A First Wave/Starman crossover fan fic

Notes - I started this story ages ago but I deleted it as I was having some problems with it. I then decided to have another go at so I started it again. It will be written in chapter format.

If anyone remembers the short-lived TV series Starman from the 80's (oops showing my age now!) then they would be familiar with the characters from it. But if you are not familiar with the series then here is a brief synopsis. The series only ran for one season and it was a spin off from the 1984 movie of the same name. The movie was about this alien who crash lands on earth and takes on the human form of a widow's (Jennie) husband. He kidnaps her and they travel across country (while avoiding the police and government agents) so he can meet up with his space ship to take him home. The two fall in love and he tells her she is carrying his son before he leaves. The TV series picks up where the movie ends off. It's 15 years later and the son (Scott) loses his foster parents in a car accident. He inadvertently calls out his father who then crash lands (again!!) his space ship into a helicopter carrying ace photographer Paul Forrester. The alien then takes Forrester's form and goes looking for his son. The two then travel across country looking for Jennie while on the run from Federal Security Agency boss George Fox. There is a really good Starman site with lots of really good fan fic for those interested. It would be a good idea to go there to understand who the characters are. The addy is

Disclaimer: - First Wave title and characters are the property of First Wave Productions and Pearson TV. Starman Title and characters are the property of Michael Douglas Productions, Henerson - Hirsch, Columbia Pictures and ABC TV. I am borrowing Cade, Eddie, Paul, Scott and George Fox for the story.

Rating - PG13

Chapter 1 - Cross Paths

The door of the diner opened and the waitress looked up from her book. It had been a slow day and she was bored. A man in his 30's walked in. He looked around the diner and walked over to one of the window tables and left his duffel bag on the chair. He walked over to the counter and ordered a coffee.
"I'll bring it over to you," the waitress said smiling at him hoping that he was single.
"Thanks," replied Cade Foster aware that the waitress was flirting with him but pointedly ignored it.
He sat at the table which had a view of the parking lot, specifically the entrance to it. This had become a habit to him. You never know when you needed a quick exit. He glanced at the window every so often but no police cars came in. An old battered blue sedan came in and parked near the door of the diner. He watched as two men got out and walked towards the diner. One of the men was in his 40's while the other was a little younger.
"I'll get us something to eat," The older of the two men said to the younger man.
"OK," replied the younger man and went over to the other table at the window in front of Cade's and stared out the window. The older man then came over and sat down in the opposite chair.
Cade noticed the uneasiness between the two men. He had been on the run for over two years and he recognised the signs of people in trouble with the law.
"Do you think we will find her this time?" he heard the young man asking the other man.
"I don't know, son," replied the man.
"Maybe we should ask the waitress if she has seen her," the young man said getting up and walking over to the counter.
"Scott," called the other man. Scott Hayden turned to look at his father Paul Forrester.
"What?" he asked.
"Don't forget the picture," replied Paul handing him a photo.

Cade watched as the young man walked over to the counter and ask the waitress if he has seen the woman in the photo. The waitress shook her head in a bored fashion and went back to reading her book. Scott headed back to the table but noticed that Cade was watching him.
"Excuse me, have you seen this woman?" Scott asked Cade. Cade looked at the worn photo of a beautiful dark haired woman. He shook his head. Scott said thanks and headed back to his table.
"That tip we got must have been wrong," Paul said to his son who looked sad when he sat down. Paul felt the pain that his son was in. They had been searching for Jennie, Scott's mother for nearly 15 years. There were times that they came close to finding her only to discover that she was gone. Scott had not seen his mother since he was three. Paul had met her three times in the last 15 years but circumstances would not allow them to be together.
"We always come so close," replied Scott.
"I know. We just have to play with the ear," Paul said.
Scott smiled. "That's play it BY ear, Dad," he laughed. Paul looked at his son and shook his head. Even after 15 years of living on this planet he still got some things wrong.

Cade got up from his table and paid the waitress. He wondered why these two people were looking for the woman. He then decided it was none of his business. His business was stopping the planet from being invaded by an alien force called the Gua. Cade had been investigating alien activity in a small town in the state of Arizona but it had been a waste of time. He was now making his way to meet Eddie. He had driven for 18 hours solid but had to ditch the car outside the city limits. He decided to book into the motel that was part of the truck stop diner.
"Eddie, I'm staying the night here. I can hitch a ride outta here in the morning," Cade said into his cell phone.
"That's fine amigo," replied Eddie taking a swig of his Jolt cola as he sat in his usual spot in front of his computers. "I'm still cross indexing the quatrains with some news stories but there has been no matches so far."
"Let me know when there is," Cade said hanging up the phone effectively ending the conversation and as usual leaving Eddie fuming on the other end of the line.
He checked into his hotel room. He could hear voices outside the door and looked out the window to see the two men from the diner go into the room next door.

"Do you think Fox is still after us?" Scott asked Paul after they went into their hotel room. Paul sighed at the name of his nemesis George Fox been mentioned.
"I don't know Scott. We may have out run him this time but there are only a number of times that we can do that. Our luck may just run out next time," he replied. Paul went out and sat on the veranda and started thinking about the times he had been face to face with Fox. Fox just wanted to do tests on him on and Scott and he didn't care about the consequences. He didn't care that all Paul wanted to was live his life in peace with his son and Jennie. Jennie. He remembered the time he first met her and how terrified she was of him but they came to understand each other. He wanted to stay with her but couldn't. He came back many years later and found his son. He met up with Jennie three times in the last few years and each time she took off before meeting her son. That was the hardest part of all.
Paul was lost in his thoughts and didn't hear Cade coming out of his room. Cade sat on the step leading up to the veranda. He didn't see Paul sitting on the chair. He jumped when he heard a small cough. He turned around and saw Paul.
"Sorry I didn't see you there," he said to Paul.
"Quite all right," replied Paul. Cade got up and sat on the chair beside Paul.
"The stars are very clear tonight," Paul said staring up at the clear sky. It was nights like these that he missed his home, Algeiba. Cade looked up and agreed.
"My name is Paul Forrester," Paul said to Cade.
"Steve Foster," replied Cade trying to recall where he heard that name before.
"The woman you are looking for. Who is she?" asked Cade.
"She is Scott's mother," replied Paul.
"Your wife?" asked Cade.
"No. Jennie and I were never married. I loved her very much but I could not stay with her," replied Paul.
"I'm sorry to hear that. I... lost my wife, Hannah, a few years back," Cade said not sure why he was telling this stranger.
"Did you love her?" asked Paul.
"Very much," Cade said sadly thinking of Hannah.
"I'm sorry," replied Paul feeling the younger man's pain but he also felt something else coming from him. A feeling he had never come across before and it made him a little uneasy.
The two men sat in silence thinking about the two women that they both loved and lost.

To be continued