Summary: What would happen if Hinata wound up being in the Uchiha massacre? What would happen if Sasuke took her to the hospital, then found out that she is now blind, and she has amnesia? These are the questions, here are the answers.

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Becoming Hinata

Chapter 1: Deceit and Revelation

Hinata's POV

"Sasuke-nii-san, I'll meet you at your house, okay?" Hinata called over her shoulder. The boy with raven black hair shaped like a duck's rear end looked up, and nodded.

He was surrounded by fangirls, who were all screaming,




His left eye was twitching, and the coal-black orb was vibrating as though he was about to snap. And in fact, he was.

Sasuke hated girls, especially fangirls. They gave him no peace, and not even his home bathroom was safe. The only girl Sasuke could stand was Hinata.

They had been best friends since kindergarten, when he had rescued her from Sakura, and all her evil little Sakura-ettes. Since then, the two were as thick as theives, and you rarely saw one without the other.

Hinata watched as Sasuke was engulfed by fangirls. She walked away, looking around at the bright blue sky, and all the beauty of Kohona city, where she had lived her entire life.

Suddenly she tripped on a foot that had appeared out of nowhere. She fell, and sprawled out in the dust of the road. She rolled over, and saw Neji's sneering face. She blinked, trying to clear the dust from her pale lavender eyes.

"Hey there, Hinata. Wacha doing on the floor there?" Neji said nastilly. Three of his friends were there as well, and they all laughed at Hinata, who stood up, only to be pushed back down. Neji smiled at her, "And where do you think you're going Hyuuga? Don't you want to play?" he taunted her. Hinata stayed quiet, knowing that one word could be the end for her.

Next thing she knew she was being kicked, and having dust scuffed into her face. She coughed and spit, calling out to the boys to, 'stop' and 'leave me alone!' Of course, the boys did not stop, and Hinata simply let them continue.

Eventually the boys lost interest, and they left her there. Hinata got up, brushing the dust and tears from her eyes. She looked down at her kimono and groaned. The spring-green fabric was coated with dust. It was stained as well with her own tears.

Hinata tried to brush off as much of the dust as possible, and then she continued her walk to Sasuke's.


Hinata walked into Sasuke's house, and waved 'hello' to his parents.

"Hinata! Hello! I was wondering when you'd get back. Where's Sasuke? Isn't he with you?" Mrs. Uchiha asked.

Mrs. Mikoto Uchiha, or 'mom' as she told Hinata to call her, was in her early 50's. She had shoulder-length black hair, and the same eyes as her son. With a high chin, and a kind smile, she was the most beautiful woman Hinata knew.

"Hey mom! Sasuke's still at school, 'cause he had another fight with Naruto, but he'll be out of detention soon." Hinata said, heading for the bathroom, so she could clean herself up.


Hinata emerged from the bathroom, wearing her spare kimono. It was sunshine yellow, and it was decorated with small flowers around the fringe.

"You look very pretty in that Hinata." Mr. Uchiha said, as he walked by her. Hinata smiled shyly, and walked into the kitchen, where Mrs. Uchiha was starting dinner.

Hinata was a fair cook, and she loved helping out Sasuke's mother. It was a good time to socialize like a real girl would. Mrs. Uchiha was Hinata's only female friend, and Sasuke her only male friend. Hinata was very bad at making friends, so it was mere chance that Sasuke hung out with her.

Hinata did have a crush though. Uzumaki Naruto was the most handsome boy Hinata had ever met. She loved his bright smile, and she blushed each time he walked past. Once, she had dropped her pen, and Naruto had handed it back to her. She fainted, and had to be rushed to the hospital. When he asked her about it the next day, she blushed, and stuttered out an excuse about the heat.

Hinata was washing the dishes when she heard a faint scream. She looked around, but nobody seemed to have noticed. Then it came again, but louder, and with more voices. Shouts echoed around the streets, and maniacal laughter could be heard underneath it all.

Mr. Uchiha got up from the couch, and Mrs. Uchiha ushered Hinata upstairs, into Sasuke's room.

Suddenly the door banged open, and Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke's older brother walked in. He was 17 years old, and he had long black hair. His eyes were usually black, but now, they were red, with three black comma-like shapes surrounding the pupil.

Mr. Uchiha walked in front of his wife and Hinata, shielding them from harm. "Mikoto, stay back." he ordered. He and his wife could sense that this wasn't their son. Hinata on the other hand, couldn't.

"ITACHI-NII-SAN!!!!" Hinata screamed, running towards the boy. "Hinata don't!" Mr. Uchiha cried, trying to stop the girl from running forward. He failed, and Hinata ran straight into Itachi's arms. She had failed to notice the sharpened kunai he was holding, but she sure as heck felt it as it pierced her side.

She fell back with a cry, and Hinata ran, or more of limped, back to Mikoto's side. Itachi walked forward, menacingly, with a slightly crazed gleam in his eyes. In a flash he cut down Mr. Uchiha, slicing his ribcage open, revealing part of the heart, and lungs. As Mr. Uchiha crumpled, and fell, Itachi flipped over the falling body, and landed behind Mikoto.

Mikoto pushed Hinata out of the way, and turned to face her son. Itachi raised the bloodstained knife, preparing for the kill, as Mikoto whirled around to face him.


Hinata's little body slammed into Itachi, as he brought the knife down. The blade fell from his hands, and he stumbled. Enraged, he grabbed Hinata, and flung her away. Her head hit the cement wall, and her world flickered, and went black.


Mrs. Uchiha's POV

"Hinata!" Mrs. Uchiha cried, as she saw the young girl thrown against the wall. A sharp pain in her leg brought her back to what was happening. Mikoto bent down swiftly, and pulled the shuriken out of her leg. This left her neck open, and Itachi took the chance.

Mrs. Uchiha's head his the ground with a sickening thud, and Itachi smirked. 'Now all I have to do is wait for that idiot brother of mine…'


Sasuke's POV

Sasuke ran up to the gates of the Uchiha compound. He had managed to shake all of the fangirls, so he was free to return home.

He pushed open the doors, and froze. Blood was splattered everywhere, on the houses, ground, and shops. Dead bodies littered the streets, and birds were starting to settle. Kunai and shuriken pierced body and building alike. It was a scene of massive destruction.

Sasuke felt tears stinging his eyes, and then a thought struck him. 'Mother. Father. Itachi. I have to see if they're all right!' his stomach dropped at a sickening thought, 'Hinata. She was supposed to…crap'

Sasuke ran down the streets, stumbling over friends, family, and acquaintances, who had been alive, and cheerful only that morning.

Sasuke ran to his house, and he opened the door. The house was empty, and clean. He walked through the kitchen, and saw nothing. Same with the living room, bedrooms, and bathroom, all of the rooms were empty.

Then he entered the backstairs lobby. He gasped. His father and mother were both lying on the carpet, stone dead. Hinata was crumpled against the wall, bleeding though a wound to her skull. Sasuke ran over to her.

Just as he was about to reach her, Itachi appeared in front of him, holding a kunai. He sliced down, and Sasuke felt a sharp sting in his left arm. He managed to jump away before his arm was severed.

"Itachi what are you…" Sasuke's question never was answered, because of the swift and powerful punches directed to his gut. He fell down, gasping for air, as the realization that Itachi had done all of this, finally hit home. He looked up, and saw Itachi's smirk.

"You…bast…" Itachi kicked Sasuke in the head, causing him to see spots. Itachi smiled and said, "I bet you're wondering what happened to everybody around here. Here, let me show you…" He formed some kind of jutsu that Sasuke had never seen before, and the three commas in his eyes merged together, forming a shuriken-like triangle formation.

Sasuke saw red and black shapes moving, and forming pictures. He screamed as he saw the people he loved being cut down, and slaughtered as though they were hens ready for the table. His body writhed, as he tried to break the genjutsu in vain. He screamed and watched as Itachi took down the clan of the Uchiha, without love, pity, or any other type of emotion. Eventually, Sasuke passed out, and Itachi, still smiling, left.


Sasuke woke, and found the genjutsu broken, and Itachi gone. He rolled over, and saw Hinata, still bleeding, and unconscious.

"Shit." he swore under his breath. He stood up, wobbly, and felt immediate pain surge through his legs. He cried out, and fell back to the floor. A few minutes later, he tried again, and this time, Sasuke was able to walk over to Hinata's side.

He checked all of her vital signs, and found her still alive. He picked her up bridal style, and ran out of the Uchiha compound, leaving behind all of the people he once knew, and the brother he thought he had.


"Sasuke Uchiha?" the nurse asked, walking towards him. She had blue eyes, and red hair.

Sasuke looked at her disdainfully. "Yes?" She looked down at her feet. "Your friend, Hinata Hyuuga. She'll be fine soon. After a few days of intensive care, she'll be ready to face the world again," Sasuke brightened. "But," his eyes grew wide, "She has amnesia, that blow to her head caused her to loose her memory."

Sasuke smirked, "As if that would be a problem. I can bring her memory back with some familiar sights, and sounds right?"

"Normally yes." The nurse said. Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean normally?" he growled. The nurse flinched, and took a step back.

"Sasuke, your friend is blind."


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