Chapter 10

"There's no report of any earthquakes in the area," Eddie said as Cade, Paul and Scott sat in the trailer and recounted the events to him.
"What do you mean?" asked Cade.
"I'm saying that there have been no reports of any earthquakes in the area," repeated Eddie.
"So how do you explain what happened?" asked Cade in confusion.
"I don't know," replied Eddie but noticed Scott looking a bit sheepish.
"Can you explain it?" he asked Paul and Scott.
"Maybe it was just one of those things?" replied Scott. Paul looked at his son and wondered what was going on.
"Fox has reissued a warrant for your arrest," Eddie said looking at the computer screen. "It looks like he is not going to give up."
"He'll never give up," replied Scott in an angry tone of voice. "He'll never give up and we are always going to be running from him."
"That's the way it's for me as well," said Cade sadly as well.
The four sat in silence for a minute contemplating. All of a sudden Eddie's computer beeped. Eddie looked at the screen and a slow smile grew on his face as he turned around to look at Paul and Scott.
"We found her," he said.
"Found whom?" asked Paul.
"Jennie," replied Eddie.
"What?" exclaimed Scott
"I hacked into certain web sites and put her description and possible aliases onlineā€¦." Eddie started to explain.
"Where is she?" Paul interrupted him.
"Up until 2 weeks ago she was in northern Michigan but she moved on," replied Eddie reading off the screen.
"She's gone again," Scott said in disappointment.
"Not quite. She moved to Nebraska," replied Eddie taking the computer print out from the feed tray and giving it to Paul. Paul stared at the picture on the page. Jennie still looked beautiful to him. Her long dark hair had some grey in it but Paul didn't notice it.
"We better go," Scott said standing up to grab his bag.
"Hold on a minute," Paul said standing up as well. He looked at Cade and Eddie.
"I don't know how to thank you," he said eventually.
"No thanks are needed. It's all in a day's work for Nambulous Detective Agency," joked Eddie. Paul looked at him in confusion when Eddie said this and made a mental note to ask Scott about it later.
"You can count on us for spreading the word," Paul said to Cade as they all went outside.
"I don't expect you to. It will be hard enough for you trying to avoid Fox and making your life with Jennie," replied Cade shaking hands with Paul. Paul felt mixed emotions coming from Cade. He took out his sphere.
"I can help you," he said to Cade who looked at him as the sphere glowed white. Cade stared in disbelief as an image of Hannah appeared in front of him.
"Hannah," he whispered. He reached out and could almost touch her. The image gradually faded as the sphere's light ebbed away.

Cade's Journal

"I have learned some lessons in the past few days. Lessons that will remain with me for life. The main one is that although I am fighting the Gua and trying to stop the invasion of their forces there are other alien beings on Earth that are not evil and that we can coexist in peace. Paul Forrester also taught me that understanding the enemy is just as important as fighting them.
Paul and Scott went to Nebraska to find Jennie. But she was gone. She had left the night before. They continue on their journey to be reunited with her just as I continue my journey to defeat the Gua."

The End

irish (May/October 2001)