.

"I'm sorry."

Cedar was afraid they would cast her away for insulted their crewmember.


She drew out her carving knife and cut off her finger. She looked up as Chopper screamed.

"Don't worry about it Tony Tony Chopper. It grows out, see."

She showed him her finger and he, as the rest of the team, looked astonished as a tiny twig grew out of her stub. Growing and blooming it had soon replaced her missing finger, which had turned into a wood.

"Uuuuhhhh That's soooo cooool."

She blushed, but smiled by the complement from the famous crew captain Luffy. She grabbed the knife with her hand and started to work on the small wooden peace, which she had grown a bit. Soon it was a replica of Sogeking, in miniature size.


Blushing even harder she gave it Usopp.

"Unfair. I want one. I want one."

"What do you want captain?"

"A sea king. No, a ship. No, meat."

Cedar was confused and thought he demanded a lot from her.

"You want me to carve out meat?"

"Sanji I'm hungry."

He had forgotten all about her. She turned to Nami.

"He has the attention span of a child. Just forget about him."

A bowl of soup was placed before her.

"Thank you Sanji. It looks lovely."

He looked at her suddenly with what appeared to be hearts in his eyes. Cedar got a bit scared, again.

"Is he all right?"

"He's fine, as I said earlier. He's an idiot."