So Far Away

A/N: Okay I would like to thank (and blame) Rory and Mikki for inspiring me to write this. I love both Jash and Eshley (I made up this pairing name for Edge and Ashley. Sounds weird? Lol.) and thought why not involve them in a love triangle? Lol. Anyway, besides this, I'm gonna add another pairing to the story…should be eventual lol.

Synopsis: Ashley is in a happy relationship with Adam. But on the night of the Royal Rumble is going to change everything….

John comes back the ring better than ever and wants win back Ashley's heart despite the fact that she's with someone else. While he risks taking that chance, he also unveils painful scars of their shared past….

Lastly as Ashley is torn between two men, a diva is more than happy than to take John right under Ashley's nose….

Characters: John, Ashley, Edge, Maria, Randy and the mystery diva (will be revealed in later chapters.) Just to create suspence for ya, hehe.

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Chapter One

"Good morning. I'm here to see Mr. McMahon."

"One moment please."

The man nodded. The secretary made a brief call, only to hang up a few seconds later.

"You may go in," she said with a smile.

"Thank you," he said with a smile of appreciation. He knocked on the door and as a voice made a response, he opened the door to enter a very spacious office. Behind the desk was a man in his late sixties with grey hair. For a man his age, he certainly had a good appearance.

"Good morning sir," said the man.

"Good morning John," said the boss, standing up from his chair. "How are you today?"

As a firm handshake was made, John Cena smiled. "Never been better." He took his seat after being told to do so.

"So John, from what the doctor has told me, you are medically cleared to wrestle. Correct?"

"Yes sir."

"And…you're ready to come back?"

"Yes I am. I'm ready to work again."

His boss Vince McMahon nodded. "But you know that the doctor did say that you were to be out of action between six months to a year…"

Of course it was the supposed time that John had to be out from the ring.

"Dr. Phillip did say that but then when I went back to check out my medical report from rehab, it turns out that I made it through the program successfully."

"That's great news. I was surprised to hear this from him and I'm still surprised when you came in through this door with no cast on."

John laughed appreciatively knowing that he cared for his health and that he wanted him to get into a better shape. "I've been working hard to get back in action. That's my main goal since the day I left the hospital."

Vince made a nod and smiled. "You really want to come back that badly?"

John made a grin. "Believe me when I say that I wouldn't have taken a four hour drive all the way from Boston to come here if I didn't think that I'm not ready."

Vince chuckled. "I'll tell you what. Since you surprised me today, how about you surprise the world this Sunday?"

"This Sunday? John repeated as if to make sure that he heard it right. "This Sunday…as in The Royal Rumble?"


John thought for a moment. He wanted to make his return to Raw tonight. But then and again, the Royal Rumble would be the special night for him since that would mean he would make his in ring return to one of the biggest and well known pay per views the company has ever held.

And by that, he couldn't help but to smile at the thought.

"You really are serious."

"I wouldn't be asking this if I'm not."

"Thank you. This means a lot to me."

Vince stood up from his chair and a handshake was made once more.

"Welcome back John," he said with smile.

John thanked him and left the Chairman's office and a smile was still on his face.

"Welcome back," he told himself as he turned to the elevators.

X x x X

He made a stop at a pizzeria and thought of treating himself to a small pepperoni pizza with extra cheese. John was a lover of pepperoni and he just had to buy one, especially now at lunchtime. It was only for one day, so why not? He ate four slices in his car and the remaining four slices would be for later.

He stayed at the parking lot for a while and listened to the music that the radio offered. Not only was he thinking about his return to work but also something that made him miserable. He let out a sigh after finding himself in deep thought of her.

Why was he still feeling this way? He tried so many times to work it out but failed. So what is the point of trying again if he was not getting anywhere with this?

Ashley was the one who broke up with him after all. But somehow it was like a bruise to him that couldn't be fully healed.

A part of him was telling him to let go. The other part of him was telling him to hang on.

He missed her and there was no doubt in that. There were times when he wondered what she could have been doing right now. She could be shopping with her best friend or going to the beach or…

She could be living her own life. Without him in it, that was.

What would it be like if she was sitting next to him in his car right now? Would she give him a smile after he revealed the news that Mr. McMahon had told him? Would she give him a slap on the back of the head for thinking about cheating on his diet and then joke about it afterwards? Would there be a crying noise blaring from the back seat?

His ocean blue eyes were staring right through the windshield as endless thoughts roamed in his mind. All of that could have happened right here, at this moment. But all the happiness and blissful dreams had been shattered in one night.

He hadn't forgotten about it and nor would he ever. That memory was nothing but a scar.

A painful scar that he had to live with.

X x x X

"Alright Maria. Let's see how it looks on you."

Ashley was at the back of the clothing store where the changing rooms were. Michelle McCool was having a pool party next week Saturday. So today, she and her best friend Maria were shopping for swimwear.

A click from the door was made and Maria stepped out of the changing room, in her red bikini. "Ta da!"

"It's a perfect fit!" Ashley exclaimed happily.

"I know," said Maria and laughed. "Just like you said before."

"And you said it's too small for you," said Ashley with a roll of the eyes. "See I know what can and cannot fit you."

"Gee thanks for not calling me fat." Maria rolled her eyes.

"You're not fat!" Ashley retorted. One of Maria's fears, besides spiders, was exposing herself to the world as a woman with a 'wobbly like gelatin' body. To wear a bikini on a social event would be a nightmare.

"I love this bikini but…" An excuse was about to be made, Ashley could sense it. "I think I rather go with the whole one."

"Why not take the one you're wearing? It looks great on you."

"Yes it does. But…"

"But what?" Ashley was getting annoyed now.

"The whole one will keep me on the safe side."

Ashley stared at her in disbelief. Had she went crazy over something that wasn't at all serious?

"Are you nuts?" she finally asked.

Maria sighed. How could she not understand the crisis she would face come next Saturday?

"I don't want to be called fat, okay?"

"But you're not fat," Ashley stressed through clenched teeth. "What do I have to do to make you not think that?"

"But Ash my stomach! Maria moaned. "Everyone will see it!"

"That's how a bikini is supposed to be?" Ashley said, giving her a knowing look.

"Ash! This is not a joke!"

"Maria you're overreacting over something so minor! We have come to an agreement so I say you take this one. No more excuses."


"I said no more excuses!"

Maria groaned and then said in a stubborn childlike tone, "Fine…"

Ashley made a smirk of satisfaction. "Good." She giggled as she saw Maria rolling her eyes on time before she disappeared inside the changing room again. The minute Maria went inside, she felt a vibration coming from the back of her jeans pocket and it wasn't long until a cell phone sang a particular ring tone.

On this day I see clearly, everything has come to life…

A content smile came on her face instantly as she heard it. She drew out her cell phone from her pocket.


Hey Ash. You girls are still on that shop-a-thon?

She laughed. He invented that word and would always use it at any given opportunity, whenever she was going shopping.

"Yes we are. Where are you now?"

Well I finished training half an hour ago and I was thinking of going back to the hotel and chill out. But then I thought that since you two are probably still there…


"Okay how about 'since you girls are in no doubt still in there'".

"Good enough," said Ashley with a giggle. "Go on."

"I thought of coming to meet you girls here one time so the three of us can go back to the hotel together.

"Aw how sweet of you! Well Maria and I are almost done here so can you met us at the main entrance?"

Sure no problem.

"Thanks sweetie. I'm off to the cashier in a bit so give us ten minutes."

How about an hour?

"No really we'll be there in ten minutes," said Ashley with a chuckle.

Alright Miss Massaro. Let me know if you changed your mind…"

"Which I won't," she replied with a giggle. "I'll call you when we're by the entrance. Love you."

Love you too.

"Was that Adam?" Maria asked as she came out with the bikini in hand.

"Yeah. He's here, in the parking lot waiting for us," said Ashley.

"Oh great," Maria grinned. "I'm getting tired now."

"Me too. So now I got something to wear for the party and so do you. So let's go to the cashier!"

After spending fifteen minutes in a store, they had gotten their swimwear at last. So they walked out of the store with multiple bags in hand from the other stores and boutiques that they had invaded.

"Time to head back to the hotel and take a nap," said Maria.

"Yep," Ashley nodded and made a giggle. "I don't think there is anything else I have to get."

"Oh my goodness."

"What?" Ashley asked after Maria stopped walking, which prompted her to stop as well. They were both looking at the open spaced entrance that was leading to…


"Maria we have to go now!" Ashley yelled after her.

It was too late. She had already gone in anyway. Groaning to herself, Ashley followed her. And eventually she found her admiring the stilettos.

Of course Maria had an addiction for stilettos. They were undoubtedly her favorite footwear.

"Take a look at these!" Maria gushed as she showed Ashley a newly pair of silver stilettos boots with a clear heel. "They're beautiful aren't they?"

Ashley was getting annoyed as she didn't want to keep her boyfriend waiting on them.

"They're nice," she said truthfully but hastily. "But we have got to go. I'm tired and Adam's waiting so let's go!"

"Oh Ashley I found something you might be want to check out."

"Well whatever it is I'm not interested okay? Come on we have to…"

Her eyes were now wide with sudden amazement the minute she saw the boots section for women. Then she saw the combat boots sitting on the shelves.

"Maria, I think I'm in love with this place."

X x x X

Rolling his windows down, Adam was humming to a song that was playing in his stereo. He had finished training and he thought of meeting his girlfriend and her best friend along the way. He lowered his seat a bit to get even more comfortable while he waited. Adam decided to rest his eyes for a minute until Ashley was ready to call. In the meantime, he was listening to the acoustic version of the song 'Scars'

The lyrics were sad but the music was soothing. He was parked in a shady area away from the blazing sun. The breeze brushed past him softly.

I tear my heart open just to feel…

The song ended and he was already sleeping soundly. This kind of atmosphere was too perfect to not take a short nap.

You better hold on tight…

"What the hell?" he began groggily as he sat. That song wasn't part of the album.

But then he realized it wasn't his stereo.

"How idiotic of me," he muttered and rolled his eyes. Being sleepy could really make you do or think of the craziest things. He reached his cell phone from the dashboard.

"Hey are you ready to go?" he began over the phone.

Uh actually I called back to ask if you could wait for an hour?

Adam chuckled. "So now you're reconsidering on taking back my offer then?"

Since you put it that way…then yeah.

Adam rolled his eyes. "Said the one who stated that she's not going to change her mind."

Ashley laughed. Sorry.

"Don't be," said Adam, chuckling. "Call me when you girls are ready to leave and I'll meet you at the entrance."

Thanks, you're the best! Love ya!

"Sure and I love ya too."

He rolled his eyes and chuckled as he hung up. "Girls will always be girls."

X x x X

John was driving along the highway as he was heading back to his home in Boston. He couldn't help but to feel empty. He once thought he had everything…the woman he loved and a baby. But then it all disappeared in a flash. They lost the baby due to a miscarriage…and to just replay that night over in his mind made his heart sunk.

She only ended their relationship out of grief. He thought so. It couldn't be over…right?

As he drove, he had no idea what to do now. He had already tried but he failed so many times.

But did he still love her? Yes.

But did it still matter?

Maybe it would. Maybe it would not.

X x x X

Ashley and Maria stepped out the automatic glass doors of the shopping mall with grins on their faces as they talked about their fun filled day. Then they saw Adam waiting at the main entrance.

"Hey!" said Ashley with smile.

"Hey," said Adam with a grin. "The back is open so you can put your bags in."

"Thank you!" said the girls in unison. They brought their bags to the back of the SUV and then Ashley closed the trunk door.

"Hey Adam," said Maria as she got into the back seat.

"Hey you girls had a fun day?" Adam asked.

"Yep," said Maria with a giggle.

"We sure did," Ashley piped up as she hopped into the passenger seat. She leaned toward him and greeted him with a kiss.

"Thanks for waiting."

"No problem," Adam grinned. "Next time when I offer you more time to shop, just take it alright?"

"I'll keep that in mind," said Ashley with a giggle. Soon as he drove off, she shut her eyes and went into a peaceful sleep.

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