May 17

I found my shoelaces.

They were buried under the cat's litter.

I don't think I'll put them back in my shoes.

But, that probably means that the ghost in the coat rack didn't take them, after all.

It was probably the cat, like I thought in the first place.

Unless the ghost in the coat rack told the cat to take them...

I really need to get a ghost gun.

I hope Shawn can find one on pBay.

May 19

There was another crime scene that had to be locked down today.

I heard Detective O'Hara tell Detective Lassiter that she was going to send Johnson to do it, but Detective Lassiter told her that Johnson's a moron.

"Send McNab. At least he doesn't sleep on the job," he said.

That's me!

I'm he!

I'm McNab, too!

Detective Lassiter wanted me to lock down the crime scene because he doesn't think I'm a moron!

Of course, he doesn't know I heard him say that. He didn't see me because I was under the desk looking for my jawbreaker. It was supposed to be in my pocket, but it fell out and I thought it rolled under the desk.

I never found it, which is too bad because it was a grape one and I really like the grape ones.

I don't mind, though.

I don't think Detectives eat jawbreakers, anyway.

May 21

I took the test today.

I had Bernie in my pocket the whole time, and I think it worked because I remembered the answer to a lot of the questions.

I hope that's not cheating.

I looked at the rules, and they didn't say anything about not having a special psychic rock in your pocket while you took the test.

They did say you can't use a calculator, though.

Or a pen.

May 24

Shawn said he couldn't find a ghost gun on pBay.

But he also said Bernie isn't just a special psychic rock, he's also a Ghost-Butt-Kicking-Krav Maga rock. So I put Bernie in the coat rack, and the ghost is gone!

At least, I think the ghost is gone.

The coat rack didn't move while I was at work, and it hasn't moved since I got home…But maybe he's just hiding…

I think maybe I'll leave Bernie in the coat rack for a few days, just to make sure.

May 28

I passed the test!

Even the Deductive Reasoning section!

I can be a Detective now!

Francie was so proud she said I could have my BB gun back.

I told her I don't need it anymore.

Superheroes don't need BB guns.

At least, they don't need BB guns once they get rid of the ghosts in their coat racks.

May 30

The Chief said there might not be an opening for a Detective for a while because of budget cuts.

I don't mind, though.

She said she was proud of me for passing the test, and today she told Johnson to get her coffee instead of me.

Also, when Detective Lassiter told me to lock down another crime scene, he didn't even come by to make sure I did it right.

"You know what to do, McNab." He said.

Of course I know what to do!

Superheroes always know what to do, even if they're not really superheroes yet.